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When aspiring duelist Yuma meets Astral, a mysterious visitor from another universe, ...more

When aspiring duelist Yuma meets Astral, a mysterious visitor fro...More

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Episode 50

(Dub) Party Panic

Yuma and his friends get all decked out for the event of the year - The World Duel Carnival Finals party!
Episode 51

(Dub) Roller Duel!

It’s time for the World Duel Carnival Finals! But prepare for a world of twists and turns because the finalists will be dueling on a roller coaster! Can Yuma handle the ups and downs of the competition, or will he be sent for a loop?!
Episode 52

(Dub) Roller Coaster Rampage!

To assess Yuma’s dueling skills, Vetrix hires the Triad of Terror, a trio of cunning card sharks, to triple team him! Yuma better figure out a way to roll through this threesome before his dueling goes off the rails!
Episode 53

(Dub) Test Your Luck!

The World Duel Carnival takes a dark turn as the finalists descend into the Dragon’s Den – a dark and dangerous duel track that will bring defeat for many a duelist! Can Yuma make his way through the treacherous track, or will the Dragon’s Den deliver a
Episode 54

(Dub) Welcome to the Jungle

The heat's on when Vetrix and Dextra duel in the jungle to decide who moves on to the World Duel Carnival semifinals!
Episode 55

(Dub) Portal of Doom

Quinton takes a timeout during his duel against Kite to reveal the long hidden mystery about Yuma’s father’s disappearance!
Episode 56

(Dub) Cosmic Chaos

Quinton and Kite’s confrontation in the cosmos comes to a climactic conclusion!
Episode 57

(Dub) Depths of Darkness

Shark finally faces off with his archenemy, Quattro! Will Shark get his long awaited revenge, or will he end up sleeping with the fishes?!
Episode 58

(Dub) Swimming With Sharks

It’s the cataclysmic conclusion between Shark and Quattro! If Shark doesn’t make a comeback from the depths of defeat, not only is he out of the tournament but his quest for justice will go unserved!
Episode 59

(Dub) Rockin' and Rollin'

There's chaos in the canyon when Yuma duels Nistro to see who will get the last spot in the World Duel Carnival semifinals! Can Yuma dodge defeat in the desert or is Nistro destined to rock Yuma's world?
Episode 60

(Dub) Doctor Visit

When Yuma’s deck goes missing, he and the gang set out to look for it! But when their search leads them to Heartland City, they end up finding much more than they bargained for!
Episode 61

(Dub) Duel of Destiny: Part 1

Yuma sets his sights on reeling in Shark in the first battle of the semifinals but when his foe starts off dueling like a guppy; Yuma questions if he’s being baited! Does Yuma learn this far too late to escape a sinister Shark Attack?
Episode 62

(Dub) Duel of Destiny, Part 2

This is it! Yuma’s jaw-dropping duel against Shark in the World Duel Carnival semifinals draws to a finish! Can Yuma rise above his razor-sharp rival, or will he be dragged down to the depths of defeat?
Episode 63

(Dub) The Hart of the Matter

The mighty masked duelist Vetrix faces off against the Number Hunter Kite! Unfortunately for Kite, Vetrix springs a shocking surprise that makes dueling all but impossible!
Episode 64

(Dub) Change of Hart

The explosive end to the battle between Kite and Vetrix roars to a finish! As the battle climaxes, Yuma sets out to free Kite’s brother Hart from Vetrix’s grasp, while Kite duels knowing full well that Hart’s safety hangs in the balance!
Episode 65

(Dub) Sphere of Fear, Part 1

It all comes down to this! Yuma squares off against Vetrix in a battle that will determine the first ever World Duel Carnival Champion!
Episode 66

(Dub) Sphere of Fear, Part 2

As the duel between Vetrix and Yuma races to its cataclysmic conclusion, Yuma stares down defeat and comes face-to-face with Vetrix’s shocking secret!
Episode 67

(Dub) Sphere of Fear, Part 3

This is it! The earth-shattering ending of Yuma’s duel against Vetrix! Can Yuma rise above Vetrix’s unrelenting onslaught, or will he meet defeat and lose everything he holds dear – his soul, his Numbers and… Astral?
Episode 68

(Dub) The Countdown Begins

Yuma learns the details of Dr. Faker’s diabolical plan to destroy Astral World! Can Yuma figure out a way to stop Faker, or is the future of Astral World a thing of the past?
Episode 69

(Dub) A Trio’s Challenge, Part 1

Kite, Shark and Yuma join forces to take down Dr. Faker! Can this trio work together as a team and put an end to Faker’s fury, or will Faker and his deck prove to be too much of a challenge for these three fearless friends?
Episode 70

(Dub) A Trio’s Challenge, Part 2

With the fate of Astral World hanging in the balance, Yuma, Kite and Shark set their sights on stopping Dr. Faker, but before our three heroes can make their final move, Dr. Faker reveals the shocking reason behind his diabolical plan!
Episode 71

(Dub) A Trio’s Challenge, Part 3

When a mysterious being from Barian World appears, Yuma, Kite and Shark must work together and battle like never before if they want to save Hart, Astral World… and themselves!
Episode 72

(Dub) Kite’s Plight, Part 1

The stage is set for the ultimate battle between Yuma and Kite, but just when Yuma’s about to high five the sky, Kite brings him crashing down to earth with a startling revelation!
Episode 73

(Dub) Kite’s Plight, Part 2

The back and forth battle between Kite and Yuma comes to an exciting conclusion that leaves one of our duelists down for the count! Will Yuma’s dream of pulling out a victory become a reality, or is Kite going to turn this dream into a nightmare?
Episode 74

(Dub) Attack of the Barians, Part 1

The Barian invasion begins! Yuma faces a dangerous new enemy who will go to any extreme to gain possession of Yuma’s Numbers in order to destroy Astral and his home!
Episode 75

(Dub) Attack of the Barians, Part 2

Yuma’s battle with a dangerous and powerful soldier of Barian World continues as he strives to keep Astral safe! Can Yuma beat this Barian enemy and his new Chaos Monster or will Yuma end up losing what is most valuable to him… Astral?
Episode 76

(Dub) Hard Knox

When pro duelist Devon Knox teaches a special class, Yuma gets taken to the school of hard knocks and learns a valuable lesson about the Barians he won’t soon forget!
Episode 77

(Dub) Rule Duel

Ray nominates Yuma to run against Caswell for the position of Class Representative, but when the Ray Way takes a turn for the worse, Yuma finds himself facing off against a Student Council President who’s been corrupted by the Barians!
Episode 78

(Dub) The Adventures of Artimus Stanleyus

Shark gets hooked into a battle with the Barians when the President of the Comic Book Appreciation Club challenges him to a duel! Can Shark outdraw the competition, or will his Number and life points be erased?
Episode 79

(Dub) Doom in Bloom

Shark’s sister Rio makes a big splash on her first day at school, but not all the attention she gets is good, especially when she catches the eye of a Barian botanist!
Episode 80

(Dub) Rivals in the Ring

A new Barian threat arrives on the scene looking to take Yuma’s Numbers, but his plan gets tripped up when he falls head over heels for Tori!
Episode 81

(Dub) The Friendship Games

When Yuma’s buddies can’t stop bickering, it’s time for them to face-off in the Friendship Games, a sports dueling competition with surprises around every corner… including Barians!
Episode 82

(Dub) Sphere Cube Calamity: Part 1

A dangerous new Barian enemy arrives, and he’s bringing one of his world’s most powerful weapons to take down Yuma and Astral!
Episode 83

(Dub) Sphere Cube Calamity: Part 2

Mizar batters Yuma to his breaking point… until a surprise duelist steps in to take down Mizar and go claw-to-claw with his Galaxy-Eyes!
Episode 84

(Dub) Playing Defense

In order to set Yuma straight, Shark steals Yuma’s Key! Can Yuma find the courage to face Shark, or will Yuma’s fears leave him cowering for cover?!
Episode 85

(Dub) Counter Offensive: Part 1

Let’s get ready to duuuuuuuuel! Yuma steps into the ring with Alito, but can he dodge this Barian’s Battlin’ Boxers before they send him to the canvas for a ten count?!
Episode 86

(Dub) Counter Offensive: Part 2

It’s Round 2 of the heavyweight battle between Yuma and Alito! Can Yuma bob and weave his way around Alito’s attacks, or will this Barian’s fancy footwork finish him off for good?
Episode 87

(Dub) Dual Duel: Part 1

Girag’s got revenge on his mind and Ray in his sights, but when Yuma steps in to save the day, the Ray Way steers Yuma off course!
Episode 88

(Dub) Dual Duel: Part 2

Girag has Yuma and Ray in the palm of his hand, but will a secret that Ray has been keeping help our heroes escape the clutches of this Barian behemoth?!
Episode 89

(Dub) Darkness Dawns

Astral and Yuma face a challenge so daunting that they must turn to their biggest adversary for help!
Episode 90

(Dub) You Give Love a Bot Name

When Orbital 7 crashes into Lillybot, it’s love at first sensor! So when he discovers his beloved bot is in trouble, he motors to free her from her tormentor… Yuma!
Episode 91

(Dub) Take a Chance

Shark’s trying to control Rio’s life and she’s not taking it anymore! Will this family feud turn into a feeding frenzy for Shark, or will Rio put her brother’s winning streak on ice?!
Episode 92

(Dub) An Imperfect Couple, Part 1

The gang’s dressed up as their favorite monsters for the school’s fun fair, but when Anna crashes the festivities, the party ends for Yuma!
Episode 93

(Dub) An Imperfect Couple, Part 2

Being Anna’s boyfriend is a dangerous job, but when Anna’s teacher plays a Barian card, Yuma finds out just how dangerous it is!
Episode 94

(Dub) Enter Vector

Yuma is confronted by an enemy from the past who casts a dark shadow on his future!
Episode 95

(Dub) The Search for Shadows

Yuma embarks on a dangerous mission to rescue Ray from the evil clutches of Vector!
Episode 96

(Dub) Shadows of Deception

The Barians are on the attack, and Yuma is ready to risk everything to rescue Ray! But when Vector reveals a terrifying truth, Yuma's dream of saving Ray turns into a nightmare!
Episode 97

(Dub) Sinister Shadows

Still reeling from Vector’s revelation that he and Ray Shadows are one and the same, Yuma looks to make Vector pay for all his lies! But with Astral learning of Yuma’s own deceptions, will Yuma have to face Vector alone?
Episode 98

(Dub) Shadows End

All the cards are on the table! Can our heroes defeat the dark and dangerous Barians, or will they end up one card short?

(Dub) Halfway to Forever

Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Subtitled Preview

Late for School

Let's Duel!

Leviathon Dragon!

Race to Class

Season 1 Intro

About this Show


When aspiring duelist Yuma meets Astral, a mysterious visitor from another universe, it seems like destiny. Yuma needs Astral to teach him how to duel, and Astral needs Yuma to help him regain his memories! Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL - New Rules, New Duels!

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