1 season available

The Irregular at Magic High School

TV14 • Fantasy, Animation, Anime, International • TV Series • 2014

Magic-- A century has passed since this concept has been recognized as a formal technology instead of the product of the occult or folklore. The seaso...more

Magic-- A century has passed since this concept has been recognized as a formal technology instead of the product of the occult or folklore. The seaso...more

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1 season available (26 episodes)

1 season available

(26 episodes)

Episode 1

(Sub) Enrollment, Part 1

A brother and a sister enroll at the Magic High School. In this school, the students are divided into two distinct groups as "Weeds" and "Blooms." Tatsuya, the brother, has a secret…
Episode 2

(Sub) Enrollment, Part 2

The President of the Student Council invites Miyuki and Tatsuya to lunch. During lunch, she asks Miyuki to join the Student Council. Miyuki says that her brother should also join them. Will he have to prove himself?
Episode 3

(Sub) Enrollment, Part 3

Everyone is surprised at how quick Tatsuya defeated Hattori in the duel. Tatsuya begins his work as part of the Disciplinary Commitee. Meanwhile, Miyuki starts showing more mixed emotions towards her big brother.
Episode 4

(Sub) Enrollment, Part 4

Mibu meets with Tatsuya at a cafe. She thanks him for defusing the brawl between her and Kirihara peacefully. She asks Tatsuya to join their kendo team. He suspects that she has an ulterior motive…
Episode 5

(Sub) Enrollment, Part 5

Mibu tells Tatsuya that they are planning to let the school know of their thoughts about the discrimination among the students. An open forum is held at the school regarding the treatment of Course 1 and Course 2 students. However, there is an intrusion…
Episode 6

(Sub) Enrollment, Part 6

Tatsuya and the others go after the intruders. They are informed that the intruders are in the library, and Mibu is with them. Will they be able to stop them and find out what is going on?
Episode 7

(Sub) Enrollment, Part 7

Tatsuya has a plan to go after the people from Blance and take them on in battle. He leads the team to an abandoned factory where the people from Blance are. Will they be able to defeat them?
Episode 8

(Sub) Nine Schools Competition, Part 1

Nine Magic University Affiliated High Schools around the country are preparing for the upcoming Nine Schools Competition. The Student Council needs to select engineers. Since Tatsuya knows how to fine-tune CADs, will he take on the role of an engineer?
Episode 9

(Sub) Nine Schools Competition, Part 2

Tatsuya and Miyuki visit FLT where a Flying Spell experiment is taking place. They run into members of the Yotsuba family there. Tatsuya sees Mikihiko practicing Spirit Magic. Since Tatsuya seems to be interested, Mikihiko tells him about Crystal Eyes.
Episode 10

(Sub) Nine Schools Competition, Part 3

The bus that is carrying the students to the Nine Schools Competition is attacked by unknown forces. Tatsuya suspects that it is the work of an insider. At the banquet before the competition, students meet Kudou, the chairman of the Magic Association.
Episode 11

(Sub) Nine Schools Competition, Part 4

Nine Schools Competition has finally started, and all eyes are on First High School. Tatsuya learns that the intruders from previous night are with the No-Head Dragons. Will the competition continue without any more interruption?
Episode 12

(Sub) Nine Schools Competition, Part 5

During Women's Battle Board, Mari Watanabe has an accident and is taken to the Susono Base Hospital. Tatsuya helps her recover with magic. Still, she has to withdraw from Mirage Bat. Tatsuya suspects that the accident wasn't just an accident at all!
Episode 13

(Sub) Nine Schools Competition, Part 6

Thanks to Tatsuya's engineering skills, First High School players finish on the podium. Third High School students know that the success of First High is due to Tatsuya's skills. What will they do to beat First High School?
Episode 14

(Sub) Nine Schools Competition, Part 7

Tatsuya meets Masaki Ichijo and Shinkuro Kichijoji. It takes them by surprise that Tatsuya already knows about their background. Another accident happens at the Nine Schools Competition. First High students think that it was another act of sabotage.
Episode 15

(Sub) Nine Schools Competition, Part 8

Tatsuya is asked to compete in Monolith Code. He picks Leonhard and Mikihiko to be his team members. Kichijoji advises Ichijo to figure out a way to force Tatsuya into head-to-head combat to win Monolith Code. Will Tatsuya take the bait as expected?
Episode 16

(Sub) Nine Schools Competition, Part 9

Finally, the day has arrived for Monolith Code. Tatsuya and his teammates have a strategy against Cardinal George and the Crimson Prince. Miyuki is confident that her brother will be the winner. However, is there a bad surprise in store for First High?
Episode 17

(Sub) Nine Schools Competition, Part 10

Tatsuya has a feeling that an incident might occur during Mirage Bat. He assures Miyuki that he’ll protect her no matter what. Meanwhile, the No-Head Dragons decide to take even harsher actions to make sure that the Nine Schools Competition is called off.
Episode 18

(Sub) Nine Schools Competition, Part 11

First High School students celebrate their victories in the Nine Schools Competition. Enraged by the actions of No-Head Dragon, Tatsuya pays them a visit. Since Tatsuya is not a member of the Ten Master Clans, Jumonji has a very interesting offer for him.
Episode 19

(Sub) Yokohama Disturbance, Part 1

Lately, Tatsuya has been reading about creating the Philosopher's Stone, thinking that it might have the capability to store Magic Sequences. Surprisingly, he is asked to participate in the Thesis Competition as a member of the First High School team.
Episode 20

(Sub) Yokohama Disturbance, Part 2

Tatsuya's computer is hacked. He starts investigating the identity of the attackers and suspects that it has to do with the upcoming Thesis Competition. First High students sense that they are being watched. Will they be able to find out what is going on?
Episode 21

(Sub) Yokohama Disturbance, Part 3

During the preparations for the Thesis Competition, a girl is seen carrying a wireless password breaker. Erika offers to teach Leo a move that would be lethal against his enemies. Since they are taking the day off together, rumors start flying about them!
Episode 22

(Sub) Yokohama Disturbance, Part 4

Tatsuya has brought the Relic to FLT. The lab is hacked by the Great Asian Alliance. An insider attempts to go through the personal belongings of Tatsuya at the Robot Research Club. Will the Relic be safe?
Episode 23

(Sub) Yokohama Disturbance, Part 5

The Thesis Competition is underway and everyone is worried about the secuirty for the event.
Episode 24

(Sub) Yokohama Disturbance, Part 6

After terrorists attack the Thesis Competition, the students have to fight to survive.
Episode 25

(Sub) Yokohama Disturbance, Part 7

The battle rages on after the attack on the Yokohama Conference Center. Students fight to make it safely to the shelter while forces duke it on the streets.
Episode 26

(Sub) Yokohama Disturbance, Part 8

Miyuki reveals the price her brother has to pay in order to use his extraordinary power. Tatsuya, meanwhile, makes use of a destructive weapon. All battles come to a head.

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