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TV14 • Family, Sitcom, Comedy • TV Series • 2015

Revolving around a group of employees at a big-box store, it examines love, friendship and the beauty of everyday moments.

Revolving around a group of employees at a big-box store, it examines love, friendship and the beauty of everyday moments.

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5 seasons available (92 episodes)

5 seasons available

(92 episodes)

Episode 1

Cloud 9.0

Amy tries to help her employees cope with Mateo's ICE detention - and with the introduction of a new robot co-worker that makes them fear they could be replaced.
Episode 2


Amy attempts to gather glowing character testimony for Mateo's immigration lawyer but comes up short. Jonah plans an engagement party for Sandra, infuriating Dina, while Glenn and Marcus compete for Mateo's old locker.
Episode 3

Forced Hire

When Amy hires Dina's nemesis Colleen, Dina blackmails Garrett into making Colleen's life a living hell. Jonah is forced to befriend Marcus in order to unionize the warehouse guys. Heidi Gardner guest stars.
Episode 4

Mall Closing

The local mall has closed, and while Amy and Dina are excited about the influx of new customers, they quickly realize they're not all there to shop. Cheyenne learns she's not as cool as she thinks she is.
Episode 5


After Glenn has a health scare, Dina takes control of his nutrition and fitness. Jonah and Cheyenne try to get Amy to take a break from working too hard. Mateo interviews for a new position in the store.
Episode 6


Amy amps up the store's Halloween spirit to impress the new district manager - even setting up a haunted house that terrifies Glenn. Jonah collects the last of the union cards, and Cheyenne and Mateo wonder if any Cloud 9 employees are capable of murder.
Episode 7

Shoplifter Rehab

Amy, Jonah and Glenn hatch a plan to make Amy look like a tough boss after she loses face in front of the district manager. Dina recruits Mateo to help her run Cloud 9's shoplifter rehabilitation program - with a few of Dina's personal tweaks.
Episode 8

Toy Drive

Amy and Jonah help Mateo run a toy drive to make him look good for his immigration hearing, but they clash with a competing charity rep. Sandra and Jerry ask Glenn to officiate their wedding despite Dina's protests. Cheyenne gets real with Garrett.
Episode 9

Curbside Pickup

As part of a new corporate initiative Dina is spearheading, the employees have to rush items directly to shoppers' cars. Amy's brother, Eric, visits and Amy thinks she sees a spark with Mateo. Garrett is impressed by a customer's high-tech purchase.
Episode 10


Jonah and Sandra represent the Cloud 9 employees at union contract negotiations with corporate. Amy, Dina and Cheyenne distract themselves by looking for the perfect Christmas tree. Mateo, Garrett and Glenn compete to see who can sell an unsellable item.
Episode 11

Lady Boss

After Cloud 9's acquisition, Amy struggles to contact the store's new parent company, Sandra enlists Garrett and Dina's help to stand up to Carol, and Glenn wrestles with a big career decision. Meanwhile, Jonah takes up the cause of gender equality.
Episode 12


The employees wrestle with the loss of beloved co-worker Myrtle... and the fact that she left a large sum of money to Jonah. Cheyenne recruits Mateo in a possible pyramid scheme, while Dina reconnects with a surprise visitor in the store: her father.
Episode 13


Amy tries to make Mateo her new assistant, leading to accusations of favoritism and a group competition in the store. Sandra gets caught in a power struggle between Glenn and Dina, and Jonah attempts to show Garrett that he's still "one of the guys."
Episode 14

Sandra's Wedding

Sandra and Jerry are getting married! When Jonah's attempt to help the caterers and Dina's obsession with wedding security threaten to derail it all, it falls to Amy to make sure Sandra's big day isn't ruined. Garrett struggles with his Best Man toast.
Episode 15

Cereal Bar

After Cloud 9 receives a new cereal bar, Amy and Jonah speculate on Zephra's ulterior motives. Meanwhile, Dina enlists Cheyenne's help in dealing with a scammer, and Garrett tries to con Glenn into giving him paid time off.

Amy Misses an Important Opportunity - Superstore

Dina Catches Feelings for a Thief? - Superstore

Chaos at Sandra's Wedding - Superstore

Dina Discovers Carol's Nefarious Plan - Superstore

Sandra and Jerry's Love Story - Superstore (Mashup)

Jonah and Garrett: Friends Forever - Superstore (Mashup)

Amy Bribes Marcus - Superstore (Episode Highlight)

Ben Feldman and Colton Dunn Test Their Friendship - Superstore (Digital Exclusive)

Would Mateo Make a Great Assistant? - Superstore (Episode Highlight)

Myrtle Needs Money to Get to Heaven - Superstore (Episode Highlight)

Remembering Linda Porter (Myrtle) - Superstore (Digital Exclusive)

Sandra Tells Dina's Dad She's Dead - Superstore (Episode Highlight)

Men Are Under Attack... by Shirts?

Cloud 9's New Owner Is...

Amy Is Shook by This Call from Corporate

Amy Chops Down a Christmas Tree

Season 3 Bloopers

Dina Gets Hit by a Car

Amy Ships Mateo and Her Brother

Charity Wars! Amy Squares Off with the Samaritans

Sandra Asks Glenn to Officiate Her Wedding

Bo Refuses to Play Along

Fight in the Breakroom!

Season 4 Bloopers

Most Awkward Costume Contest Ever

Marcus Went Hard This Halloween

Mateo Finds a Job (Wink, Wink)

Jonah Does Something Amazing for Amy

The Cast Translates Teen Slang

Jonah's Plan to Help Mateo Backfires

Carol Stuns All with Her New Vibe

Superstore Tackles Immigration

Garrett Is Insane for Dating Her

Marcus Wants to Bro Down With Jonah

Jonah's Secret Engagement Party for Sandra

Amy Wants Everyone to Lie to Mateo's Lawyer

Cheyenne Visits Mateo in the Detention Center

The Robot Is Making Enemies

Respect the Working Mom!

Tell 'Em How You Really Feel

First Look: Superstore Season 5

Comic-Con 2019 Full Panel

Comic-Con 2019 Panel: Cheyenne's Big Party

Comic-Con 2019 Panel: Fan Questions

Comic-Con 2019 Panel: Nico Santos on Mateo's Deportation

Comic-Con 2019 Panel: Superstore Season 4 Recap

Comic-Con 2019 Panel: What's Next for Amy and Jonah?

Comic-Con 2019 Panel: What's Next for Dina and Garrett?

Every Customer Interstitial

Mateo Gives Up

Amy Shows an Anti-Union Video

Jonah's Soul-Crushing Speech

Sandra Sticks It to Amy

Dina Knows What Garrett Did

Marcus Is Homeless

Sandra Finally Gets Some Respect

The Robots Are Taking Over

Cloud 9 Goes Green!

Glenn's Freak Out in Amy's Office

A Very Awkward Quinceañera

Jonah Covers for Amy's High Daughter

Things Get Weird in the Break Room

Garrett Is a Terrible Scene Partner

Amy Learns How Much She's Making

Glenn Forgets He's Not the Manager

Amy Interviews for Manager

Glenn Accidentally Commits Fraud

Cheyenne Gives Marcus a Tattoo

The Birds' Great Escape

Marcus Has Questionable Shower Habits

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