1 season available

Will & GraceWill & Grace

TV14 • Comedy, LGBTQ+, Sitcom • TV Series • 2017

That's right, honey! A decade after their unforgettable eight-season run, comedy's most fabulous foursome is back. Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Sean...more

That's right, honey! A decade after their unforgettable eight-season run, comedy's most fabulous foursome is back. Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Sean...more

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1 season available (19 episodes)

1 season available

(19 episodes)

Episode 1

Eat, Pray, Love, Phone, Sex

Grace returns from her European travels a new woman, but her elation is short-lived when she receives life-changing news. Karen teaches Will how to be better at phone sex. Jack has a yard sale to discreetly get rid of Estefan’s annoying cuckoo clock.
Episode 2

Pappa Mia

When Grace admits she's not sure who's the father of her baby, Karen orchestrates a "Mamma Mia" situation with the potential baby daddies. Will worries what will happen if he has a straight son and enlists Jack to help him prepare.
Episode 3

With Enemies Like These

Will discovers a way to finally get back at Jack for years of mocking his hairline. Grace is determined to prove to Mrs. Timmer she's strong enough to handle being a single mother. Karen squares off against Stan's brother in a poker game.
Episode 4

The Chick or the Egg Donor

Will and Grace get competitive over whose process of having a baby is more difficult. Jack helps Karen prove that she’ll be a competent owner of her new baseball team. But Karen realizes that an old acquaintance may be the help she really needs.
Episode 5

The Grief Panda

In the aftermath of Will and McCoy breaking up, Grace and Jack hire the Grief Panda to help Will process his pain. With Karen completely occupied with her new baseball team, Grace believes that she has to fire Karen in order to set her free.
Episode 6

Performance Anxiety

Committed to becoming a father on his own, Will meets a potential surrogate with stellar reviews, but her lifestyle choices give him doubts. In order to gain entry to AnnieCon, Grace pretends to be a formerly famous Annie.
Episode 7

What a Dump

Grace and her neighbor give their romance another shot; however, an embarrassing incident puts Grace’s relationship, and her dignity, in jeopardy. Will decides it’s time for Jack to grow up and cuts him off financially.
Episode 8

Lies & Whispers

When Larry warns Will and Grace about the difficult entry process into the elite school they want their kids to go to, they set out to prove that their child would be the better candidate. Jack creates problems between Karen and her "booty buddy."
Episode 9


Will and Grace decide to intervene when they discover Grace’s niece is dating a bisexual man. Jack gets permission from his husband to sleep with his celebrity hall pass. Karen struggles to adapt when her assistant books them on an economy flight.
Episode 10

Of Mouse and Men

Marilyn goes behind Grace's back to fix her up with a beagle-breeding couple interested in adopting Grace's baby. Will helps Karen deal with a PR nightmare. Jack and Estefan go to extreme lengths to get rid of a mouse.
Episode 11

Accidentally on Porpoise

Grace and her neighbor, James, give their relationship one more shot. But when James invites Grace to his job at the aquarium, she endangers his job and a species. Jack takes Will to an unexpected place to blow off steam - church.
Episode 12

Filthy Phil, Part 1

Karen introduces Will and Grace to the new love of her life, Phil, but Will and Grace become suspicious that he has sinister intentions. When Miss Coco Peru tells Jack that he's closing down his bar, Estefan encourages Jack to become its new owner.
Episode 13

Filthy Phil, Part 2

Will and Grace race to save Karen when they think she is in danger after her new boyfriend takes her to a cabin in the woods. Jack makes up a story to a snobby reporter in order to keep his new bar relevant after its previous owner steps down.
Episode 14

The Favourite

Jack helps Karen sneak into the manse to retrieve her coveted ring, but they’re shocked to find it on the hand of Stan’s new girlfriend. While hosting Will’s surrogate for the weekend, Will and Grace become the old folks they swore they’d never be
Episode 15

Broadway Boundaries

Will ropes newly-out Dr. DiLorenzo into going on a fake date so he can spy on his surrogate. Grace struggles with popping her gender reveal balloon. Karen is torn between celebrating her team's championship and helping Jack with his Broadway audition.
Episode 16

We Love Lucy

Will claims living with Grace is like Ricky living with Lucy. When Karen and Jack hear this, they each claim that they are the Lucy of the group. Grace, Karen and Jack each imagine themselves as Lucy, with Will as the Ricky to all of them.
Episode 17

New Crib

Karen pulls out all the stops to celebrate her baseball team's championship. Will and Grace go to an open house, which leads to a conversation about their future living arrangement. Jack has to decide if he wants to stay in the city to pursue his dreams.
Episode 18

It's Time

Will is determined to not reminisce about his life in the city or his ex. Grace has false alarms of going into labor. Karen attempts to get closure with her ex-husband. Jack's dream of taking a bow on a Broadway stage becomes a very real possibility.
Episode 19

A Will & Graceful Goodbye

Hosted by Eric McCormack, this special retrospective will show clips of past and present episodes that highlight the series' most iconic and memorable moments. The look back will also feature stories from Will & Grace superfans and celebrities.

Jack and Grace Bond Over Ice Skating - Will & Grace

Will and Grace's Photo Shoot Disaster

Nadine Hates Will

Grace's Free Therapy Hack Backfires - Will & Grace

Grace's Awkward Dinner Party with Diane - Will & Grace

Poker Night with Grace's Mom

Jack Performs "Just Jack" - Will & Grace

Will Seduces Monet (Chloë Sevigny) - Will & Grace

Grace's New Intern Wants to Be Karen - Will & Grace

Karen Walker as Anastasia Beaverhausen - Will & Grace

Karen Finds Something Awful Among Her Jewels - Will & Grace

Amber-Louise (Britney Spears) Is Hard-Core - Will & Grace

What Will Stanley Leave Karen in His Will?

Jack Freaks Out Over Grace's Misfortune

Will Meets James (Taye Diggs) Dressed as Captain von Trapp - Will & Grace

Will and Grace Lose Their "Homojo" - Will & Grace

Will and Karen Have Sex with the Same Man - Will & Grace

Ellen DeGeneres as Sister Louise - Will & Grace

Jack and Grace Confront Vince (Bobby Cannavale) - Will & Grace

Grace Seduces Matt Damon - Will & Grace

Grace Finds Karen's Fetish Film - Will & Grace

Will, Grace, Jack and Karen Say Goodbye - Will & Grace

318 Bloopers, We Were Trying to Act! - Will & Grace

The Final Shoot Week Diaries - Will & Grace

The Final Table Read - Will & Grace

Karen and Stanley Back Together? - Will & Grace

317 Bloopers, What If They Never Come? - Will & Grace

Will & Grace Season 3 Finale: First Look

Jack Is Finally Famous - Will & Grace

Will and Grace Make a Big Decision - Will & Grace

Karen Reenacts I Love Lucy's Grape Stomping Scene

316 Bloopers, That's All You're Giving Me?

Jack and Grace Reenact I Love Lucy's Chocolate Factory Scene

Grace Reenacts I Love Lucy's Vitameatavegamin Commercial

Grace Tries to Get Her Baby's Gender Results

315 Bloopers, Sean Will Walk Out!

Jack Meets Cher

Will and Grace's Gender Reveal Party

Are Will and Grace That Old? - Will & Grace

314 Bloopers, Don't Take My Joke!

Karen and Jack Drug Val - Will & Grace

313 Bloopers, Acting Is Hard! - Will & Grace

Jack Studies for the Gay Spelling Bee - Will & Grace

Jack Is Disappointed in His Bar Opening - Will & Grace

Karen's Boyfriend Bails on Her - Will & Grace

Is Karen's New Boyfriend a "Dirty John?" - Will & Grace

Bloopers, Sean's Laughing! - Will & Grace (Digital Exclusive)

Jack Stands Up to a Cheerleader - Will & Grace

Jack Tries to Get a Loan to Save Coco's - Will & Grace

311 Bloopers, Confession Time! - Will & Grace (Digital Exclusive)

Jack Tells Will to Let Go

Karen Gets a Delivery from Smitty - Will & Grace

Jack Covers His Floor with Mousetraps - Will & Grace

310 Bloopers, Watch the Insanity! - Will & Grace (Digital Exclusive)

Will and Grace Tell His Mom They're Having Babies

Will and Grace Get Lectured for This - Will & Grace

309 Bloopers, You Dirty People! - Will & Grace

Will Jack Have Sex with Ryan Phillippe? - Will & Grace

The Greatest Game Night Moments - Will & Grace

308 Bloopers! Featuring Demi Lovato - Will & Grace (Digital Exclusive)

Jack and Karen's ASMR Argument - Will & Grace (Episode Highlight)

Luke Breaks Up with Karen - Will & Grace (Episode Highlight)

Grace Dumps a Problem on Will - Will & Grace (Episode Highlight)

307 Bloopers! Excuse Me, Ma'am - Will & Grace (Digital Exclusive)

Karen Walker and Beverley Leslie: A Bitter Rivalry

Jack Is Will's Peter Pan - Will & Grace (Episode Highlight)

Grace and Jack Go to Annie-Con

306 Bloopers! Three Is the Magic Number - Will & Grace (Digital Exclusive)

Will's Surrogate (Demi Lovato) Is a What?

The Best of Jack

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