2 seasons available

Single ParentsSingle Parents

TVPGComedySitcomTV Series • 2018

A group of single parents lean on each other.

A group of single parents lean on each other.

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2 seasons available (45 episodes)

2 seasons available

(45 episodes)

Season1 2
Episode 1

Summer of Freedom

Angie obsesses over writing an email.
Episode 2

Graham Fought the Bones and the Bones Won

Miggy gets a job at Angie's law firm.
Episode 3

Derek Sucks

Angie's ex-boyfriend suddenly appears.
Episode 4

Big Widow Wives

Poppy learns Douglas is lying to her.
Episode 5


Will coaches Sophie's soccer team.
Episode 6

Welcome to Hell, Sickos!

Poppy and Angie host a Halloween party.
Episode 7

Xander and Camille

Douglas confronts some family issues.
Episode 8

Every Thursday Should Be Like This

Will gets busy cooking Thanksgiving dinner at Douglas' home; Miggy shows up to Thanksgiving dinner with the kids' teacher, Ms. Pronstroller, as his date, and he enlists Douglas' assistance in helping them form a connection.
Episode 9

A Place Where Men Can Be Men

Poppy tries to help the twins.
Episode 10

Good Holidays to You

Angie goes on a mission to find snow.
Episode 11

The Angie-Man

Will and Angie pretend to be a couple.
Episode 12

Welcome to Hilltop!

Poppy goes on an adventure with Angie.
Episode 13


Sophie overhears some big news.
Episode 14

Yarn and Pebbles

Poppy and Miggy try to help Will.
Episode 15

Chez Second Grade

Big Red is back in town.
Episode 16

Hip$ for Dolores

Rent on the Winebrary goes up.
Episode 17

Untz, Untz, Untz

Angie uses Sophie as bait.
Episode 18

Oh Dip, She's Having a Baby

Sharon goes into labor.
Episode 19

A Night in Camarillo

The kids stay home alone.
Episode 20

Look, This is Obviously a Sexy Situation

Angie attempts to help Poppy.
Episode 21

A Night of Delicate Frenching

Rory and the twins come up with a plan.
Episode 22

No. Wait. What? Hold On.

Derek arrives to get Angie.

Derek Confronts Will About His Feelings for Angie

Miggy Picks Angie's New Subletter, Bachelor-Style

Derek Learns How to Support Poppy

It's Time for More Lance Bass Space Camp!

Rory Considers Killing Douglas at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

What Did Angie and Will Do?!?

Is Will Obsessed with Angie?

Miggy Puts Graham in Charge

Angie Tells the Story of Graham's Birth in Vegas

Rory’s Original Name Was "Smoke Monster"

Will Missed Sophie's Birth Because of Regis Philbin

Douglas Recounts His Harrowing Night at Poppy's

Graham and Will Fight About Graham's Love Life

Douglas Opens Poppy's "Scary Mail"

Will Pretends to Be a Diamond Mogul

Angie Plays It Very Uncool with the New British Dad

Bachelor Nation's Tyler Cameron Guest Stars

Derek Has Graham Working at Ratso's

Will Already Has a New Girlfriend

Graham Meets His Father

Looks Like Will's About to Get Dumped

Angie and Poppy: Odd Couple Buddy Cop Knuckle-butts

Angie and Will Fake a Relationship

Douglas and Poppy Define Their Relationship

Is Angie a Bad Mom?

Poppy "Tortures" the Twins

Will and Douglas Blow the Sex Talk with Graham

Angie and Poppy Grapple with Bombshells

MIggy Explains Modern Dating to Douglas

Angie Hooks Up with Douglas's Son

Will and Miggy Discipline the Kids

Miggy Gets Spooky at Will's House

Poppy Tells Will a Secret About Rory

Rory Does a Soccer

The Rush of Competition Gets the Best of Will

Angie and Graham's Opossum Extraction

Miggy Memorized Every Number Up to 236

Angie Freaks Out Over Derek's Arrival

Will and Miggy Can't Save Angie from Derek's Charm

Single Parents: Word Associations, Vol. 2

Douglas and Will's Ridiculous Plan to Transfer Room Parent Duties

Miggy's First Day at His New Job

Single Parents: Word Associations, Vol. 1

Angie and Will Cram a Summer of Fun Into A Few Hours

Douglas Explains What Really Happened On His Date With Poppy

The Story of Poppy and Douglas's First (And Only) Date

Angie Finally Tells the Story of Graham's Dad

Lance Bass Gives Will Parenting Advice

Douglas and Poppy Have a Moment

Angie Gets Tough Budgeting Love from Douglas

Angie and Poppy Get Love Advice from Chris Harrison

Will Saves a Kid Many, Many Times

Rory Goes Looking for Scandals at Will's Local TV Station

Graham's Ego Has Swelled Since He Got a Girlfriend

Poppy Meets Her Ex's New Girlfriend

Rory Has a Game Show to Vet Poppy's Dates

It Turns Out Emma and Amy Are Different People

Angie Kicks Will Out of the Group

Douglas Fights to Get Miggy's Sneakers Back

Will Vents About His Ex-Wife at Girls' Night

Miggy's "Mystery Senorita" Music Video

Will's Meteorologist Audition Tape

Taran Killam Explains His Love for Mickey's Christmas Carol

Angie's Boyfriend's Amazing Santa Speech

Will's Sexy Cell Phone Role-Playing Is Caught on Camera

Miggy Wingmans for Douglas

This Is Why Will Quit His Job at the Weather Channel

Sophie Busts All of the Adults on All of Their Lies

Will Gets Caught Kissing Dr. Dewan

Will Tries to "Mailman" Dr. Dewan (Guest Star Hannah Simone)

About this Show

Single Parents

A group of single parents lean on each other.

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