3 seasons available


TV14 • Family, Sitcom, Comedy • TV Series • 2015

Revolving around a group of employees at a big-box store, it examines love, friendship and the beauty of everyday moments.

Revolving around a group of employees at a big-box store, it examines love, friendship and the beauty of everyday moments.

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3 seasons available (55 episodes)

3 seasons available

(55 episodes)

Episode 1

Grand Re-Opening

Back at Cloud 9 for the first time since the tornado, Amy and Jonah awkwardly address their kiss as the employees rush to ready the store during on-going construction when Glenn gets the grand re-opening date wrong. Howie Mandel guest stars.
Episode 2

Brett's Dead

While Mateo and Cheyenne pretend to grieve for a co-worker killed by the tornado to get time off work, Amy worries that Dina's obsession with the store's storm shelter is a cry for help.
Episode 3

Part-Time Hires

Jonah gets in Amy's head about her parenting style when her daughter starts working at Cloud 9; Mateo flirts with a construction worker; and Garrett doesn't realize he's getting dumped.
Episode 4

Workplace Bullying

Confronted by a robber, Jonah freezes while Dina springs into action. Meanwhile, Glenn struggles to fire Cloud 9's lax security guard, and Amy angles for an invite to trivia night.
Episode 5

Sal's Dead

A dead body is found in the drywall, making for an extra-creepy Halloween at Cloud 9, and Amy creates an awkward situation when she messes with Jonah's online dating profile.
Episode 6

Health Fund

Amy and Jonah learn just how hard it is to make health care work when they create a new plan for their fellow employees, and Glenn turns to Dina for help with an embarrassing medical condition.
Episode 7

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, Amy goes out of her way to prove she can let loose; Garrett and Jonah fight while playing Santa and his elf; and Glenn pulls out all the stops to show Mateo some holiday magic.
Episode 8

Viral Video

Amy is perplexed by Kelly's popularity on social media; Dina and Cheyenne discover a mutual affinity for work gossip; and Mateo doubles down on a lie when Glenn confronts him.
Episode 9

Golden Globes Party

When everything that can go wrong at Amy's Golden Globes party does go wrong, Dina makes the ultimate sacrifice to prove the party is not a total bust.
Episode 10

High Volume Store

Cheyenne can't figure out how to back out after accidentally agreeing to be a surrogate for Glenn and his wife; and Jonah is suspicious when Jeff announces their store is getting an upgrade, so he takes Amy and Dina on a mission to investigate.
Episode 11

Angels and Mermaids

Amy butts heads with Cheyenne's ex-convict mom over planning a birthday party; Jonah is disturbed to learn Kelly believes in angels; and a disagreement between Glenn and Dina escalates quickly.
Episode 12

Groundhog Day

Amy attempts to jump back into the dating game and prove she's still got it; Jonah and Kelly take a crack at being store announcers; and Dina works hard at relaxing.
Episode 13

Video Game Release

Amy and Jonah's quest for a popular new video game takes them on an adventure through the bowels of the store; Garrett struggles to keep his cool while meeting a personal hero; and Glenn and Sandra attempt to be more assertive.
Episode 14

Safety Training

Amy attempts to prove she likes Kelly by covering for one of her mistakes; Garrett makes a deal with Marcus; and Jonah helps Mateo deal with a workplace injury.
Episode 15


Glenn and Dina discover their employees' dark sides when they offer amnesty for anyone who confesses their misconduct; meanwhile, the staff teases Amy and Jonah mercilessly about their kiss, and Mateo attempts to contact Jeff.
Episode 16


Jonah finds something wrong with every apartment he and Kelly consider moving into; Dina convinces Amy to join her on a double date; and Jeff starts a poaching war with Glenn after getting a new job at Target.
Episode 17

District Manager

When the new district manager visits the store, Dina attempts to hide her pregnancy, Mateo worries about his stats and Amy says too much.
Episode 18

Local Vendors Day

Glenn puts pressure on everyone to purchase his wife's needlepoint crafts during Cloud 9's local vendors sale; Garrett flirts with a craft beer vendor; and Amy exaggerates her Spanish language skills.
Episode 19


Jonah encourages Amy to take the initiative - and a field trip - to ask for a raise; Dina tricks Garrett into being an enthusiastic worker; Mateo and Cheyenne team up to play the lottery.
Episode 20

Gender Reveal

Dina freaks out after a 4D ultrasound makes her pregnancy feel all too real; the team throws Glenn and Jerusha a gender reveal party in the store; and Amy makes a surprising discovery.
Episode 21


Everyone wants to talk about Amy's news except for Jonah, who doesn't want to talk to Amy at all, and Dina and Glenn shoot a video about the store's tornado recovery in an effort to woo Cloud 9's CEO into hosting his next town hall at their store.
Episode 22

Town Hall

Glenn gets stage fright when he realizes his speech for Cloud 9's town hall will be broadcast live in stores around the world, and Amy and Jonah set out to discover the truth about a recent employee firing after Laurie makes a suspicious comment.

Attention, Cloud 9 Shoppers

Caught on Camera

Fear on Film

And Baby Makes Four?

Maybe You Guys Are Having a White Baby

Mateo and Jonah Play Good Cop, Bad Cop

Pair for the Course

Boy Troubles for Amy

I Think It's Foreplay

Are You Guys Seriously Weirded Out by a Female Boss?

Manager a Manager

Goodbye, Jeff

Moving On and Moving In

News to Jonah

Mateo Comes Clean

Island of Discontinued Toys

No More Playing Nice

Amy's Dirty Laundry

Real or Not Real?

Breakroom Breaking Point

We Might Just Crap This Bed Yet

Blame It on Bo

Dina's Selfless Sacrifice

Wait for It...

Yes, This Is Martin Nestle

Caught in the Basket

Sandra's Christmas Miracle

And Kelly Makes Three

Who Gave You the Right to Play God?

Amy's Halloween Scare

Don't Be a Dina, Be a Jonah

Taking It Outside

Amy, Are You Stupid?

Who Dumped Whom?

Garrett's Got His Reasons

No Star Treatment

What Happens in a Minions Suit...

Cloud 9's Grand Re-Opening

Stolen Moment

Bo Joins Cloud 9

Jonah and Glenn's Daughter

Mateo's Sacrifice

Meeting the Parents

Cat's Out of the Bag

You Don't Tell Me When to Smile

Not Quite Love at First Sight

Winner Gets Amy

A Blast from Jonah's Past

Amy's Hard Truth

It's a Good Time to Be Naomi


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