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The Resident

TV14 • Medical, Drama • TV Series • 2018

A tough, brilliant senior resident guides an idealistic young doctor through his first day, pulling back the curtain on what really happens, both good...more

A tough, brilliant senior resident guides an idealistic young doctor through his first day, pulling back the curtain on what really happens, both good...more

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2 seasons available (37 episodes)

2 seasons available

(37 episodes)

Episode 1


The staff is forced to treat their patients without technology after a sudden blackout strikes the hospital.
Episode 2

The Prince & the Pauper

Bell becomes frustrated when Conrad's father, the new chairman of the board, asks for his son's input during discussions about the hospital's expenses.
Episode 3

Three Words

Nic and Conrad think about their past when they work together to diagnose a happy couple who exhibit some odd symptoms.
Episode 4

About Time

Chastain is overwhelmed by concertgoers who were injured in a stampede during a local music festival; Conrad and Nic rush to help a professional adventure guide; Devon treats a musician who is adamant that he is sober, despite toxicology reports.
Episode 5

The Germ

Kit and AJ forge a temporary alliance against Bell when he uses Julian Booth's medical devices in lieu of the hospital's products; Conrad and Nic aim to make a child cancer patient's dreams come true; the staff notices Julian and Devon's friendship.
Episode 6


Conrad must diagnose a young woman who was admitted to the hospital for extreme night terrors; Devon prepares for his first Halloween shift; Nic struggles with her choice to bring her newly sober sister with her to Mina's Halloween party.
Episode 7

Trial & Error

Nic fears for her sister's life when she is placed in a prescription drug trial that is causing patients to experience life-threatening side effects; Mina, Austin, and Kit are forced to join forces to help a patient in rapidly deteriorating health.
Episode 8

Heart in a Box

Conrad confronts Bell after he recommends a risky medical device to Zoey, whom Nic worries Conrad may be getting a little too attached to; Mina and Austin bond while they face a touch heart transplant; Devon struggles with a difficult day.
Episode 9

The Dance

Devon prepares for his wedding day and asks questions about his relationship like never before; Julian's discovery that makes her uncertain about her involvement with Chastain's medical device company; Conrad and Marshall work on their relationship.
Episode 10

After the Fall

The victims of Lane Hunter and their families are greatly disturbed when she is released from prison; Bell is tortured by Lane's manipulation, despite his role in her release; Conrad tries to deal with the news regarding his father through work.
Episode 11

Operator Error

An investigation ensues in the aftermath of a medical device that fails on a former Chastain employee, which puts Quovadis against Dr. AJ Austin; Devon has a patient who struggles with odd stomach pains; Nic begins to bond with her new clinic partner.
Episode 12

Fear Finds a Way

Chastain is pressed for time when a heavy flu season covers the actions of a terribly infectious disease; Conrad, Nic, and Alec treat Nic's favorite prison guard; a love-sick patient shows flu-like symptoms; Mina tests Quovadis medical devices.
Episode 13

Virtually Impossible

Conrad, Kit, Mina and the Raptor work together to save a med student's life as they require an incredibly risky surgery to complete a triple-organ transplant; Devon does his own investigating after the police spot Julian's empty car in a lake.
Episode 14

Stupid Things in the Name of Sex

Conrad abandons his Valentine's Day plans with Nic after his attempt to surprise her does not go as he had originally intended; Mina and Devon investigate their neighbor's death for Valentine's Day; Kit offers advice to a sex-injured patient.
Episode 15


Bell feels even less confident in Quovadis when a key figure for one of their medical devices suffers seizure-like symptoms in the ER; Mina's mother visits Chastain and reveals elements of her daughter's past; Conrad takes a calculated risk.
Episode 16

Adverse Events

The surgeons come together in defiance of Quovadis after a device malfunction nearly costs Henry Barnett his life; AJ and Conrad attempt to save the hospital's favorite custodian; Alec doubts making the right choice when an old patient enters the ER.
Episode 17


The surgeons join forced to save Raptor's old mentor, their only Quovadis internal source, but he requires the same machine that a younger, more stable patient also needs to survive; Marshall endangers himself to take down Gordon Page.
Episode 18

Emergency Contact

Chastain faces the aftermath of Quovadis' corrupt practices, which leaves Marshall feeling ready to explore new options in the medical field; Devon learns what happened to Julian Booth; Conrad and Alec help treat a young gymnast with odd symptoms.
Episode 19

Snowed In

Mina is forced to perform an important surgery without The Raptor as Atlanta is bombarded by a severe snowstorm; Nic and Conrad disagree over how to treat a patient; a first-year medical student learns a valuable lesson about life and death.
Episode 20

If Not Now, When?

Devon worries about a mother's unaddressed complaints after she gives birth; Conrad is forced to explain to Nic that Jessie's condition is getting worse; The Raptor, Mina and Kit are quick to treat a mother and son with serious injuries in the ER.
Episode 21

Stuck as Foretold

Conrad gets creative when a patient's life hangs in the balance of a severe blood shortage at the hospital; Nic is devastated by news of her sister's health; Mina and Devon works alongside a peculiar new anesthesiologist; Kit thinks about her future.
Episode 22

Broker and Broker

Bell hopes that a lottery winner who was admitted to hospital could serve as a way to solve Chastain's financial struggles; Nic is irate with Alec for suggesting she meet an organ broker; Devon and Irving help Mina remember certain details.
Episode 23

The Unbefriended

Bell thinks about selling the hospital in order to save it, but Kit hopes to make him realize that the positive consequences will not outweigh the negatives; Nic beseeches Kyle to rethink his choice to donate a kidney; Mina worries about Shira.

Bruce Greenwood as Dr. Randolph Bell

Conrad Gives Devon Independence Day

Reviews: Dr. Bell

Conrad Speaks His Mind To Bell

Devon Meets Lane

Dr. Conrad Hawkin

Matt Czuchry As Dr. Conrad Hawkins

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