6 seasons available

Fresh off the BoatFresh off the Boat

TVPGFamilyComedySitcomTV Series • 2015

It’s the '90s and 12 year old, hip-hop loving Eddie just moved to suburban Orlando fr...more

It’s the '90s and 12 year old, hip-hop loving Eddie just moved to...More

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6 seasons available (116 episodes)

6 seasons available

(116 episodes)

Episode 1

Help Unwanted

Louis and Eddie must give Evan the talk.
Episode 2


Louis and Jessica reminisce.
Episode 3

Grandma's Boys

Grandma wants to retire from something.
Episode 4


Louis searches for his next passion.
Episode 5


The boys want to find a group costume.
Episode 6

Chestnut Gardens

Marvin gets a crash course in feminism.
Episode 7


Jessica worries about Evan's future.
Episode 8

TMI: Too Much Integrity

Jessica schedules mandatory family time.
Episode 9

Lou Wants to Be a Millionaire

Louis goes on a game show.
Episode 10

Jessica Town

Louis tries to help Jessica with holiday planning.
Episode 11

A Seat at the Table

Jessica lands her dream job as a private school dean.
Episode 12

The Magic Motor Inn

Emery's job choice shocks his parents.
Episode 13

Mommy and Me

Emery announces his newfound veganism.
Episode 14

Family Van

The boys go to find their time capsule.
Episode 15


Jessica grapples with her future.

Andy Richter Interviews Eddie and Jessica

Eddie Tells Louis He Wants to Go to Culinary School

Jessica Tells Louis That She Grieves Differently

One Last Ed-Venture for the Huang Brothers

The Burger Boys Try Going Vegan

Jessica Needs Help Getting Evan Over His Heartbreak

Eddie Makes a Deal to Help Evan

Jessica Realizes She Made a Mistake with Emery

Eddie and Emery Become Mathletes

Jessica Decides Not to Quit Her Job

Jessica Hates Her New Job

Grandma Huang Bails the Boys Out

Jessica Apologizes For Insulting Louis' Gingerbread House

Jessica Huang is Ready for Christmas

Jessica and Emery Talk About His Love of Acting

Louis Uses a Lifeline to Apologize to Eddie

Jessica Misses the "Turkey Tango"

Jessica Tells the Boys She Misses Them

Eddie Tells Louis How Much He Means to Him

Jessica Goes to School With Evan

Emery and Evan Try to Teach Marvin About Feminism

Jessica Forms an Alliance to Take Chestnut Down

Jessica Judges a Halloween Costume Contest

Louis Wants a Haunted House

Jessica Hits it Off with Eddie's Girlfriend

Louis Huang Tries Being a Barber

"Hurricane" Gene Has Become a Soft Breeze

Cast From the Past: Ken Jeong is Back!

Grandma Huang's Retirement Party

Emery, Evan, and Grandma Embrace Y2K

Jessica and Eddie Have Different Plans for College

Louis Tells the World About Jessica's "Messy" College Years

Jessica Asks Honey For Help

Louis and Eddie Try Out "The Talk" with the Guys

Eddie Causes an International Incident in Taiwan

Evan Channels Mary Poppins

Celebrating 100 Episodes of Fresh Off the Boat

Eddie Finally Respects His Parents' Immigrant Struggle

Jessica Doesn't Want to Admit She Misses Eddie

TLC's "Waterfalls" Helps Evan Understand Eddie

Grandma Huang Throws a House Party

Sneak Peek: Louis Dreams of Retirement

Jessica Can't Run!

Louis's Two-Man Show

Sneak Peek: Louis Wants a Romantic Valentine's Day

Jessica (Constance Wu) Plays Mahjong with Her Mother-in-Law

Jessica's Chinese New Year Dumplings

Julius and Horace's Chinese New Year Tussle

Jessica Tries to Find Louis's Love Language

Louis Teaches the Boys to Cha Cha

Eddie Drives a Mile in Jessica's Shoes

Why Did Louis Hate "You've Got Mail"?

Eddie and Jessica's Christmas Battle

Sneak Peek: Honey and Louis Take a Step Class

Jessica & Louis Meet Their Chinese Neighbors (Ming-Na Wen & Reggie Lee)

Jessica and Elaine (Ming-Na Wen) Fight Racist Stereotypes

Sneak Peek: Ming-Na Wen and Jimmy O. Yang Guest Star

Louis Encounters the Asian Driver Stereotype

Louis Teaches Eddie to Drive

The Huangs: Full RV

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Teaches Life Lessons

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Wants to Sell Louis an RV

Jessica Is a Real Estate Pimp

Michael Bolton's Cattleman's Ranch

How Louis Copes With "Asian Flush"

Eddie Grieves for Biggie Smalls

Eddie Proves He Didn't Shoplift

Jessica Accidentally Befriends Marvin's Ex-Wife

Eddie & Alison (and Trent's) "Romantic" Valentine's Day

Jessica & Connie's Sister Act

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