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Digimon Tamers

TVY7ActionAnimation • AdventureInternationalAnimeTV Series2001

A group of 12-year-olds, Takato, Henry and Rika (fans of the Digimon card game) meet ...more

A group of 12-year-olds, Takato, Henry and Rika (fans of the Digi...More

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Episode 1

(Dub) Guilmon Comes Alive

While a mysterious, naive Digimon called Calumon bio-emerges (appears) in the Real World, a boy named Takato Matsuki finds a mysterious blue card. After swiping it through his card reader, it is converted into a Digivice.
Episode 2

(Dub) Digimon, Digimon Everywhere

After finding that Guilmon has no intention to kill him, Takato is in awe of the fact he is now partner to a real Digimon, in spite of the difficulty he has in sneaking the dinosaur past his parents.
Episode 3

(Dub) To Fight or Not to Fight

Whilst Takato panics at the concept of losing Guilmon so soon, Rika is irritated by the lack of data on the dinosaur, as well as Renamon's seeming inability to combat him.
Episode 4

(Dub) It Came from the Other Side

Gargomon manages to de-digivolve to Terriermon and Henry is left thinking about destroying real living digimon after talking to Rika.
Episode 5

(Dub) Dream a Little Dream

Calumon watches kids in Takato's school play soccer and dreams to be a really good soccer player. He convinces Guilmon to come out of his hiding place and play with him. While they're in the school, a digital field appear and a Vilemon attacks them.
Episode 6

(Dub) O Partner, Where Art Thou?

Rika is disappointed with her mother and with Renamon for not being able to digivolve while fighting Allomon and getting help from Guilmon and Terriermon.
Episode 7

(Dub) Now You See It, Now You Don't

While passing by a tunnel, Guilmon begins to disappear. Worried that Guilmon would disapear forever, he seeks advice from the other Tamers to see why it was happenning.
Episode 8

(Dub) A Question of Trust

Impmon is scaring couples at night in the park, but Takato suspects Guilmon of causing this trouble. Impmon takes Guilmon out and when Takato finds him missing he suspects more of him.
Episode 9

(Dub) Not as Seen on TV

After the battle with Devidramon, Takato tries to make Growlmon de-digivolve into Guilmon, but all to no avail. When it begins to rain, Takato despairs of ever getting his old friend back.
Episode 10

(Dub) The Icemon Cometh

Rika is being followed by something strange and she gets scared. Not wanting to admit it, she refuses help from Renamon to protect her and Renamon feels bad by what Rika said to her.
Episode 11

(Dub) Much Ado About Musyamon

As Musyamon attacks Henry, and Takato jump to the rescue. But Guilmon isn't able to win this battle alone and Henry has to fight with his own thoughts on the subject of Terriermon Digivolving since last time he couldn't handle the power of Gargomon.
Episode 12

(Dub) Divided They Stand

Rika and Renamon are thinking how much they don't need each other. Then Renamon is attacked by Flybeemon. She defeats her enemies. Later she is attacked by Harpymon.
Episode 13

(Dub) Juggernaut

Takato and Guilmon are about to defeat a DarkLizardmon when Yamaki comes and captures it. Back at Hypnos, they scan the data of the Digimon, destroying it and now know what Digimon are made of.
Episode 14

(Dub) Grow Mon Grow

As a strange tiger ultimate level Digimon, Mihiramon attacks, the tamers begin to fight it. However, when its too strong for both Rika and Henry, Takato uses the power of the blue card to Digivolve Growlmon into his ultimate form - WarGrowlmon.
Episode 15

(Dub) Snakes, Trains, and Digimon

Takato is depressed after Henry and Rika have previous commitments and can't go Digimon patrolling, but he feels better when he goes with Guilmon to play with his school friends.
Episode 16

(Dub) Back to Nature, Back to Battle

During a school camping trip Takato, Henry, Guilmon, Terriermon and D have a fun time relaxing, but a series of black outs cause the gang to get suspicious.It turns out the Rooster Deva, Sinduramon is absorbing electricity and using it for power.
Episode 17

(Dub) Duel With the Deva

Henry was given a worthless card by one of Kenta's friend Jeramie, when the others left the card turned into a Blue card.
Episode 18

(Dub) Digital Beauty

Rika is having a hard time with her mother, who makes Rika attend a photo session with her. Meanwhile, Renamon has been acting distant and it turns out that she has been meeting with Vajramon, who apparently survived the Tamers' previous battle with them.
Episode 19

(Dub) Impmon's Last Stand

Impmon says he hates humans to cover up his own insecurities. While the Tamers are battling the Horse Deva Indramon, Impmon decides to battle this Deva all by himself.
Episode 20

(Dub) Out of the Blue

Impmon continues to battle Indramon to no avail, but Indramon retreated after the Juggernaut program started up again. Yamaki reunites the Monster Makers to try and find a way to destroy all Digimon.
Episode 21

(Dub) Jeri's Quest

When Jeri meets Leomon after being attacked by the latest Deva Digimon, she realises her love for Digimon since she collected an impressive collection of cards.
Episode 22

(Dub) The Boar Wars

When the Pig Deva appears, the Tamers find themselves outmatched and unable to keep the situation discreet-Vikaralamon is larger than life and wrecking havoc.
Episode 23

(Dub) A World Apart

Just when the Tamers defeat Vikarylamon, the strange child who they keep running into reveals himself to be the Monkey Deva and kidnaps Calumon, taking the Digimon back to the Digital World. Meanwhile, Jeri receives a Digivice and a new partner...
Episode 24

(Dub) The Journey Begins

The Tamers find a way into the Digital World to save Calumon.
Episode 25

(Dub) Brave New Digital World

The Tamers finally make it to the Digital World and meet a Meramon along with a bunch of Jagyamon.The Jagyamon point them in the direction of where they had seen Makuramon. While on their way, a data stream appears and is about to suck up Kenta and Kazu.
Episode 26

(Dub) Kazu and Kenta's Excellent Adventure

Blown far away from the other Tamers, Rika and the others meet the married couple Jijimon and Babamon. The two feed and leave the Tamers with a place to stay while the wind in the village dies down.
Episode 27

(Dub) Motorcycle Madness

While searching for Rika and the others, Takato, Jeri and Henry come across a village full of Chuchidarumon. The motorcycle, Behemoth, rampages throughout the village. Impmon encounters Chatsuramon, the Dog Deva and he offers to help Impmon digivolve.
Episode 28

(Dub) Blame It On Ryo

Rika, Kazu and Kenta get sucked into yet another data stream and end up in a weird location. While fending off an attack from a Megadramon, Cyberdramon appears and destroys it.Then they meet Ryo Akiyama.
Episode 29

(Dub) Goliath

Takato and the others meet up with Ryo, Kazu and Kenta in yet another strange area. Rika goes off by herself and Calumon searches for everyone.
Episode 30

(Dub) The Imperfect Storm

While Takato and the others continue their search for Rika, Guilmon picks up Calumon's scent. Meanwhile, Beelzemon, still searching for the Tamers, come across a bunch of Chrysalimon.
Episode 31

(Dub) Kazu's Upgrade

Rika and the others encounter an Andromon who's fighting a snake Digimon called Orochimon who's been terrorizing a bunch of Gekomon to make it milkshakes. The Tamers decide to help Andromon defeat Orochimon.
Episode 32

(Dub) Shimbu Speaks

Takato and Henry find a weird library in the Digital World. Inside one of its rooms they find Mr. Shibumi, a friend of Henry's Dad. Shibumi was also on the team who created Digimon.
Episode 33

(Dub) Rabbit Transit

Henry's younger sister, Suzie Wong, arrives in the Digital World and quickly meets Antylamon, the Rabbit Deva Digimon. As the two become friends Henry, Takato and Terriermon track her down.
Episode 34

(Dub) Lionheart

As the gang meet up again they are quickly attacked by Beelzemon. However after Beelzemon kills Leomon, Takato forces Guilmon to Digivolve to his Mega Form...but something goes wrong.
Episode 35

(Dub) Give a Little Bit

With the unfortunate help of dark digivolution Guilmon digivolves into Megidramon. Megidramon battles Beezlemon and almost has him killed but Makuramon comes to confront Beezlemon on how useless his digivolution was.
Episode 36

(Dub) The Battle Within

Gallantmon faces Beelzemon in a tough one-on-one battle. During the battle, Gallantmon destroys Behemoth and rescues Kazu and Kenta which causes them to realize that Takato has merged with Guilmon.
Episode 37

(Dub) No Mon Is an Island

The crew meet Zhuqiaomon. Henry has self-doubt and Terriormon has to boost his confidence. With renewed strength and courage, Henry and Terriormon Biomerge to become MegaGargomon and defeat their foe.
Episode 38

(Dub) Azulongmon Explains It All

After the degenaration of MegaGargomon the tamers came to know that Zhuqiaomon is still alive and still wants to fight. Zhuqiaomon attacks the tamers. Taomon protects them until Zhuqiaomon is stopped by another Sovereign, Azulongmon.
Episode 39

(Dub) Song of Sakuyamon

Sakuyamon was formed when Rika Biomerged with Renamon while they took a leap of faith to save Calumon from the D-Reaper. Rika fell back into Renamon and there was a blinding flash of blue light.
Episode 40

(Dub) Janyu's Ark

Janyu's Ark is completed and the team races to get to the Ark before their time runs out, but after Renamon picks up his scent, Rika and Renamon rush to save Impmon and get back in time.
Episode 41

(Dub) Homeward Bound

After some serious difficulty, the Tamers and their partners finally arrive at the Real World and the Arc is dragged to the Digital world. Takato tries to talk with Jeri (actually ADR-01, a doppleganger created by the D-Reaper), but with no sucess.
Episode 42

(Dub) Reunion

The Tamers returned to the Real World. Takato finds out that Jeri's parents are not coming to get her. He takes the responsibility to return her to her home.
Episode 43

(Dub) Beezlemon's Big Day

The team finally confronts the D-Reaper, but they soon realize it is able to mimic their attacks. Unable to bio-merge, the team loses hope, until the mighty Impmon comes to the rescue!
Episode 44

(Dub) The Messenger

The team meets a strange gothic girl named Alice McCoy. Her strange dog turns out to be Dobermon, a messenger of the Sovereigns. Better yet, he has a gift for the tamers.
Episode 45

(Dub) The D'Reaper's Disguise

The D-Reaper had been spying on the team all along and it finally reveals itself when Takato falls into the depths of the reaper with Guilmon.
Episode 46

(Dub) When Is a Mon Justimon

A mysterious new Digimon arrives to help the tamers in their efforts to destroy the D-Reaper. Justimon-a half-man, half-cyborg-comes to aid the tamers in their epic battle!
Episode 47

(Dub) His Kingdom for a Horse

Calumon finds Jeri in the heart of the D-reaper. She opens her eyes but doesn't respond to Calumon. Meanwhile Takato tries to convince Mr. Katou (Jeri's father) to stop being angry at her.
Episode 48

(Dub) Shadow of the Beast King

Grani is fully developed. Calumon tries to help awake Jeri. Meanwhile, Beelzemon, released by the D-Reaper, tries to break open the kernel sphere in which Jeri is with no results.
Episode 49

(Dub) D'Reaper's Feast

The Tamers try to get in Kemel Sphere to save Jeri and Calumon, but they receive a menssage from Yamaki to leave the area, so the Army can attack the Quantum Bubble with eletro-magnetic discharges.
Episode 50

(Dub) Jeri Fights Back

The Tamers enter the D-Reaper to fight and to rescue Jeri.
Episode 51

(Dub) Such Sweet Sorrow

Gallantmon in his new form seems to be making some headway. Meanwhile, the others are losing. In a last attempt Sakuyamon gives all of her power to Justimon who then inserts it into his blade and cuts the Cable Reaper.

About this Show

Digimon Tamers

A group of 12-year-olds, Takato, Henry and Rika (fans of the Digimon card game) meet their own Digimon friends and start to duel "bio-emerging" Digimon who cross the barrier between the information network and their world.

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