2 seasons available

Digimon Adventure

TVY7 • Anime, Animation, Adventure, Action, Kids • TV Series • 1999

While at summer camp, seven kids (Tai, Matt, Sora, Izzy, Mimi, Joe, and T.K) come across seven Digivices and are transported to a strange digital worl...more

While at summer camp, seven kids (Tai, Matt, Sora, Izzy, Mimi, Joe, and T.K) come across seven Digivices and are transported to a strange digital worl...more

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2 seasons available (104 episodes)

2 seasons available

(104 episodes)

Episode 1

Enter Flamedramon

Kimeramon soundly defeats the DigiDestined. Wormmon leads Davis and Veemon to the power source of the base. It turns out to be a golden Digi-egg, which Davis uses to golden armor digivolve Veemon to Magnamon.
Episode 2

The Digiteam Complete

Kimeramon and Magnamon fight. Ken's base explodes, and Wormmon gives all the power he has to help Magnamon defeat Kimeramon.
Episode 3

A New Digitude

Davis, in an effort to catch Kari's attention, wants Veemon to evolve like Patamon. His effort only manages to anger a Tortomon that chases them across the land. Veemon digivolves to ExVeemon to fight him off.
Episode 4

Iron Vegiemon

Ken reminisces about his brother Sam, his digivice, an e-mail he got, and when he first went into the Digital World (despite his temporary amnesia in the real world).
Episode 5

Old Reliable

Davis, Kari, and T.K. find that their Digimon can't Digivolve. Cody is attacked by Thundermon, leading to Armadillomon's unexpected digivolution into Ankylomon.
Episode 6

Family Picnic

The strange woman changes control spires into digimon. She turns one into a Golemon who tries to destroy a dam. The DigiDestined cannot destroy Golemon and are forced to get Ken and Stingmon's help.
Episode 7

Guardian Angel

The DigiDestined see that Ken's base is about to explode. Okuwamon, a digimon made from control spires, attacks the DigiDestined. Ken comes, and Davis talks about friendship.
Episode 8

Ken's Secret

Paildramon and Okuwamon continue fighting. Ken puts his crest of kindness into a slot in the base, but it does not do anything.
Episode 9

The Emperor's New Home

The DigiDestined arrive at the giant Giga House, where the strange woman lies in wait. As they draw closer to her, the group is attacked by different kinds of insect digimon.
Episode 10

The Captive Digimon

Yolei creates a counter to the strange woman's music (because she worked with Matt's band). She transforms into a Digimon called Arukenimon and a fight breaks.
Episode 11

Storm of Friendship

While Cody's doubts towards Ken causes Ken to leave the group, Mummymon and Arukenimon combine a hundred control spires to create BlackWarGreymon.
Episode 12

The Good, the Bad, and the Digi

While searching for Gatomon's tail ring, Yolei, Kari, Ken, and their Digimon stumble into the Dark Ocean.
Episode 13

His Master's Voice

While searching for Gatomon's tail ring, Yolei, Kari, Ken, and their Digimon stumble into the Dark Ocean.
Episode 14

The Samurai of Sincerity

Yolei, while on a school trip, encounters BlackWarGreymon and several other digimon in the real world after the mega just destroyed a second Destiny Stone.
Episode 15

Big Trouble in Little Edo

When BlackWarGreymon destroy the third stone, a digimon briefly appears and BlackWarGreymon becomes convinced that this is his worthy opponent.
Episode 16

20,000 Digi-Leagues Under the Sea

Cody, worried about T.K., goes to see Matt, who tells him about how T.K. still carries the scars from the battle against Devimon. BlackWarGreymon destroys one of the final two destiny stones.
Episode 17

Ghost of a Chance

The DigiDestined head out to eat at another Digitamamon restaurant.
Episode 18

Run Yolei Run

While the DNA digivolved digimon hold off BlackWarGreymon, Davis gets the idea of moving the last Destiny Stone with the D3s. Instead of moving it, this summons Azulongmon.
Episode 19

An Old Enemy Returns

As Christmas approaches, the DigiDestined take on a festive mood. Ken goes so far as to throw a party (the first time he was truly happy in a long time).
Episode 20

The Darkness Before Dawn

The DigiDestined receive one of Azulongmon's Digicores, which results in Paildramon mega digivolving into Imperialdramon Dragon Mode, who helps them to join the other DigiDestined worldwide.
Episode 21

The Crest of Kindness

The Japanese DigiDestined split up. Mimi and Davis team up with the American DigiDestined, while Kari and Izzy go to help those in Asia.
Episode 22

Davis Cries Wolfmon

In Australia, Cody and Joe meet with Derek to fight marine Digimon. In Paris, T.K. and Tai receive help from T.K.'s grandfather to save a French DigiDestined held in Versailles.
Episode 23

Genesis of Evil

Ken and Matt help out the a Mexican DigiDestined, while Sora and Yolei helped those in Russia and Siberia. They all return back to Japan, just in time for Christmas. However, Arukenimon is still up to something.
Episode 24

If I had a Tail Hammer

A new enemy, Daemon, appears, along with his followers. With the aid of Azulongmon's power given up by the older digimon, Imperialdramon Dragon Mode triumphs against SkullSatamon by mode changing into his Fighter Mode!
Episode 25

Spirit Needle

Yukio Oikawa and his cronies kidnap Ken, and use his Dark Spore to create new ones to implant in gathered children. Daemon's servants engage the DigiDestined, and, in order to win, the DigiDestined must kill both of them.
Episode 26

United We Stand

Oikawa, having no more use for Ken, attempts to hand him off to Daemon, however, Davis intervenes. The other DigiDestined arrive and Ken is able to open a gate to the Dark Ocean and send Daemon through it.
Episode 27

Fusion Confusion

BlackWarGreymon confronts Oikawa, who tells him the truth about his creation. The digimon tries to destroy Oikawa, but is stopped by both WarGreymon and Imperialdramon Fighter Mode.
Episode 28

The Insect Master's Trap

One of the children's Dark Spores grows into a Dark Flower, which is harvested by Oikawa despite the DigiDestined's best efforts to stop him.
Episode 29

Arukenimon's Tangled Web

Oikawa and the children infected with the Dark Spores try to go to the Digital World, but, due to BlackWarGreymon's sealing of the gate, travel to a different world.
Episode 30

Ultimate Anti-Hero

MaloMyotismon tempts the DigiDestined with illusions of their dreams coming true, but Davis, whose dream was that ExVeemon could grow more powerful to defeat the villain, guides them out.
Episode 31

Opposites Attract

The six DigiDestined, assisted by DigiDestined all over the world and Oikawa's gathered children, destroy MaloMyotismon.
Episode 32

If I Only had a Heart

While at summer camp, seven kids (Tai, Matt, Sora, Izzy, Mimi, Joe, and T.K) come across seven Digivices and are transported to a strange digital world. In this new world they make friends with creatures called Digimon.
Episode 33

A Chance Encounter

Four years after Tai, Mimi and the rest of the DigiDestined brought peace to the digital world and found their way back home, the Digimon Emperor--a new villain--threatens the world and its Digital Monsters.
Episode 34

Destiny in Doubt

Tai and Koromon meet with Kari in Tokyo. They discover that Digimon are appearing in the Real World and decide they must go back to the Digital World to help their friends.
Episode 35

Cody Takes a Stand

Tai manages to rescue Sora. Datamon pulls himself and Etemon directly into the Dark Network. When Etemon reappears, Greymon digivolves into MetalGreymon to fight him.
Episode 36

Stone Soup

T.K. discovers his Crest of Hope and a cave with Digi-code. Izzy receives an e-mail from Datamon asking for help from within Etemon's headquarters. Datamon promises that if he's freed he will show them Sora's Crest.
Episode 37

Kyoto Dragon

The group is attacked by a Kuwagamon and Tai fails to digivolve Agumon. Piximon intervenes, saves them, and offers training at his facility.
Episode 38

A Very Digi-Christmas

After getting lost in the desert, the group is taken aboard a ship helmed by Kokatorimon who captures all the boys and their partners. Biyomon and Palmon digivolve and defeat him when his ship crashes into a giant cactus.
Episode 39

Dramon Power

While traveling in the desert the group is trapped by Etemon in a coliseum. Joe finds his Crest of Reliability and the group escapes. Greymon digivolves into SkullGreymon and loses control of himself.
Episode 40

Digimon World Tour, Part 1

The kids arrive in a Koromon village where they are confronted by Etemon. He uses his Dark Network to prevent the Digimon from digivolving and then traps the group inside a cave where they discover their first Crest.
Episode 41

Digimon World Tour, Part 2

Gennai urges the group to travel to Server to defeat another enemy. Gennai also tells about Crests that will allow Digimon to digivolve further. The kids build a raft and leave File Island and are taken by Whamon.
Episode 42

Digimon World Tour, Part 3

The group reunites and is attacked by Leomon. After Leomon is defeated, he explains the prophecies of the "DigiDestined." The group returns to Infinity Mountain for a final showdown with Devimon.
Episode 43

Invasion of the Daemon Corps

T.K. and Patamon end up in Primary Village, the place where all Digimon are born. Mistaken for intruders, they are confronted by Elecmon, the guardian of the baby Digimon.
Episode 44

Dark Sun, Dark Spore

After an attack from Ogremon at sea, Joe and Gomamon find themselves on an island with Sora and Biyomon. They are captured by a band of Bakemon intent on eating them.
Episode 45

The Dark Gate

Mimi and Palmon escape Sukamon and Chuumon and cross over to the next island where Izzy and Tentomon landed, but end up getting lost in a labyrinth and attacked by Centarumon.
Episode 46

Duel of the WarGreymon

Tai and Agumon land on a snow-covered island and are forced to defeat a Frigimon. After destroying the Black Gear they cross over to the island where Matt and Gabumon landed and find that Matt got hypothermia.
Episode 47

Black WarGreymon's Destiny

The kids meet the ruler of File Island, Devimon, the controller of the Black Gears. He, Ogremon and a possessed Leomon, attack the kids who manage to escape, but Devimon breaks File Island into multiple islands.
Episode 48

Oikawa's Shame

Tai and Matt argue whether they should climb Infinity Mountain. Joe and Gomamon decide to climb the mountain by themselves. While on the mountain, they are attacked by a Unimon.
Episode 49

The Last Temptation of the DigiDestined

While escaping the Numemon who attacked the group in the sewers on their way out of the factory, the kids are split up and Mimi ends up in Toy Town after being attacked by a Monzaemon.
Episode 50

A Million Points of Light

The kids stumble upon a factory where they find an Andromon in trouble. After they help him he attacks them. Izzy discovers coding, which he uses to digivolve Tentomon into Kabuterimon.

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