25 seasons available

The Only Way Is Essex

TVMARealityRomanceBritish • InternationalTV Series • 2010

Welcome to the glamorous world of Essex, where viewers get a chance to delve into the...more

Welcome to the glamorous world of Essex, where viewers get a chan...More

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25 seasons available (307 episodes)

25 seasons available

(307 episodes)

Episode 1

Episode 1

A brand-new series kicks off in Essex, where fractured friendships and some controversial couples make for a healthy dose of drama.
Episode 2

Episode 2

Sam and Shelby’s stint in the honeymoon period was brought to an abrupt halt when their tempers got the better of them at Bobby’s birthday bash. Forget couple goals - can they get themselves out of the couple’s hole they’ve dug themselves?
Episode 3

Episode 3

After an acrimonious breakup, Yaz and Lockie both swore never again. But since then, they’ve been texting daily AND they’ve shared a cheeky peck on a night out. When Lockie’s ex Danni gives Yaz some words of wisdom, will she convince her to stay single?
Episode 4

Episode 4

Shelby may have made amends with Liv, but relations with Clelia are still frosty after she voiced some brutal opinions about Shelby’s approach to friendship. Now boyfriend Sam’s back in town, will he pull Clelia up on the comments she made about his girl?
Episode 5

Episode 5

The tension steps up a gear as the gang swap Essex for Marbella.
Episode 6

Episode 6

Dan has been in doting boyfriend mode for some time, cementing himself firmly in Amber's good books. But how will she react when he heads out on a wild night with the boys?
Episode 7

Episode 7

Dan and Amber had a major wobble in Marbella when his partying ways brought her insecurities to the surface.
Episode 8

Episode 8

Harry might have thought he'd ironed out his problems with love interest Frankie, but now it's emerged that there was more to his texts with Ella than he made out.
Episode 9

Episode 9

Diags and Amber finally put their misunderstanding behind them when they were forced to work together to navigate their way out of a forest; an unlikely but effective bonding session organised by Dan.
Episode 10

Episode 10

Liv came to blows with longtime enemies at Halloween but pal Joey got caught in the cross-fire too, when she called him out for constantly swapping alliances between Chloe B and Ella. Now, she’s determined to get to the root of his fickle behaviour.
Episode 11

Episode 11

It's the party of the year: Diags has organised a glittery joint birthday bash for Pete and Chloe Sims, and everyone is invited.

Danni and Lockie

Ricky and Jess

Arg Gets Friend Zoned

Georgia Talks "Jess"

Ferne & Billie

Lydia Talks About Arg

Arg's Pants

Baby Talk

Letting Go

Punching Above Her Weight

So Much Pressure

Ricky Against the Wrights

Fight of the Year

Ignorance Is Bliss

Worn Out

Pole Dancing

Cut All Ties

The Plan With Fran

Face Exercises

House Shopping

The Morning After

Ferne & Charlie


Season 7 Trailer

Billie Calls Ferne

Mario Talks About Lucy

Girls Gab at the Salon

Lucy's Special Connection

Charlie's Numbers

Sam's Recap

Arg's Blind Date

Tanning Session With Arg and Diags

Arg Booked a Date

Murder Mystery Party

Mark and Ricky Tee Off

Tennis Montage

MJ and Pet Monkeys

MJ Themed Party

Chloe's Job Interview

Headwear Hunt

Abbi Prepares Dinner for Diags

Chloe Drafts Her CV

Diags Recaps His Date

Arg Plays Stylist for Diags

Gemma Consoles Sam

Season 4 Trailer

Arg Plays Mediator

The Boys Visit the Lemurs

Bobby at the Dermatologist

Hot Dog Eating Contest

Arg Gets Ready for the White Party

Ricky and Jess Share Big News

Arg and the Gang Poolside

Chloe’s New Look

The Big Match

Joey and Sam Relax in Dubai

Gemma Teaches Bobby How to Sell

Training for the Football Match

Hula Hoop Workout

A New Opportunity for Bobby

Bobby at a Funeral

Skate Park

Gemma's Biscuit Willpower

Kissing Game

Arg's St. Paddy's Party

Indoor Skydiving

Bathrooms and Lifeguards

Diags the Swimming Coach

Bobby at His Big Interview

Mario Measures His Mannequin

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