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Key & PeeleKey & Peele

TV14ComedySketch ComedyBlack StoriesTV Series2012

Tired of watching just one comedian at a time? Get a pair. Catch sketch comedy master...more

Tired of watching just one comedian at a time? Get a pair. Catch ...More

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Episode 1

Y'all Ready for This?

A football team gets hyped up before a game, President Obama and Luther meet Hillary Clinton, two guys prepare for potential threats on a flight, a band of pirates sings a chantey, and a cop is a bit too trigger-happy.
Episode 2

Airplane Showdown

A flight attendant deals with a passenger who won't fasten his seatbelt, British explorers discuss their travels, two couples try to avoid spoilers on a double date, and a prayer group receives divine intervention.
Episode 3

A Cappella Club

A PSA helps prevent child soldiers in Africa, a college a cappella group gets a new member, Meegan and André go on their first date, a terror group runs a food truck, and two old men discuss popular music.
Episode 4

Severed Head Showcase

A gospel group must practice without their coach, a group of warriors celebrate a beheading, a prisoner tries to trick his guard, and a young man is confronted for only speaking in catchphrases.
Episode 5

Killer Concept Album

A politician denies sending lewd photos, a detective interrogates a rapper, Cedric and Levi find lightning in a bottle, two southern gentlemen compliment women, Jordan runs into an old friend, and a cop takes things literally.
Episode 6

The Job Interview

Judge Jessie has a new show, a man waits for his job interview, two ladies catch up over drinks, the valets discuss Val Kilmer, a retired military specialist is briefed on a new project, and a woman introduces her fiancé to her parents.
Episode 7

MC Mom

A gangster participates in a drive-by, a mom writes a song for her son, two scam artists compete with each other, an "Undercover Boss" reveals himself, Big Boi runs into André 3000, and two guys get into a car accident.
Episode 8

Hollywood Sequel Doctor

A tickle game between two friends gets weird, a writers' room brainstorms for "Gremlins 2," a man deals with an unruly office janitor, two thugs suspect their friend snitched, and Keegan and Jordan discuss Africa at a party.
Episode 9

The 420 Special

Neil deGrasse Tyson relaxes at home, Keegan must keep it together during a job interview, a tailor deals with a gassy client, the valets discuss "Game of Thrones," and a telemarketer tries a new strategy.
Episode 10

Meegan & Andre Break up

Two friends get into a beef at a club, Meegan and André have a serious talk, a rapper walks out of an interview, Conrad flies business select, and Keegan has a new mustache.
Episode 11

The End

Ray Parker Jr. has some new songs, a man can't stop saying "deez nuts," Keegan has to call 911, and a young man learns about Negrotown.

Loco Gangsters

Military Recruiters

Contemporary R&B

Scat Duel

Aerobics Meltdown

Jordan's Awakening


Effeminate Bad Guys

Spooning the President

Strike Force Eagle 3: The Reckoning


That Vamp Situation

A Dysentery Situation

Quarterback Concussion

"Family Matters"

Ready to Order

Mattress Shopping

Text Message Confusion

Awesome Hitler Story

Little Homie

Alien Imposters

Obama Meet & Greet

Dad's Hollywood Secret

Put the Pussy On the Chainwax

Shady Landlord

Workplace Homophobia

Sex With Black Guys

Wendell: The Power of Wings

Black Ice

Lando's Fan

Fighting Meegan's Battles

Tackle & Grapple

Tackle & Grapple

High On Potenuse

McCringleberry's Excessive Celebration

Continental Breakfast

Roommate Meeting

Cunnilingus Class

Insult Comic

Let Me Hit That

Obama Shutdown

Boxing Press Conference

LA Vice


Mafia Hit

Metta World News: Rhetoric

Les Mis

Rap Battle Hype Man

Best of Key & Peele

East/West Bowl 2

Dueling Hats

Post-Apocalyptic Hunt


Power Falcons

Just Stay for the Night

Karim and Jahar

LMFAO's Non-Stop Party


Suburban Zombies

Unwelcome Reunion

Fronthand Backhand

Obama and Luther: I Sunk Your Battleship

Party Games

Pizza Order

Da Struggle: Hard Times

Mixed Weiner

Substitute Teacher

Chris Brown & Rihanna 2gether

Obama & Luther: On the First Debate

East/West Bowl 1

Obama's Anger Translator - Addresses Opponent

About this Show

Key & Peele

Tired of watching just one comedian at a time? Get a pair. Catch sketch comedy masters and best friends Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele for a half hour of irreverent wit, pop-culture impressions and escalating absurdity.

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