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40-year-old Liza (Sutton Foster) passes herself off as 26 to land a job in the field ...more

40-year-old Liza (Sutton Foster) passes herself off as 26 to land...More

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Episode 1

Tattoo You

Caitlin returns from India, Liza tries to sort out her relationship with Josh, and Diana's business dinner takes an awkward turn.
Episode 2

The Mao Function

Another publishing house shows interest in Kelsey, and Liza worries that Josh has become obsessed with her age.
Episode 3

Like a Boss

Liza thinks she's being ghosted by Josh, and online criticism rains on Kelsey's parade as she prepares to launch her new imprint.
Episode 4

The Jade Crusade

Kelsey and Liza pursue their first author for the new imprint, but the fashion blogger has her own ulterior motives, and an embarrassing photo of Charles hits the internet.
Episode 5

Jersey, Sure

Liza gets a hard dose of reality when she takes Josh to dinner at a friend's house in New Jersey, and Kelsey's new author proves to be difficult.
Episode 6


Kelsey and Liza get creative after an author flakes on them, and Diana takes the lead when given an opportunity with a male feminist.
Episode 7

Into the Woods & Out of the Woods

Josh and Liza attend a musical festival, Charles needs help with a project, and Diana causes an accident.
Episode 8

Beyond Therapy

An article in The New York Times causes conflict in Liza and Josh's relationship, and an author makes Kelsey reconsider her future.
Episode 9

The Good Shepherd

Kelsey's friends have strong opinions about her plans, and Liza pursues an off-the-grid minimalist author
Episode 10

Bad Romance

Diana offers Liza advice, Kelsey and Thad plan their wedding, and Liza learns a secret while she attempts to network.
Episode 11

Secrets & Liza

Liza urges Thad to come clean to Kelsey, and Empirical's biggest author takes a liking to Liza.
Episode 12

No Weddings & a Funeral

When tragedy strikes, Liza realizes it's time for a change, which causes Kelsey, Diana and Charles to panic.

Charles Follows His Heart

Kelsey and Liza Discuss the Future

Find Out How the Story Ends

Kelsey's Secret Is Revealed

Kelsey Starts a Romance & Liza and Charles Face Trust Issues

Pauline and Quinn Send Mixed Messages

Kelsey's Love Life Gets Complicated

Maggie Gets Canceled

Can Quinn Be Trusted?

Is This the End of the Road for Liza and Charles?

Liza and Charles Have Different Expectations for the Future

Liza's Not Sure Where She Stands with Charles

Liza's Work Environment Goes South

Season 6 of Younger Was Full of Surprises

Unexpected Opportunities Await

Younger the Final Season | Official Trailer

Charles Invites Liza to His Family Vacation

Diana's and Enzo's Worlds Collide on Ice

Diana Wants Everyone to Focus at Her Bachelorette Party

Josh Confronts Liza About Her Relationship Choice

Kelsey Goes Viral

Liza Needs Answers

Kelsey and Zane Come Clean

Quinn Questions Kelsey's Leadership

Diana Enlists Help from Charles

Liza and Pauline Agree to a Cease-Fire

Enzo Pops the Question to Diana

Liza Has Nothing to Hide

Liza and Charles Learn the Lingo

Liza's Subconscious Wants to Tango

Kelsey and Diana Don't Need Any Pointers

Kelsey Questions Liza's Loyalty

Kelsey's Dating App Profile Needs a Rewrite

Maggie's Natural Cure

Lauren Is Determined to Help Maggie Recover

Maggie and Lauren Visit a Postpartum Help Group

Liza Tries to Prepare Josh for Fatherhood

Things Are Looking Up for Zane

Diana Channels Her Inner Dolly Parton

Maggie and Charles Finally Meet

Series Trailer

The Fatberg Five

Liza's Job Offer

Liza Gets an Unexpected Question

Liza's Honeysuckle Birthday

Inkburg 2.0

Working Diana

Cheers to Kelsey

A Couple Divas

The "Marriage Vacation" Sequel

Men Who Grow Beards

Christmas Class Differences

Secret Admirer Santa

Charles Tastes Some Kombucha

Liza Never Mastered the Heroin Chic Look


Millennials Are Over

Date Night Drive

Who Did It?

Ground Rules

Tinder for the Illuminati

Josh's Breakup

Maybe Diana Will Slide Into Lauren's DMs

Me Too Hits Empirical Press

Stealing "Marriage Vacation"

A Distraction

The Mother of The Bride

Boxes and Tape

See You Tomorrow

The In Crowd

About this Show


40-year-old Liza (Sutton Foster) passes herself off as 26 to land a job in the field of her dreams. Now she just has to make sure no one discovers her secret. Also stars Hilary Duff, Debi Mazar, Nico Tortorella and Miriam Shor.

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