4 seasons available


TV14 • Drama • TV Series • 2013

A provocative yet sophisticated drama about four women and their love lives, their sex lives, their secrets, their lies, and above all, their friendsh...more

A provocative yet sophisticated drama about four women and their love lives, their sex lives, their secrets, their lies, and above all, their friendsh...more

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4 seasons available (52 episodes)

4 seasons available

(52 episodes)

Episode 1

The New Girls

Joss testifies in Wilson's murder trial. Despite moving in together, Marc hasn't found a steady job, and April worries Lucy is growing up too fast. Karen adjusts to motherhood while her attractive male nanny makes an unwarranted advance.
Episode 2

Mistaken Identity

Harry's sister Kate surprise visits Harry and Joss, and exposes problems she is having with her fiancé. Meanwhile, Joss struggles with celebrating her engagement with Harry, and April gets an opportunity to apply for a painting fellowship.
Episode 3

Under Pressure

Kate discovers that dating in Los Angeles is more difficult than she thought. Plus, Harry has a new job venture, and the boundaries between Karen and Robert become complicated.
Episode 4

Blurred Lines

Karen is very happy to be back working with her clients again, despite putting her love life on hold. April's new client gets a little too close for comfort, while someone from Marc's past becomes very present.
Episode 5

Lean In

Karen pitches new book proposals to her agent, who's not impressed with any of them. April quits her job after Michael kisses her, but tells Marc she was fired instead. Joss and Harry have a rocky time trying to balance their new working relationship with Joss, as Harry's publicist and Joss continue to struggle with her PTSD.
Episode 6

What Happens in Vegas

Alec makes a surprise visit and turns Karen's life upside down when he reveals something new in his life. April and Marc butt heads when it comes to parenting Lucy, putting a strain on their relationship. Meanwhile, Joss and Harry get invited to Las Vegas by Harry's new business partner, and Joss snaps unexpectedly just before they are to be married.
Episode 7

Survival of the Fittest

Alec threatens for full custody of Vivian, sending Karen into a panic. April and Marc find a condom in Lucy's jacket, forcing April to give "the talk." Kate doesn't tell Joss and Harry about her new boyfriend, as it could have serious recuperations.
Episode 8

Bridge Over Troubled Water

April's mom Marjorie stays the night and she makes it very clear that she does not approve of Marc. When Marjorie discovers she needs a liver transplant, she convinces April to let her extend her stay with them, but not without bumps along the way. Karen feels uneasy about her new nanny, Lydia, but still attempts to bond with her.
Episode 9

The Root of All Evil

April's mom extends her stay at April and Marc's place, but puts more of a rift in their relationship. Unbeknownst to Karen, Lydia creates an online dating profile using Karen's photo, which leads to Karen meeting up with a guy. Kate decides to move out of Harry and Joss' place, and Harry becomes furious when he discovers Joss knew about Scott and Kate's relationship and deliberately withheld it.
Episode 10


When April sees how intolerant and judgmental her mother is, she makes an important decision about her future. Since breaking up with April, Marc decides to focus all his energy on his music, and gets close to his bandmate and ex-girlfriend, Sofia. Meanwhile, Lydia's behavior becomes even more bizarre when she tries to sabotage Karen and Adam's new relationship.
Episode 11

Fight or Flight

Marc ends things with April for good, but there may be a surprise in store for them. Karen is furious to learn Lydia was posing as her online and fires her. Harry juggles two potential business opportunities, but it ends up backfiring. Meanwhile, Joss, along with her impact class friends, goes to find the man who killed their friend and teach him a lesson.
Episode 12

Back to the Start

April wrestles with how to tell Marc she's pregnant, while he gets great news about his career. Karen and Adam's relationship moves to the next level when she meets his parents. Meanwhile, the Lydia situation rears its ugly head one last time for Karen, with devastating consequences.
Episode 13

The Show Must Go On

In the future, Joss and Harry, as well as April and Marc, are happily married and are new parents. Marc takes on the role of an overly concerned, overly attentive parent, while Harry is more hands-off as he tries to navigate how to be a father. Harry's world is turned upside down when he meets Gabe, someone from his past.

Is Karen Kim Alive?

Joss Has a Baby

Harry & Joss Get Married!

Is Adam Proposing to Karen?

Sneak Peek: Will Joss & Harry Still Get Married?

April's Intolerant Mother

Joss Shocks the Girls

Karen's Sex Life

Sneak Peek: Lydia's Fake ID

Sneak Peek: Harry's Hot New Fan

Sneak Peek: Scott Is Still in Love With Joss!

Sneak Peek: Will Kate Keep Dating Scott?

Will Joss Apologize to Reza?

Sneak Peek: Kate's Married Man

Can Joss Work for Harry?

April's Unexpected Kiss

Joss' Aggressive New Pursuit

Joss' Surprise Visit from Her Sister

The Saturday Morning Manhunt

Joss Makes a Toast

Joss' Awkward Engagement Party

Karen & Robert Have Sex

Kate Is Staying in Los Angeles

Kate's Brutal Honesty

Harry Proposes to Joss

Jerry O'Connell Is Karen's Hot New "Manny"

Barbara Questions Joss' Sanity

Joss & the Intruder

Joss and Harry Celebrate Her Release from Prison

Marc and April Kiss

Mistresses Season Finale Cliffhanger

Someone Dies On Mistresses

Marc and April

Season Finale

Calista Confesses to Luca's Murder

Harry Has a Big Surprise for Joss

Joss & Calista: the Prison Brawl

Vivian Collapses On Mistresses

Will Joss Plead Guilty?

April and Marc Talk Relationships

More Bad News for Joss

Vivian Shocks Karen With Her Secret

How Will Vivian React to Karen's Pregnancy?

Daniel Declares April the Love of His Life

Joss in Jail

Joss Makes a Realization About Harry

Karen Gets Unwelcome Pregnancy Advice

What if Joss Married Scott?

Sneak Peek: Karen Tells April She's Pregnant!

Is Karen Pregnant?

Joss Is Arrested!

Marc Tells Harry the Truth

Mistresses Sneak Peek: Friend or Foe?

Why Does Joss Hate Savi?

Did Calista Kill Luca?

Joss & Calista: Besties or Frenemies?

Karen's Relationship With Alec & Vivian Is Over

Marc Drinks Again On Mistresses

Mistresses Sneak Peek: Sex Talk

Sneak Peek: the Police Question Joss

April Faces Off Against Her Mother

Joss Makes a SHOCKING Discovery

Mistresses Sneak Peek: the Best Laid Plans

Things Heat up Between Karen and Alec

Mistresses Sneak Peek: Karen and Alec

April Tells Marc About Her Childhood

Calista's Revenge On Mistresses

Harry Wakes Up in Bed With Niko

Karen Questions Her New Relationship

What's Next for Joss?

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