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School Rumble

TVPGRomanceDramaComedyAnimation • AnimeInternationalTV Series2004

Here's what you need to know: Tenma is completely crushed on classmate Karasuma - Pas...more

Here's what you need to know: Tenma is completely crushed on clas...More

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Season1 2
Episode 1

(Sub) Scramble Reloaded! Superstar Request! Scandalous Restart!

It's time for Harima to finally confess his feelings. But confessions quickly become confrontations on the school rooftop!?! Why is it that with Tenma involved, things seem to progress from slightly misunderstood to completely bewildering?
Episode 2

(Sub) Strategies, Battlefields, Friends

With the Culture Festival fast approaching, the students of Class 2-C still can't make up their minds. Will they host a coffee shop or a class play... Or swimsuit sumo wrestling?!?
Episode 3

(Sub) Beautiful Beast Vs. Beautiful Beast! God of War Vs. God of Warfare! Teacher Vs. Student!

Bodies litter the school grounds as the survival game continues. Yet even with snipers and ambushes, decoys and double agents, the romance thrives...
Episode 4

(Sub) Wild Ideas About the Play! Wild Ideas at the Bathhouse! Wild Ideas About Rice Balls!

After all the antics, it looks like the Culture Festival will have both a coffee shop and a class play! Meanwhile, Tenma has tasked Eri with finding out the kinds of things Harima likes. For Yakumo, of course!
Episode 5

(Sub) Hostesses Are Culture! Comics Are Culture! Cake Is Also Culture!

The Culture Festival is underway, but Class 2-C's coffee shop can't rival the Tea Club's cafe! It also happens to be Karasuma's birthday, and Tenma's gone to great effort to make him a cake. Too bad there's more than one cake floating around.
Episode 6

(Sub) Sleeping Beast! Kiss Impossible! Finale!

The festivities reach a climax with Class 2-C's colorful rendition of Sleeping Beauty, starring swimsuit sumo musketeers, cursed thorns, spirits of the sword and none other than Harima as the slumbering enchanted? Who switched the beauty with a beast?
Episode 7

(Sub) Fight, Hunter! Fight, Eater! Fight, Part-Time Worker!

The girls are headed out for a picnic, and they've invited Harima and Hanai along... To carry the supplies. When it's discovered that Tenma forgot the food, the boys quickly volunteer to improvise.
Episode 8

(Sub) Bam * Birth of a Girls' Basketball Club! Bam * if You Please! Bam * Swing Set of Tears!

Satsuki's organizing a girl's basketball team, but she's really only after the coach. Both Tenma and Mikoto get drafted, but when Mikoto looks to be getting some special training, Satsuki takes their rivalry to the court.
Episode 9

(Sub) Pass! Dribble! Shoot!

There's a new gang in town, and they've come to challenge the girls for domination of the court! Wait, wasn't Tenma on the other team?!? But things are off to a rough start as neither group seems quite able to keep their eyes on the ball...
Episode 10

(Sub) Hee! Hee Hee! Hee Hee Hee!

Worried about her weight, Tenma concludes that she needs to be on a diet, but somehow everything seems to be on the menu!?! Hmm, where's the logic?
Episode 11

(Sub) Napoleon, Between Life and Death... Nishimoto, Between Sex and Self Control... Sara, Between Saintliness and Self.

It's a Suou family stew party and everyone's invited, as long as they bring along something to throw in the pot. But some of the ingredients might be less than palatable!?! From shoelaces to Harima's pet pig, there's nothing taboo on this menu!
Episode 12

(Sub) Perfect, Forbidden! Entry, Forbidden! Shorts, Forbidden!

Tenma's suddenly the most popular girl in school... Okay, who's hallucinating?!? But speaking of dreams, Harima's might just be answered as Tenma finds herself abandoned by her friends on her birthday.
Episode 13

(Sub) When I Turned Around, There He Was. in Karasuma's Name. All Mysteries Revealed!

It's every high schooler's worst nightmare... Exams! Abandon hope, all ye who enter the forsaken halls of Yagumi High!?!
Episode 14

(Sub) At El Cado...In America (26f)...With America (26h).

Class 2-C decides to throw Tenma a birthday celebration, and the little dimwit gets to play queen for a day!?!? But her majesty's only wish is that the missing Karasuma might join in the festivities.
Episode 15

(Sub) A Man Shut Out, a Man Left Out, a Man Tested Out

Karasuma's... No wait, Harima's comic is a success! And now the delinquent's gotta churn out another hundred and twenty pages within a week!?! But how's he going to accomplish anything when he finds himself locked out of his own apartment?
Episode 16

(Sub) I Don't Want to Be Tied to Anyone, I Don't Want to Go to School or Home Anymore, Under the Dark Veil of Night

Harima can't keep it straight as to which room he's sneaking into, so Tenma finally throws him out of the house!?! Now wondering the streets with no place to work on his comic, Mikoto offers the poor guy a place to stay at her dojo.
Episode 17

(Sub) Eri's Escape, Harima's Lullaby, the False Bride

Good intentions only go so far, and this gang's about to really screw things up!? Tenma's been kidnapped, mistaken for her friend, and is now en route to get engaged! Only thing is, she's determined to make such a mess as to cancel the marriage.
Episode 18

(Sub) The Sweet Trap of Work, the Sweet Trap of the Classroom, the Sweet Trap of Celebrity

Eri's been coerced into decorating for the holiday's, but when she goes to enlist some help Harima wants nothing more to do with the blond heiress. Seems every time the two get together, he ends up in trouble with Tenma.
Episode 19

(Sub) Here, There and Everywhere, Christmas! a Dash for Christmas! a Shattered Christmas!

Still dressed up as the jolly old man in red, Harima's finally finished his manuscript and is ready to share it. And apparently he's not the only one in high holiday spirits!?!
Episode 20

(Sub) More Than Friends... Less Than Lovers... up Until Then

Karen may be a fan of the Invincible Robot Dozibrion, but she's an even bigger fan of Imadori's. And guess who's stopping by the party!?! Too bad the house is such a mess!
Episode 21

(Sub) This Is School Rumble... It Really Is School Rumble... It's School Rumble, I Tell You!

Meet Mai Otsuka, a relatively normal first year with quite a secret identity... It's Magical Girl Mai to the rescue!?!
Episode 22

(Sub) First Dreams. Lion's Dance. New Year's.

It's time to ring in the New Year, with this one looking to be just as crazy as the last!?! Tenma's gotten all turned around at the festival, but she soon bumps into Karasuma... Literally!
Episode 23

(Sub) Dream Jumbo. Dream Jump. Dream, Uh, Press.

Trying to burn off some holiday weight, Tenma's trying her hand at skiing... This ought to be good!?! To everyone's surprise, she turns out to be much less of a disaster than expected.
Episode 24

(Sub) Southern Rainbow 2-C! Ya'akumo of the Mysterious Island! The Seven Seas!

Class 2-C's on a luxury liner in search of warmer climes (courtesy of the resident heiress)!?! But when they shipwreck on a reef and drift up north, things look to get cold, and fast!
Episode 25

(Sub) It's So Romantic, Harima! Get Published in Zinegama, Harima! Come On, Harima!

Harima's hard at work again on his comic, having to come up with a plotline less realistic to please the editor. Maybe he should take some clues from this story!?!
Episode 26

(Sub) Period

Yakumo confronts the spirit from the OVA once again, determined to set aside her feelings for Harima in favor of Tenma. Are all these kids nuts, or what?!?

About this Show

School Rumble

Here's what you need to know: Tenma is completely crushed on classmate Karasuma - Passed the point of freakin' out. Tough Guy Harima, with his own delinquent style of freak has a long-standing crush on Tenma. And Karasuma? Can you say clueless? He's pretty much all about the curry, MMM...Curry!

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