2 seasons available

Killer in Plain Sight

TV14 • Documentaries, Crime, Mystery • TV Series • 2018

Disturbing cases featuring culprits who hide in plain sight, giving interviews, posting on social media and showing their faces while having blood on ...more

Disturbing cases featuring culprits who hide in plain sight, giving interviews, posting on social media and showing their faces while having blood on ...more

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2 seasons available (52 episodes)

2 seasons available

(52 episodes)

Episode 1

It Was All a Lie

A wounded and bleeding Charles Stuart calls 911 with a terrified tale of carjacking, that results in the death of his pregnant wife. As police mount a manhunt for the described killers, something just doesn't add up.
Episode 2

Blinded by Blonde

Brian Barrett was shot to death just before he was supposed to meet his online dream girl. To catch the killer, police must venture into the murky world of chat rooms - but how can they solve the case when the killer is a virtual shadow?
Episode 3

Murder for a Price

When the comfortably wealthy couple Dennis and Merna Koula are violently gunned down in their suburban home, police suspect a home invasion.
Episode 4

Secrets Can Kill

When informant Susan Smith disappears without a trace, police just assume she has just taken off again. But her sister Shelby keeps insisting that Susan's mystery boyfriend was up to no good, and as the months go by, it starts to look like she's right.
Episode 5

The Lottery Murder

Abraham Shakespeare wins 30 million dollars in a lottery. When he suddenly goes missing, the family hopes he's hiding out on a remote beach, tired of being bothered by his friends and strangers for money...until he turns up buried in a back yard.
Episode 6

Friends with Killer Benefits

When Derrick Dorsey finds his wife Kim dead beside their bed, and he tells 911 that he thinks it's a suicide. Police find it's a strange conclusion, considering there are bullet holes in the wall and zip ties around Kim's wrists.
Episode 7

Terrified to Death

Robert Spangler has very bad luck with his wives, they all seem to wind up dead. When police see a pattern emerging, they take a closer look at who could be making it so dangerous to be married to Robert.
Episode 8

Bedtime Murder

Libbi Baume is found violently stabbed to death in her own bedroom. Libbi was a kind hearted pre-school teacher, well-liked in the community so people find it shocking to think she would know anyone who would want to kill her.
Episode 9

A Crazed Killer

When Mark Winger shoots and kills an intruder who was violently attacking his wife, he is hailed by the public as a tragic hero. The case is quickly closed as a justifiable homicide, but for police, there's one piece of evidence that isn't adding up.
Episode 10

Luxury, Jealousy and Murder

Wealthy and successful businessman Ben Novack Jr. is found bludgeoned to death, midway through a large New York convention. Was it his reckless playboy lifestyle that caught up with him, or did a killer just have an eye on the money?
Episode 11

Murder in the Cabin

When millionaire Bob Bosley is shot to death in his cabin, his wife Amy claims a robber killed Bob and dashed off into the woods. A wide search turns up nothing, but an investigation into Bob's lifestyle turns up many interesting details.
Episode 12

Late Night Killer

Norma Rodriguez is found dead, her head wrapped in duct tape in a baffling and brutal crime. Clues point to everything from a serial killer to a random burgler, but who has a personal stake in her death to be so cruel?
Episode 13

Family Night Nightmare

Melissa Oxley is woken in the middle of the night to a shotgun blast and the smell of gunpowder, with her husband Ben, dead beside her. The killer has vanished, but the bigger mystery is why was she left alive?
Episode 14

Love Triangle of Evil

Shortly after Devon Guzman moves in with her partner Keary, she is found dead in the backseat of her car. Something doesn't add up, especially when police find out her relationship is an "open" one with more than one with more than one jealous lover.
Episode 15

Journal of Death

Single mother Dana Laskowski is found strangled to death in her home one night when her triplets are visiting their father. The crime scene suggests she knew her attacker and it seems there are a few people who had an unhealthy obsession with her.
Episode 16

Satanic Homicide

When two friends are shot to death in their beds, the words "Satan loves you" is left as a message in the kitchen. As the case widens, it becomes clear that there are several people who may have wanted these women dead, and Satan isn't one of them.
Episode 17

Blood on the Ranch

When Bob Dorotick is found dead by the side of a countryside road with tire tracks leading from the scene, it's obvious he was murdered. But what's mysterious is that he wasn't hit by a car, he was bludgeoned, drugged and strangled. Who wants him dead?
Episode 18

Intent to Kill

Jack Jessee is fighting a losing battle with cancer, but his remaining time is cut short when he is stabbed to death in his own home. Police quickly decide this is no random robbery, but all the best suspects have iron-clad alibis.
Episode 19

Girls Gone

After a late night pizza run, Dana Woods and June Guerry go missing. As their frantic parents search for them, they see a strange man driving Dana's car, and the girls are never seen alive again.
Episode 20

The Barefoot Killer

When Carolyn Krizan-Wilson claims a barefooted burglar shot her husband Roy McCaleb to death, police spend years trying to track down the mysterious killer. It is only with the onset of dementia does Carolyn finally reveal the missing clue.
Episode 21

Buried in the Hills

When the severed head of Hervey Medellin is discovered by a sniffing dog in the famous Hollywood Hills, the violence of the dismemberment brings tabloid claims of serial killers and drug cartels - but who really wanted Hervey dead?
Episode 22

Murdered for Money

When a dismembered body is found on the edge of Phoenix, it turns out to be travelling jewellery salesman Jay Orbin. While he adored his exotic dancer wife Marjorie, turns out she had a few lovers on the side, giving police several suspects.
Episode 23

Silent Nightmare

Mathew Solomon can't find his wife Lisa after an argument on Christmas Eve. After a tearful press conference and city-wide search she is found strangled to death and abandoned in a garbage bag, and the true story behind her murder is anything but festive.
Episode 24

She Almost Got Away With It

When exotic dancer Anson "Buzz" Clinton is found shot to death by the side of the highway, it looks like a drug deal gone bad. But the investigation leads police officers into a tangled murdered plot involving crooked lawyers and a family bent on revenge.
Episode 25

Voice from the Grave

Dancer Stephanie Bruner walks out on her husband during a Colorado blizzard and is never seen alive again. When search parties find her body in a river, the manhunt changes to a murder investigation.
Episode 26

Lethal Secrets

High school student Shauna Marie Card is found viciously stabbed to death in a violent, angry attack in her own home. The only clue is a secret diary that leads investigators on a roundabout path to a killer hiding very close by.
Episode 27

A Vicious Vixen

Soon-to-be mother Cindy Thompson is brutally murdered in a horrifying night-time attack. While Cindy and her boyfriend Mark are excited for the arrival of this new baby, police eventually discover that not everyone felt the same way.
Episode 28

Killer Swingers

When Robert Limon is shot working in a remote train yard, video surveillance reveals both a limping man and a motorcycle heading to the crime scene. In an investigation full of secret passions and lies, police must figure out which one is the real killer.
Episode 29

Calculated Killer

Happy couple Billy and Billie Jean are found shot and stabbed in their home, with a baby still cradled in Billie Jean's arms. The investigation reveals the reason might be found in a bizarrely bitter online feud.
Episode 30

Deadly Homecoming

Navy Officer Cory Voss returns home from six months at sea and is shot to death at a drive-thru ATM. While at first it looks like a typical robbery, police discover not everyone was willing to welcome Cory home.

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