8 seasons available

Homicide Hunter

TV14 • Crime, Documentaries • TV Series • 2013

Murder changes everything for those left in the wake of the crime, but what about the investigator who solves the heinous crime? Meet Lieutenant Joe K...more

Murder changes everything for those left in the wake of the crime, but what about the investigator who solves the heinous crime? Meet Lieutenant Joe K...more

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8 seasons available (122 episodes)

8 seasons available

(122 episodes)

Episode 1

My Second Case

A woman's mangled body is found beside a lonely stretch of highway. When the coroner suspects foul play, Kenda is called in to solve the second homicide case of his career. But along the way, the rookie detective will learn a painful lesson.
Episode 2

End of Days

The discovery of a family home littered with corpses tasks Kenda with unspooling the paranoid obsessions of a diseased mind, and forces him to confront his greatest fear. Then a deadly beating a cheap motel illuminates the dark underbelly of love.
Episode 3

.357 Magnum

The murder of a popular teen at a crowded house party sends Kenda down a winding road paved with lies, misdirection and innuendo. Then detectives use blood evidence to sort fact from fiction in the mysterious shooting death of a firearms enthusiast.
Episode 4

The Girl Next Door

When a young army vet is found stabbed to death on his living room floor, suspicions quickly fall to a neighbor who was arrested during a nearby altercation. But when Kenda takes a closer look at the victim's love life, he realizes someone's been lying.
Episode 5

Fractured Glass

When affable ladies' man Michael Tittemore is gunned down in the dead of night, Kenda first sets his sights on the roommates who were present during the murder. But a shocking revelation will turn his attention to a far more nefarious band of suspects.
Episode 6

The Cage

Kenda finds the bullet-ridden bodies of a middle-aged couple in a musty suburban house alongside the corpses of their two beloved pets. But the case is stuck in neutral until detectives discover an essential clue hidden behind an old wire birdcage.
Episode 7

Blood From a Stone

A bystander receives a deadly head injury during a roadside altercation, but the stakes are raised when his body disappears from the scene. Then when a toddler is kidnapped for ransom, Kenda joins forces with an undercover team in a race against time.
Episode 8

Target Practice

The murder of a young father stuns his close-knit community, but the investigation reveals a neighborly dispute turned deadly. Then when a house is besieged by mysterious gunfire, Kenda enlists a team of specialists to trace the bullets' origin.
Episode 9

The Setup

Hardworking family man Douglas Warren stumbles into a downtown bar with a gunshot wound to the neck and bleeds out on the floor. To catch the killer, Kenda must conduct a risky sting operation and launch an interstate manhunt.
Episode 10

Primal Instinct

When a drunken dispute at a biker bar turns deadly, Kenda must launch a manhunt for a pair of suspects who fled with a small boy in tow. Then a man is murdered in an onslaught of high caliber gunfire, but an unexpected break turns the case on its head.
Episode 11

Follow the Money

The body of a 72-year-old man is found in junkyard, stabbed 13 times and wearing nothing but his underwear and dentures. When investigators discover a trail of purchases made with the victim's credit card, they hope it will lead them to the killer.
Episode 12

Shallow Grave

Lt. Joe Kenda and his team investigate the scene of an apparent suicide, only to be forced to flee when they discover the house is booby-trapped. Then Kenda is nearly stumped when a group of teens discover human bones on the outskirts of town.
Episode 13

Friends Like This

A young man is found gunned down outside his home after a day spent helping friends move apartments. Sgt. Joe Kenda and Det. John Anderson must determine whether the killer was a complete stranger, a barrio gang member, or a jealous lover.
Episode 14

The Invisible Hand of Death

Two teens stumble upon a woman engulfed in flames, leaving detectives to wonder just who in her inner circle could kill so cruelly. Then When a college student is strangled in his home, Lt. Kenda must figure out which of his roommates is lying.
Episode 15

Nine-Year-Old Hostage

A hostage situation puts Sgt. Joe Kenda and his team to the test, as they try to save a family without getting shot themselves. Then A neighbor discovers two teens who apparently entered into a suicide pact. But why does one have multiple injuries?
Episode 16

Who Took Heather?

A 13-year-old girl is missing, sending Kenda's city into a panic. Who is responsible? Just when investigators think they've got a handle on what is going on, a cryptic letter to the District Attorney's office suggests the girl isn't the only victim.
Episode 17

The Shoelace Killer

A party on the outskirts of the city turns into a nightmare for some teenagers when they discover a woman's corpse. Detectives quickly determine she was strangled with her own shoelace, but figuring out her identity proves much more challenging.
Episode 18

The Uninvited Guest

A soldier is stabbed to death at a drive-thru. Kenda's only clue is that this is somehow tied to a breakdancing competition. Then A 29-year-old man moves back to Colorado Springs, but at his welcome home party he winds up shot execution-style.
Episode 19

Married to the Job

Sgt. Joe Kenda and his officers are facing off against a barricaded gunman when he gets an emergency call from his wife. Kathy winds up overhearing him being shot at, leading her to grapple with the terrifying realities of being married to a cop.
Episode 20

The Case that Haunts Me

A woman is found in the mountains, naked and covered in blood. As Det. Joe Kenda digs into who she is and what happened to her, he uncovers a world of violence and sexual fetishes, culminating in perhaps the most intense interrogation of his career.

Digging up the Past

Kenda Pieces Together What Happened At the Scene of a Shooting

Kenda Responds to the Second Shooting That Night

She Finds Her Boyfriend Brutally Shot

Kenda Finds an Interesting Clue Amidst a Bloody Crime Scene with an Unidentifiable Victim

Kenda Revisits One of His Old Cases

Children Find Mother Dead in Bathtub - Was This an Accidental Drowning?

Kenda Hunts for the Shooter in a Drive-By Murder

Self-Defense or Murder? Kenda Investigates a Brutal Stabbing

Kenda Explains Why Murder Investigators Hunt for Clues at Funerals

Kenda Investigates the School of a Kid Who Was Found Shot in the Head

Mother Is Brutally Shot to Death

Kenda Investigates Heavily Decomposed Body of Unknown Victim

Fire Investigation Turns into a Murder Investigation

Kenda Investigates a Man Shot in His Bed

Kenda Investigates Serial Shooter

Jealous Husband Shoots His Pregnant Wife

He Didn't Fall Down the Stairs, He Was Shot

A Potential Cold Case?

Be Near Her Soul

Every Body Tells Its Own Story

Horrifying Eyeless Body Found

Interrogating the Prime Suspect in Brutal Attack of Woman in Truck

Is This My Calling?

Kenda Sniffs Out Her Lies

The Angel of Death?

The Most Gruesome Crime Scene Kenda Has Ever Seen

The Process of Interrogation

Kenda Investigates Grizzly Scene at Suspicious Garage Explosion

Kenda Talks to the Witnesses of a Brutal Murder

All Hell Breaks Loose in Club Brawl Leaving a Young Solider Dead

All Hell Breaks Loose in Club Brawl Leaving a Young Solider Dead

Body Decapitated by Train As the Killer Took Pictures

House Party Ends in Shooting and Lt. Kenda Questions a Distraught Witness

House Party Ends in Shooting and Lt. Kenda Questions a Distraught Witness

2-Year-Old Shot in Family Massacre

Man Shot May Be the Victim of a Sniper

Did He Really Kill Himself?

Canvasing Possible Murder Witnesses for Clues

Killing in a Park

Mysterious Bite Marks

Signs of Struggle

The Search Begins

Kend Finds a Clue

Can a Murder Be Related to a Plane Crash?

The Real Use for a Police Sketch

Kenda Wants the Bullet from His Brain

Kenda's Informant is Murdered

Nobody Likes a Snitch

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