3 seasons available

Homicide Hunter

TV14 • Crime, Documentaries • TV Series • 2013

Murder changes everything for those left in the wake of the crime, but what about the investigator who solves the heinous crime? Meet Lieutenant Joe K...more

Murder changes everything for those left in the wake of the crime, but what about the investigator who solves the heinous crime? Meet Lieutenant Joe K...more

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3 seasons available (53 episodes)

3 seasons available

(53 episodes)

Episode 1

Avert Your Eyes

When Pamela Edwards is found shot to death, Lt. Joe Kenda must shield her young daughters from the crime scene; soon police close in on Edwards' killer, leading to a white-knuckle car and foot chase across Colorado Springs, Colo.
Episode 2

Sacrificial Lamb

When 13-year-old PJ Grant is found dead from a single gunshot wound to the head, Lt. Joe Kenda assumes it's a suicide, then the physical evidence doesn't add up, opening the door to a world of possibilities, from hatred to human sacrifice.
Episode 3

Powder Keg

Violence erupts after uninvited guests crash a barrio birthday party, leaving Enrique Urrutia dead; to prevent a gang war from breaking out, Lt. Joe Kenda must crack an unwritten code of silence and bring Enrique's killer to justice.
Episode 4

Make My Day

Lt. Joe Kenda has his doubts after a man steps forward claiming to have killed Keith Andrews in self defense; Civil Rights activist Gretchn McRae is found dead in her home, then authorities make another shocking find on the premises.
Episode 5

We Kill the Ones We Love

Lt. Joe Kenda must put his faith in a burglar to crack the case of a drive-by shooting; Cherie Bradley and her ex-boyfriend Anthony Carroll are found dead, and it's up to Kenda to discover which of their relatives did the deed.
Episode 6

Night Terrors

When Cheryl Brantner's children find her dead in the bathtub, Lt. Joe Kenda must determine whether her death is the result of an accident or something worse; a gathering of tattoo artists turns ugly, leaving Philip Titus dead.
Episode 7

Tighten the Screws

After young Iraq War veteran Curtis Ashley ends up dead, Lt. Joe Kenda must solve his murder using only a shred of evidence and his keen awareness of the criminal mind.
Episode 8

When the Music Stops

Vietnam War veteran Charles Walker is found unconscious after a stabbing attack so savage even 45 units of blood cannot save his life; it's up to Lt. Joe Kenda to follow the bloody trail of clues and piece together the victim's last moments.
Episode 9

Settle the Score

Police are perplexed to learn Johnny Crawford may have been shot dead over a musical instrument, but Lt. Joe Kenda digs deeper, and it soon becomes clear the young man wasn't killed for his own sins, but for someone else's.
Episode 10


After a gunfight at a biker bar claims the lives of two men, Lt. Joe Kenda must delve deep into the world of an infamous biker gang to determine whether the cause behind the violent encounter was gang rivalry or something more personal.
Episode 11

New Year's Evil

It's New Year's Eve weekend, and in the midst of the revelry, Miguel Mendez is beaten to death outside a convenience store; Lt. Joe Kenda faces a challenging investigation, his only clues coming from a drunken witness and Miguel's strange injuries.
Episode 12

Dead Man Walking

Led astray by addiction, George Ferribee is found executed, then Lt. Joe Kenda learns the victim had recently been kidnapped and assumes the two crimes are related, but Kenda soon discovers things are much more complicated than he had expected.
Episode 13

The Line Goes Dead

When a woman's severed head is found, Lt. Joe Kenda uses forensics and interrogation to find both her body and her killer; a young man's murder looks like a robbery gone wrong until Kenda investigates further.
Episode 14

Metal on Metal

A star athlete is gunned down just weeks before starting college, leaving his family heartbroken and detectives stumped; Lt. Joe Kenda pries into the victim's personal life and learns more about his last night on Earth.
Episode 15

Bullet With My Name on It

In his first year on the force, rookie patrol officer Joe Kenda quickly learns the ropes, but when he tries to stop a brawling mob on his own, he finds himself in the line of fire.
Episode 16


After two teenagers discover a lifeless body in the street, Lt. Joe Kenda must determine whether the killer was a jealous lover or an unhinged individual; then, Kenda turns to a forensic expert to see if a young mother hung herself.
Episode 17


A young man is found gunned down, leading Lt. Joe Kenda to delve into his troubled past and his connection to the world of rare coins; a mother of five is shot in the head, and it's up to Kenda to uncover the truth behind her untimely death.
Episode 18

Officer Down

Sgt. Joe Kenda faces his worst nightmare when he learns that a friend and fellow officer, Mark Dabling, has been killed in the line of duty; police conduct an all-out manhunt and discover the gunman is even more dangerous than they'd thought.
Episode 19

My Worst Fear

The discovery of a 13-year-old boy killed in an explosion shocks police and their grief turns to alarm when they discover a second, unexploded bomb; to catch the killer, Detective Joe Kenda must first figure out the bomb's intended target.
Episode 20

The Monster Awakes

After Julie Smith reports being sexually assaulted, Lt. Joe Kenda and his Sex Crimes Unit realize her assault resembles other attacks on the eastside of town; it's a race against time to catch a serial rapist before he strikes again.

He Didn't Fall Down the Stairs, He Was Shot

A Potential Cold Case?

Be Near Her Soul

Every Body Tells Its Own Story

Horrifying Eyeless Body Found

Interrogating the Prime Suspect in Brutal Attack of Woman in Truck

Is This My Calling?

Kenda Sniffs Out Her Lies

The Angel of Death?

The Most Gruesome Crime Scene Kenda Has Ever Seen

The Process of Interrogation

All Hell Breaks Loose in Club Brawl Leaving a Young Solider Dead

Body Decapitated by Train As the Killer Took Pictures

House Party Ends in Shooting and Lt. Kenda Questions a Distraught Witness

2-Year-Old Shot in Family Massacre

Killing in a Park

Mysterious Bite Marks

Signs of Struggle

The Search Begins


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