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Buffy the Vampire SlayerBuffy the Vampire Slayer

TVPGDramaTeenFantasyScience FictionThrillerSupernatural • TV Series1997

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a comedy-action series that chronicles the adventures of ...more

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a comedy-action series that chronicle...More

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Episode 1

Bargaining, Part 1

As Giles makes preparations for his return to England, the gang hopes to bring Buffy back from the dead with a magic spell. Meanwhile, a group of motorcycle-riding demons discovers the truth about Buffybot, who had been posing as the Slayer.
Episode 2

Bargaining, Part 2

As the Hellions continue to ravage Sunnydale, a feral Buffy claws her way out of her own grave and must come to the aid of her friends.
Episode 3

After Life

Buffy and her friends battle a demon that may have “hitched a ride” with Buffy as she crossed into our world from another dimension.
Episode 4


Andrew, Jonathan and Warren band together and use a demon’s unworldly strength to rob a bank.
Episode 5

Life Serial

Buffy’s powers are tested by Andrew, Jonathan and Warren, who seek to expose and exploit her weaknesses in an effort to ultimately destroy her.
Episode 6

All the Way

On Halloween, Dawn experiences her first kiss...only to discover that the object of her affection has a deadly secret; Xander announces his engagement to Anya; Tara worries about Willow’s reliance on magic.
Episode 7

Once More, With Feeling

In this musical extravaganza,people throughout Sunnydale find themselves bursting into song -- and flame -- when a demon summoned from beyond attempts to make Dawn his bride.
Episode 8

Tabula Rasa

One of Willow’s magic spells goes awry, causing Buffy and her friends to forget who they are.
Episode 9


Willow uses magic to turn Amy the Rat into her old self; Jonathan, Warren and Andrew use a freeze gun to steal a diamond from a museum; Spike discovers something unexpected about Buffy.
Episode 10


Amy introduces Willow to a warlock whose powerful black magic proves addicting; Buffy and Spike deal with the aftermath of their night of passion.
Episode 11


Jonathan, Warren and Andrew s latest gadget makes Buffy invisible…and threatens to turn her molecular structure to goo.
Episode 12

Doublemeat Palace

When Buffy takes a job at a fast-food restaurant, she comes to believe that disappearing co-workers and the secret ingredient to the restaurant’s hamburger patties may be connected.
Episode 13

Dead Things

When Jonathan, Warren and Andrew accidentally kill a young woman, they concoct a plan to pin the death on Buffy.
Episode 14

Older and Far Away

Buffy suspects Dawn may be to blame when a spell of unknown origin traps party goers inside Buffy’s house with a sword-wielding monster.
Episode 15

As You Were

Buffy’s old boyfriend, Riley Finn, shows up unexpectedly as he tracks a demon about to hatch eggs that could wipe out Sunnydale.
Episode 16

Hell's Bells

Anya and Xander’s wedding is thrown into turmoil when a man claiming to be Xander’s future self turns up at the ceremony.
Episode 17

Normal Again

Warren, Jonathan and Andrew unleash a demon whose powers make Buffy believe that her friends are figments of her imagination.
Episode 18


Anya returns to Sunnydale with vengeance on her mind…and ends up hurting Xander in a way she never expected.
Episode 19

Seeing Red

When magic crystals infuse Warren with superhuman strength, he and his friends embark on a crime spree—leading to a confrontation with Buffy that ends in tragedy.
Episode 20


When Willow embraces the black arts to avenge Tara’s death, she uses her enormous power to track down Warren -- despite Buffy’s strong feelings about targeting humans.
Episode 21

Two to Go

Fueled by powerful black magic, Willow targets Andrew and Jonathan for destruction -- leading to a spectacular battle between Buffy and Willow; in Africa, Spike faces off against a seemingly unstoppable foe as he seeks to rid himself of the implant chip.
Episode 22


After sucking all the magical energy out of Giles, an incredibly powerful Willow sets off to destroy the world; meanwhile, Buffy and Dawn fight off deadly creatures after They’re trapped inside a pit.

Buffy Dies

Buffy Will Die


The Master Dies

Slayer Quits

Three In One Night

Xander Rejected Again

Angry Ghost

Be My Deputy

Have a Nice Summer

Invisible Girl


Marcie the Knife

Mitch Is Gonna Die

Arachnids Not Insects

An Explanation

Killer Clown

Smoking Kills

The Dummies Perform

Touching Base

Tracing Letters

Willow's Stalker

Angel Turns Evil

Buffy And Angel Reunite

Crush on a Friend


Hyenas On the Hunt

Troublemakers Attack


Casting a Spell

Lunch Surprise

The Substitute

Buffy And Cheerleading

Cheerleader Fight

Cheerleader Versus Witch

Buffy Enters the Dungeon

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Opening Credits

Vampire Fight

Vampire Harvest Ritual

About this Show

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a comedy-action series that chronicles the adventures of Buffy Summers, a teenage girl who is gifted with the strength and skill to hunt vampires.

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