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2 seasons available

The Gifted

TVPG • Drama, Teen, Superheroes, Adventure, Science Fiction, Action • TV Series • 2017

Family adventure series THE GIFTED, from 20th Century Fox Television in association with Marvel Television, tells the story of a suburban couple whose...more

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Family adventure series THE GIFTED, from 20th Century Fox Television in association with Marvel Television, tells the story of a suburban couple whose...more

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2 seasons available (29 episodes)

2 seasons available

(29 episodes)

Episode 1


Reeva Payge forces anybody who disagrees with her out of the Inner Circle, which places her at the center of power.
Episode 2


Thunderbird hopes to find the Inner Circle through a mutant lawyer who recruited him as a member of the Underground years ago.
Episode 3


Polaris' baby is unable to rely on the Inner Circle's help with a deadly illness, which forces them to seek help from an unexpected source.
Episode 4


The Struckers start to rebuild their broken trust in Andy's absence while Thunderbird, Blink and Eclipse go see Wire to persuade him to help out again; the team intercepts the Inner Circle before they launch a raid against a mutant detention center.
Episode 5


Caitlin and Thunderbird learn clues about the identity of a powerful mutant while they attempt to save an injured mutant's life; Jace nearly gets in the way of the Mutant Underground shortly after he joins the Purifiers to hunt escaped mutants.
Episode 6


The Inner Circle gets ready to launch a secret ambush, but Esme is put in charge of convincing Polaris to join the cause; Thunderbird teaches Reed how to control his powers; The Mutant Underground is attacked by The Purifiers.
Episode 7

No Mercy

Reeva decides to announce her plans to acquire more funds for the Inner Circle; the Mutant Underground deals with Reed's powers and their instability; Jace meets a well-connected public figure who is in support of the Purifiers and their goals.
Episode 8

the dreaM

Reed, Caitlin and Lauren hope to stabilize Reed's powers by meeting a doctor who specializes in patients with problematic X genes; Thunderbird and Blink continue to chase down the Inner Circle; Polaris thinks about her relationship with her father.
Episode 9

GaMe changer

Tensions reach an apex within the Inner Circle while Andy defends Rebecca from Reeva; Lauren persuades Reed and Caitlin to destroy Dr. Risman's research; Jace works on a plan with the Purifiers; Blink and Thunderbird face their differences.
Episode 10

EneMy of My eneMy

The Mutant Underground considers the possibility of asking the Inner Circle for their assistance; Andy thinks about reuniting with his family in light of his father's powers, but Lauren may not be as accepting of him as a parental figure.
Episode 11


Reed becomes concerned when Lauren is drawn towards her ancestors' violent powers; Lorna rethinks her trust with the Inner Circle upon learning about Reeva's new trainees; Clarice is asked to seek information on the Inner Circle from the Morlocks.
Episode 12


With the Inner Circle and the Purifiers on the rise, the dream of the X-Men is on the verge of failure.
Episode 13


Lauren prevents herself from falling asleep in order to avoid the dark forces from her dreams; the Purifiers put Glow in critical condition as Blink persuades the Morlocks to allow Caitlin to save her; Polaris learns the specifics of Reeva's plans.
Episode 14


Reeva increases the compound's security after an Inner Circle member disappears, but she later realizes that her plans may have been leaked; Caitlin and Reed aim to reduce Lauren's power with the serum in the hopes she can face her nightmares.
Episode 15


Lauren can't access her powers at a critical moment and leaves Caitlin to personal action as they are being chased down; Reeva announces her dark plans for the Inner Circle; Jace faces regrets over certain actions and is conflicted by his beliefs.
Episode 16


Reeva prepares to carry out her plan for the Inner Circle, but not everyone is on the same page. Reed struggles to manage his powers and the family realizes that without enough of the serum, it’s only a matter of time before he completely loses control.

Lorna Takes The Blame For What Happened from "oMens"

Reeva Must Come Up With A New Plan from "oMens"

The Frost Sisters Surprise Andy & Lauren from "oMens"

The Mutant Underground Plan An Attack On Reeva from "oMens"

Clarice & John Share A Tender Moment In A Flashback

Lorna Wants To Learn More Before Re-joining The Underground

Caitlin & Lauren Try To Escape The Police

Reeva Tells The Inner Circle To Prepare

Reed & Caitlyn Take Care Of Lauren from "calaMity"

Reeva Gives Benedict Ryan & The Purifiers A Job from "calaMity"

Reeva Tells The Inner Circle Max Is Missing from "calaMity"

Lauren Is Afraid To Sleep

Lorna Snoops Around For Information

The Mutant Underground Must Regroup After Being Ambushed

Clarice Has A Flashback

Marcos Tries To Get Lorna To Come Back

The Mutant Underground Needs The Morlocks Help

Lauren Dreams Of The Von Struckers

The Inner Circle Trains New Mutants

Andy & Lorna Reunite With The Mutant Underground

Andy Visits Lauren In His Dreams

Purifiers Hold John Hostage

The Mutant Underground Considers Asking For Help

The Mutants Save John From The Purifiers

John Clarice & Marcos Discuss the Plan

Lorna & Andy Release Mutants Everywhere

Madeline Tells Reed She Wont Let Him Down

Rebecca Has a Flashback

John & Clarice Try To Track Rebecca

Lorna Has A Flashback

Polaris Makes Magneto's Medallion Into A Headband

The Family Has Dinner With Madeline

Jace Meets Benedict Ryan

Marcos Confronts Clarice About The Morlocks

Reeva Preps The Inner Circle For The Heist from "no Mercy"

The Inner Circle Execute A Bank Heist

Jace Rallies Up The Purifer Meeting

John Teaches Reed How To Manifest His Powers

Lorna Wants To Know The Plan

The Frost Sisters Are Forced To Use Their Powers

The Mutant Underground Runs From The Purifiers

Meet Reeva Payge

Andy & Rebecca Go Out

Andy, Lorna & The Frost Sisters Watch The News Coverage

Clarice Suggests They Go to the Morlocks For Help from "afterMath"

Season Two Binge

Clarice, Marcos & Refugees Find The Morlocks

John Isn't Giving up on Andy & Lorna

Lauren & Andy Fight

Lauren Tells Marcos She Can Get Through to Andy

Marcos Updates The Underground On Reeva & The Inner Circle

Reed & Caitlyn Let Lauren Go Help Find The Inner Circle

Reed Tells John He's Manifesting Powers

Eclipse Meets His Newborn Daughter

Flashback To Marcos Visiting His Father In Bogota

Lorna Tells The Frost Sister The Baby Needs Marcos

Reed's Powers Show Themselves In Front Of Lauren

Reeva Asks Andy To Protect Her From Marcos

Evangeline Warns John About Reeva

Lauren & Andy Have The Same Dream

Reeva Oversees Andy's Training

Caitlyn Wants To Find Andy

Reeva Shows Lorna Where She Will Have Her Baby

Becoming the Frost Triplets

Let's Get To Work

Season 2 Inside Look

Marcos Comes Up With A Risky Plan

Reed Finds Out Caitlyn Was Shot

The Mutant Underground Vs. The Inner Circle

Filmmakers Commentary Of "eXposed" from "eXposed"

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