1 season available

Digimon Frontier

TVY7 • Anime, Animation, Adventure, Action • TV Series • 2003

Dark forces reign over the Digital World and only the DigiDestined can help rid it of evil forever.

Dark forces reign over the Digital World and only the DigiDestined can help rid it of evil forever.

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1 season available (50 episodes)

1 season available

(50 episodes)

Episode 1

(Dub) All Aboard

Takuya, Koji, Zoe, Tommy and J.P. descend to the Digiworld where they are confronted by Cerberusmon. Takuya's Digivice is activated and the Digispirit of his Digimon is called, transforming him into Agunimon for battle.
Episode 2

(Dub) Lobomon: Warrior of Light

After the battle, Takuya doesn't remember what happened but he obtained a Digicode. J.P. and Tommy get separated from the group and are soon captured by Pagumon Digimons. Meanwhile Koji acquires the Digispirit and he tries to save J.P. and Tommy.
Episode 3

(Dub) Kumamon Baby, Light My Fire

Neemon told the gang they could take the train back to reality but they all decided to stick it out in the Digital World.
Episode 4

(Dub) Kazemon Kicks It

The gang tries to hitch a ride to the Forest Terminal but while deciding which way to go the group splits up. Zoe, J.P., Neemon, and Bokomon end up in Breezy Village. Zoe needs to Spirit Evolve when the Fungus Brothers Digivolve but it doesn't go well.
Episode 5

(Dub) Ladies and Gentlemen: The Beetlemon

The gang winds up at Wind Factory where they meet the Kokuwamon, a group of machine Digimon who are being forced into slave labor. So Takuya comes up with a plan to save the little guys.
Episode 6

(Dub) A Molehilll Out of a Mountain

While trying to find food, the gang met up with the Shellnumemon and they agreed to help rescue the women from the evil Grumblemon. When they told the snails they were Legendary Warriors, they were captured and traded for the women!
Episode 7

(Dub) Island of Misfit Boys

After losing the fight with Grumblemon, Takuya, Koji & Tommy fell into a world of living toys, where they all fought with each other! Then an overgrown teddy bear (WaruMonzaemon), working for the ShadowToyAgumon, captured Tommy.
Episode 8

(Dub) The Odd One Out

On their way to the Forest Kingdom, J.P., Zoe, Bokomon & Neemon came upon a school for young Digimon. There, they met Tsunomon, a little guy who didn't get along with the other kids. Then storm came through and almost washed away the school.
Episode 9

(Dub) Welcome to My Nightmare

Starving and tired, the gang decided to make camp but soon discovered the forest was full of these freaky trees. While sleeping, Tapirmon came under the influence of Kepyrmon, who planted bad dreams into a sleeping Tommy.
Episode 10

(Dub) Can't Keep a Grumblemon Down

After getting this weird e-mail, Koji broke away from the group with Neemon & Bokomon tagging along. The 3 of them ran into Gotsumon, a rock Digimon, who was looking to awaken the Spirit. Then, their old pal Grumblemon came back for some more fun.
Episode 11

(Dub) A Hunka Hunka BurningGreymon

Bokomon took the gang to get their futures told by Shamanmon, the fortune teller. Just as Shamanmon started the premonition tango, Grumblemon attacked and this time he brought a friend.
Episode 12

(Dub) Fear and Loathing in Los Arboles

When Takuya Beast Spirit Evolved to Burning Greymon, he couldn't control himself. So Beetlemon & KendoGarurumon tried to help him but were pretty useless. It finally took a lot of reasoning from little Tommy to get Takuya to tame the Beast within.
Episode 13

(Dub) Better an Egg Than an Egg Shell

Finally, the guys made it to Forest Terminal but no one was there. Down the road at a castle they met Socerimon & Seraphimon, who told everyone how the Legendary Warriors came to be. Then Grumblemon and the other goons attacked!
Episode 14

(Dub) No Wahmon

After the wild ride on a Trailmon, our heroes find themselves trapped in an underground cavern. Unfortunately, Arbormon & Grumblemon figured out where they were and attacked.
Episode 15

(Dub) Beastie Girl

After Whamon dropped the gang off, they decided to take a little vacation at Toucanmon Paradise. But the food and free beach gear was part of a plot to separate the boys from their D-Tectors in order to win favor with the evil Warrior of Water.
Episode 16

(Dub) The Swiss Family Digimon

The Digidestined hunted high and low for their D-Tectors but those birdbrained Toucanmon flew off with them. When they tried to swim after the birds, some Gomamon stopped them, which was good because they were about to swim into some nasty whirlpools.
Episode 17

(Dub) Bizarre Bazaar

The gang finally made it to the Autumn Leaf Fair but they still couldn't find the Toucanmon.
Episode 18

(Dub) Trailmon vs Trailmon

On their way to the Rose Morning Star, the gang made an unscheduled stop at the Great Trailmon Race. Everyone decided to join the festivities and partnered up with a Trailmon. Bokomon was a little too busy playing 'mother hen' to participate.
Episode 19

(Dub) You Want Fries With That?

The gang headed to Hamburgermon Village, hoping to enjoy some of their famous burgers. However Petaldramon and his cronies had ravaged the hamlet on a quest for the ultimate burger, taking the town's top burgermeister hostage in the process.
Episode 20

(Dub) From Dawn to Duskmon

While on the way to the Rose Morning Star, our heroes got dumped at the Dark Gate, the creepy entrance to the Continent of Darkness. Meanwhile, Cherubimon called a meeting of the Legendary Lunkheads.
Episode 21

(Dub) Darkest Before Duskmon

Not only did Duskmon throw BurningGreymon around, he took the Digidestined to task without even flinching.
Episode 22

(Dub) Home Again, Takuya Returns

Feeling guilty about what happened to his friends, Takuya took Dark Trailmon back to the real world. However, on the way home he turned into this freaky half-human, half-Digimon.
Episode 23

(Dub) Sockit Takuya

Having survived his trip to the Real World, Takuya returned to the Digital World on a mission. He realized that being a Digimon may be fun but it's also serious. As was the trouble that J.P., Zoe and Tommy were in.
Episode 24

(Dub) Alone But Never Alone

The gang headed off to the Rose Morning Star but the trip was cut short because the kids were sucked into Sephirothmon. While trying to find an exit, J.P. was pushed into another dimension.
Episode 25

(Dub) The Dark Heart of Friendship

Sephirothmon decided the guys needed a little one-on-one attention, so he split them up to face their personal demons.
Episode 26

(Dub) Zoe's Unbelievable Adventure

Zoe is stuck in the Water Sphere, where she has a flashback about being teased. She soon finds a group of Honeybeemon who are attempting to capture her for Ranamon. Ranamon later forces them to feed Zoe an apple that causes nightmare visions.
Episode 27

(Dub) Stuck in Sakkakumon

Koji & Takuya are still stuck inside the Sephirothmon. Zoe, J.P. and Tommy Spirit Evolved to help them but they couldn't get back inside.
Episode 28

(Dub) Darkness Before the Dawn

It's bad enough when Mercurymon corners you in a world of mirrors but then he uses Seraphimon's data to turn into ShadowSeraphimon.
Episode 29

(Dub) Phantasmagoric Sakkakumon

When we last left Koji, he had Fusion Evolved into Beowolfmon and was trying to catch up with Duskmon. He wanted some answers but the baddie gave him the slip.
Episode 30

(Dub) O, Brother, Who Art Thou?

As the battle between Duskmon & Beowolfmon raged on, Patamon was doing his best to lead the gang to Koji but Cherubimon had them trapped. Then Cherubimon took advantage of Koichi's amnesia and gave Duskmon his Beast Spirit.
Episode 31

(Dub) Workin' On the Train Gang

After the gang finally get back together again, Koji decides to run off after Velgemon to find out their connection and Takuya chases after him.
Episode 32

(Dub) My Brother in Spirit

Duskmon finally realized that he had a human brother, Koji, and didn't want to fight him. So Cherubimon corrupted him with more dark memories of his past to turn him against Koji.
Episode 33

(Dub) Ne'er the Twins Shall Meet

Waking up from a dreadful nightmare of destruction and pain was terrible for Koji and Koichi but more than that, Koichi realized that Cherubimon used him for his own purposes. He felt guilty for hurting his brother and friends.
Episode 34

(Dub) Operation Free Ophanimon

With a new goal in mind, the Digidestined kids arrive at the Rose Morning Star. After defeating two Phantomons to gain entry, they are greeted by Goatmon, a wise Digimon who means them no harm.
Episode 35

(Dub) Takuya and Koji's Evolution Revolution

The Digidestined meet up with Ophanimon, who is currently trapped in a cage of light and facing off against Cherubimon.
Episode 36

(Dub) Ice Ice Baby

Takuya and Koji spirit evolved together and fly the others to safety. The two of them are powerful and are actually winning the battle against Cherubimon. On the sidelines the others are cheering them on, except Koichi.
Episode 37

(Dub) Cherubimania

Now that Cherubimon has absorbed all the information of the Digital World, he transforms into a very tough opponent but EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon try their best.
Episode 38

(Dub) It Can't Be! Lucemon Reappears

With Cherubimon defeated, the Digidestined are happier than ever. As they try to sort things out, they arrive at a large tunnel entrance where they meet a helpful Baromon.
Episode 39

(Dub) The Man in the Moon Is You

After being blasted away by Dynasmon's attack, the kids awake to find themselves on the blue moon, one of the three moons above the Digital World.
Episode 40

(Dub) The Bully Pulpit

The Royal Knights destroyed another location and then made their way to steel town where Takuya and the gang arrive after escaping from the moon. Steel town is mostly buildings made of metal and the sun reflects off them.
Episode 41

(Dub) Jerks and the Beanstock

The Royal Knights arrive at Beanstalk Village where the captured children encountered an unconscious Mamemon. Dynasmon locks Tommy and the children in a cell until they reveal where the "key" is.
Episode 42

(Dub) Glean Eggs and Scram

The gang ends up at the Village of Beginnings where Digimon are born. They are introduced to Swanmon who takes care of all the babies.
Episode 43

(Dub) Bad to the Bones

After the Village of Beginnings is destroyed, a group of Poyomon warns Takuya that the Flame Town Terminal is going to be attacked. A SkullSatamon grabs a Palmon, questioning where the Digi-Code near Flame Terminal is.
Episode 44

(Dub) Now You See It, Now You Don't

The Royal Knights destroy another area and send the Digi-Code to Lucemon. Gotsumon defends the sacred jewels at the Gotsumon Village. Koji decides that Gotsumon should come with them since he wants to help fight the Royal Knights.
Episode 45

(Dub) All Aboard the Tag Team Express

With only two sections of the Digital World remaining, the Royal Knights are on the hunt for the next fractal code. Since no one knows where the fractal code is, the Digidestined have set up a post.
Episode 46

(Dub) To Make the World Go Away

KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon, along with the rest, arrive at Ophanimon's Castle. When they enter the Castle, they encounter the Castle librarian and caretaker Nefertimon on the balcony.
Episode 47

(Dub) When Knights Fall

The kids are on one of the 3 Digital Moons and Koichi is still shocked about what Crusadermon said to him. They notice some bubbles in the sky coming from far away, only to realize a bunch of Digi-Eggs and Hatched-Baby Digimon.
Episode 48

(Dub) The Brothers Yin and Yang

The gang turned into their human-fusion spirits to go after Lucemon but he defeats them all, thus returning the friends into their human form again.
Episode 49

(Dub) Lucemon On the Loose

Koji is clutching his stomach from the new spirits and Takuya is raging after Lucemon. The two are enveloped in a fiery cocoon where they merge together with all twenty spirits. Susanomon emerges and the final battle between good and evil soon begins.
Episode 50

(Dub) End of the Line

All the kids are down in the train station after getting pummeled by Lucemon. Takuya gets ready to fight again, however, the others stop him because Lucemon was able to regenerate.

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