3 seasons available

The ResidentThe Resident

TV14 • Medical, Drama • TV Series • 2018

A tough, brilliant senior resident guides an idealistic young doctor through his first day, pulling back the curtain on what really happens, both good...more

A tough, brilliant senior resident guides an idealistic young doctor through his first day, pulling back the curtain on what really happens, both good...more

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3 seasons available (57 episodes)

3 seasons available

(57 episodes)

Episode 1

From the Ashes

The doctors face new rules and doctors, as Red Rock Mountain Medical takes over the hospital.
Episode 2

Flesh of My Flesh

Cain tries to recruit Bell and Kit on a dangerous surgery; the Raptor becomes attached to a patient.
Episode 3

Saints & Sinners

When a police officer brings in an injured criminal, the staff must keep him alive.
Episode 4

Belief System

Conrad doubts Devon's judgement when a patient who was pronounced dead suddenly revives.
Episode 5

Choice Words

A plane crash ignites tensions at Chastain.
Episode 6

Nurses' Day

On National Nurses' Day, Chastain's nurses are severely understaffed and overworked, leaving them all feeling exhausted and underappreciated.
Episode 7

Woman Down

When one of Chastain's own is brought into the emergency room with life-threatening injuries, the staff rallies around each other to try to save her life, while disagreements over how to best handle her care put Cain at odds with the rest.
Episode 8

Peking Duck Day

Upon dubbing Thanksgiving "the most dangerous day of the year," Devon and Irving are inundated with patients in the ER.
Episode 9

Out for Blood

Conrad comes under fire when a former patient files a malpractice lawsuit against him, putting Bell in a difficult position with Red Rock.
Episode 10


In the fall finale, Devon faces his last day as an intern, which gets complicated when he and Conrad are faced with a moral dilemma over a suicidal patient in need of a liver transplant.
Episode 11

Free Fall

In the winter premiere, Conrad navigates his new life away from Chastain, Cain makes his first move as the new Chief of Surgery and Mina struggles to take care of Adaku's baby.
Episode 12

Best Laid Plans

While working at their non-profit clinic three hours outside of Atlanta, Nic and Mina treat a patient with a failing heart VAD, forcing them to find a new battery in time to save her life.
Episode 13

How Conrad Gets His Groove Back

Upon meeting with a high-profile soccer player suffering from mysterious symptoms, Conrad ends up back at Chastain and faces an angry Logan Kim (guest star Rob Yang).
Episode 14

The Flea

Cain feels disrespected by Logan Kim when he is left out of a major decision regarding Conrad.
Episode 15

Last Shot

When Red Rock finally opens the doors to its new neurosurgery center, Nic, along with the rest of the staff, discover that the center is not everything that was promised.
Episode 16

Reverse Cinderella

Devon enlists the help of the whole staff to impress Nadine's father, while Red Rock cuts the entire OBGYN department, forcing Conrad to let the residents go.
Episode 17

Doll E. Wood

A renowned pediatric surgeon is called over to Chastain for an extremely difficult surgery on a newborn. But when she arrives, The Raptor and Devon realize it's a more complicated situation than they could have imagined.
Episode 18

So Long, Dawn Long

Conrad finds himself caught between his duties as a doctor and his loyalty to Kit, when he discovers that her son-in-law may be suffering from a serious disease.
Episode 19

Support System

When Cain becomes aware of an emergency situation breaking out at the hospital, he recruits Ezra to help keep it under wraps.
Episode 20

Burn It All Down

In the season finale, Derek's condition seems to be improving, but a severe complication arises, causing Kit to fear that he may be the latest victim of Cain's cover-up.

Bell Enlists Conrad's Help

Bell Gets Real On National Television

Nic Tells Cain The Institute Is Not Operating

Conrad Is Back At Chastain from "The Flea"

Cain Confronts Kim About Conrad's Return from "The Flea"

Nic Is Sick On Conrad's First Day Back from "The Flea"

Conrad Brings A Friend Into The ER

Conrad Has Trouble Finding A New Job

Kyle Asks Nic To Pick Him Up From Jail

AJ Meets Andrea For The First Time

Conrad Gets A Startling Phone Call

Princess Nadine Shows Up In The ER

Preview: This Is Truly A Must Watch from "How Conrad Gets His Groove Back"

Cain Tells AJ To Keep His Patient Alive

Devon Meets His New Interns

Finn Wants Conrad To Go Zero G With Him

Emily's Favorite #CoNic Moment

Devon Works His Last Day As An Intern

Dr. Bell & Voss Express Concern Over Cain

Mina Worries Over Adaku Going Into Labor

Conrad Lies In His Deposition With A Former Patient

Logan Kim & Cain Tell Bell About The Lawsuit

AJ Finds HImself Spread Thin

Conrad & Nic Want To Have A Sexy Thanksgiving

Logan Kim Undermines Bell

Conrad Tells Bell About The Hemopleatin from "Woman Down"

Nic Blames Red Rock For What Happened To Jessica from "Woman Down"

Nurse Jessica Comes Into The ER In Critical Condition from "Woman Down"

AJ Meets His Birth Mother from "Nurses' Day"

Cain Tells Bell His Plans For His Poker Patient

Conrad & Nic Learn Conrad's Father Is On A Dangerous Drug

Nic Is Concerned About The Overworked Nurses

AJ Tells His Parents About His Birth Father from "Choice Words"

Bell's Plane Crashes During Take Off from "Choice Words"

Cain, Voss, & Bell Help Patients From The Crash from "Choice Words"

Conrad & Nic Investigate Jesse's Death from "Choice Words"

AJ & Mina's Car Breaks Down In The Middle Of Nowhere

Dr. Cain Volunteers To Operate On A Known White Supremacist

A Patient Comes Back From The Dead

Cain Aks Nic To Run Pre-Op

A Car Chase Ends At Chastain

Conrad & Nic Pick One Thing That Drives Them Crazy

Austin's Father Tells Him He's Dying from "Flesh of My Flesh"

Bell Watches Montel Williams from "Flesh of My Flesh"

Conrad & Nic Decide To Move In Together from "Flesh of My Flesh"

Matt & Emily On #CONIC

Bruce Greenwood as Dr. Randolph Bell

Conrad Gives Devon Independence Day

Reviews: Dr. Bell

Conrad Speaks His Mind To Bell

Devon Meets Lane

Dr. Conrad Hawkin

Matt Czuchry As Dr. Conrad Hawkins

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