2 seasons available

The Exorcist

TV14 • Drama, Mystery, Horror, Thriller • TV Series • 2016

A family gets entangled with the Catholic Church when it suspects a demonic presence in its home.

A family gets entangled with the Catholic Church when it suspects a demonic presence in its home.

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2 seasons available (20 episodes)

2 seasons available

(20 episodes)

Episode 1


Father Tomas and Marcus Keane investigate a troubled woman in Montana while Tomas continues his exorcist training.
Episode 2

Safe as Houses

Tomas and Marcus scramble to complete a woman's exorcism while trying to flee from the custody of her enraged family
Episode 3


While the situation at the foster home continues to worsen, Andy works with his foster daughter to help her get past her agoraphobia.
Episode 4

One for Sorrow

While Andy deals with the peculiar incidents that occur on the island, a new addition to his foster home is introduced.
Episode 5

There But for the Grace of God, Go I

While a foster home experiences multiple strange incidents, the demon responsible makes its presence known to Tomas and Marcus.
Episode 6

Darling Nikki

Marcus and Tomas are caught in a deadly situation in the foster home as they attempt to bring a demon out of hiding, which has chosen Rose as its target.
Episode 7

Help Me

The fate of the foster home relies on the success of Marcus and Tomas' exorcism, but they face an adversary that is not like any they have faced before.
Episode 8

A Heaven of Hell

While Mouse and Father Bennett travel to meet Marcus and Tomas, additional information regarding Mouse's unfortunate past is revealed.
Episode 9

Ritual & Repetition

Tomas desperately attempts to battle the demon possessing Andy and save his soul.
Episode 10


While one of the priests attempts to protect his life at the hospital, another is forced to face uncomfortable elements from his past.

Andy & Tomas Look For The Demon

Tomas Wants To Take Andy's Place

Andy Terrorizes Everyone

Marcus Sees What Transpired In The House

Marcus Tries To Wake Up Tomas

Shelby Tries to Protect Caleb & Harper From Andy

Two Men Search for a Priest

A Nun Has A Conversation With A Demon

Marcus & Tomas Pray Over Andrew

Marcus Insist He's Not Sticking Around

Marcus Talks To His Possessed Wife

Tomas Begins To Hallucinate While Helping Andrew from "A Heaven of Hell"

Verity Offers Herself As Bait To Help Andrew from "A Heaven of Hell"

Andy Can't Believe How His Wife Decorated His House

Andy Recovers a Rock From His Deceased Wife

Andy Remembers the First Time He Met His Demon

Andy Tries to Fight Off Marcus & Tomas

Andy Doesn't Know What's Real or Fake

Marcus Asks Andy About Counseling

Tomas Continues To Question Andy About His Wife's Death

Tomas Tells Marcus What He Saw in The House

Andy's Deceased Wife Continues To Manipulate Him from "Darling Nikki"

Father Bennett & Mouse Make A Surprise Visit from "Darling Nikki"

Tomas & Marcus Have Dinner At The Foster Home from "Darling Nikki"

Andy Grieves for His Wife & Daughter

Andy Loses His Cool & Tears Down the Room

Andy See's His Deceased Daughter in the Woods

Marcus Hears the Story of the Man That Killed His Wife & Kids

Marcus Talks About Past Cases He Has Worked On

Tomas Asks the Demon to Show Itself

Tomas Searches a House for Answers

Verity Finds Truck Banging His Headon the Wall

Andrew & Grace Have A Tea Party

Andrew Gives Tomas & Marcus a Tour of the House

Andrew Welcomes Harper Into His Home

Father Marcus & Tomas Run Out of Options

Mouse Warns Father Bennett About The Coming War

Shelby Hears Strange Sounds In The Woods

The Priest Takes A Toast

The Sheriff Ties Up Tomas & Marcus

Tomas & Marcus Are Called To Help The Sheriff's Possessed Wife

Andrew Gets the Foster Children Ready For School

Evil Is Always Lurking

Father Marcus Prays Over A Possessed Woman

Father Tomas Gets Lost

Father Tomas Races To Save A Possessed Woman

Tomas & Marcus Remain On the Run

Verity Talks About the Island Witch

The Exorcist: Ghost Stories

The Exorcist: What to Expect from Season One

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