19 seasons available

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

TV14 • Crime, Legal, Drama, Mystery, Thriller • TV Series • 1998

This hard-hitting and emotional series from NBC's "Law & Order" brand chronicles the life and crimes of the Special Victims Unit of the New York City ...more

This hard-hitting and emotional series from NBC's "Law & Order" brand chronicles the life and crimes of the Special Victims Unit of the New York City ...more

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19 seasons available (429 episodes)

19 seasons available

(429 episodes)

Episode 1

Gone Fishin'

Fin's decision to capture a fugitive rapist in a foreign country creates political complications for Barba's case, and an old friend returns with a shocking allegation against Benson.
Episode 2


The strange details of a young woman's rape divide the squad over whether her story is a fabrication, and Benson faces an official investigation about her son from the DA's office.
Episode 3


When a man is found castrated outside a hotel room, SVU uncovers three suspects with a shared trauma; meanwhile, Benson receives devastating news.
Episode 4

No Good Reason

When a teenager with a popular social media vlog disappears after posting an unsettling message, SVU races to find her and discover what happened.
Episode 5


SVU reopens a 10-year-old kidnapping case when a confused young woman fits the missing girl's profile, and Benson faces Noah's grandmother in court. Brooke Shields guest stars.
Episode 6

Unintended Consequences

When a teenage girl dies from an overdose, Rollins goes undercover to investigate the rehab center that treated the girl; meanwhile, Benson learns more about Noah's grandmother.
Episode 7

Something Happened

When an amnesic rape victim is found unconscious, Benson must unravel the facts about what happened. Her investigation drudges up the victim's dark secrets and reopens her own emotional wounds.
Episode 8


When a social media celebrity is raped by an MMA champion, SVU connects the case to one of the stars' small-town fans; Benson and Sheila cooperate in caring for Noah. Brooke Shields guest stars.
Episode 9

Gone Baby Gone

When Noah goes missing from a mall department store, Benson and the SVU enact an all-out manhunt to find him and his kidnapper.
Episode 10


When the SVU investigates a case involving two students in a special needs school, Rollins discovers that one child's medical issues stem from a surprising source.
Episode 11

Flight Risk

The SVU investigates the case of a female copilot who hijacks a commercial plane in an attempt to escape her rapist; Barba takes things a step further by targeting the airline itself for its anti-woman culture.
Episode 12

Info Wars

Things get political when a conservative pundit is raped after her university speaking engagement turns into a protest. Rhea Seehorn guest stars.
Episode 13

The Undiscovered Country

When a couple is faced with a difficult situation involving their ill son, Barba steps in to help. Sam Waterston and Philip Winchester guest star.
Episode 14

Chasing Demons

After an emotional outburst on the stand, Brian Cassidy is accused of murder - and Olivia is the only one who believes her ex-boyfriend is innocent.
Episode 15

In Loco Parentis

When Carisi's niece is raped, he brings the SVU on the case, but he comes to regret his involvement as the case unfolds.
Episode 16


When a prank goes awry, a young girl ends up in the hospital with her life on the line. As the SVU investigates, a pediatric surgeon comes under fire for playing God with her patients, causing an ethical battle that leaves Benson deeply conflicted.
Episode 17

Send in the Clowns

When a 16-year-old musical prodigy goes missing during her class trip to New York City, the SVU pursues a suspicious 22-year-old butcher for murder.
Episode 18


When a prostitute is beaten and raped, SVU looks inside the Army for the perpetrator; Benson must crack a tough witness who doesn't want to talk; and Rollins is vexed by SVU's efforts to help a "hooker."
Episode 19

Sunk Cost Fallacy

When SVU discovers the truth about the disappearance of a mother and daughter, Benson is caught between the law and her own sense of morality; meanwhile, Stone struggles to make a decision about his ill sister's health.
Episode 20

The Book of Esther

When an emaciated young girl is found huddled in a train bathroom quoting biblical passages, Rollins takes a special interest in her and takes it upon herself to uncover the truth about the girl's unsettling home life.
Episode 21


When SVU finds a 16-year-old girl drugged and raped in the playground, they uncover the truth about her family life, which suggests she was pimped out by her older brother; Stone must prove the case or risk having her returned to her brother's care.
Episode 22


When an 80-year-old Alzheimer's patient at an assisted living facility is raped, Benson, Carisi and Rollins search for possible culprits in her present life as well as her past; Fin is promoted to sergeant and transferred to a new precinct.
Episode 23

Remember Me / Remember Me Too

When a young woman from Mexico encounters the coyote who raped, tortured and sold her into domestic slavery, she holds him and Benson hostage at gunpoint as she demands that her abuser confess to the atrocities that he subjected her to.

First Look: Law & Order: SVU Season 20

A Fight to the Death

No One Can Take That Away from You

Why Couldn’t You Love Me Back?

Benson Gets a Win

Stone Gets to the Truth

It’s How You Deal with It

Rollins’ Breaking Point

The End of Days

And the Wheel Goes Round

Rollins and Stone Dig In (Deleted Scene)

The Best of Cabot

What Happened to You?

A True Hero

What Do They Have That I Don't?

I Am the Real Me

A Family Destroyed

Twisted Love

Deleted Scene: Doughnut Wars

A Plea for Forgiveness

Deleted Scene: A Rocky Start

Did Benson Make the Right Call?

The Truth Heals

The Weight on Carisi's Soul

Extended Cut: Cassidy's Confession

Cassidy's Heartbreak

What Would Fin Do?

Deleted Scene: Who's a Clown?

Barba Takes the Stand

Two Friends Say Goodbye

Benson Rises Above

Barba Is Our Hero

Read the Signs

Enough Is Enough

Fin Has Benson's Back

Barba's Sacrifice

Share the Moment: Your Life Isn't Easy

Battle of the Mothers

Share the Moment: Benson's Real Family

Barba Weaves His Web

Name a More Iconic Duo

Benson Uncovers the Dark Truth

Benson Doesn't Back Down

Rollins Goes Undercover

I Don't Want to Be Your Enemy

We're All in This Together

No Legal Basis

You're Prince Charming, Right?

Your Husband Will Pay

The City Is Exploding


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