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“black-ish” takes a fun yet bold look at one man’s determination to establish a sense...more

“black-ish” takes a fun yet bold look at one man’s determination ...More

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Episode 1

Election Special, Part 1

Junior is excited about voting.
Episode 2

Election Special Pt. 2

Dre's colleague Stevens decides to run for Congress.
Episode 3

Hero Pizza

Bow receives praise for her work.
Episode 4

Dre at Home Order

Dre underestimates the pandemic.
Episode 5

Age Against the Machine

Dre and Junior butt heads.
Episode 6

Our Wedding Dre

Pops and Ruby get remarried.
Episode 7

Babes in Boyland

Diane's secret social media account.
Episode 8

Compton Around the Christmas Tree

Dre takes the family to Compton.
Episode 9


The power goes out in the neighborhood.
Episode 10

What About Gary?

Dre tries to educate Bow's cousin.
Episode 11

First Trap

Bow becomes a partner at her hospital.
Episode 12

High Water Mark

Diane asks Jack for help.
Episode 13

The Mother and Child De-Union

Jack gets jealous.
Episode 14

Things Done Changed

Jack thinks he's Bow's best friend.
Episode 15

Jack's First Stand

Jack decides to go vegan.
Episode 16

100 Yards and Runnin'

Bow and Dre get competitive.
Episode 17

Move-In Ready

Bow challenges Dre.
Episode 18

My Dinner with Andre Junior

Diane bonds with Pops.
Episode 19

Missions & Ambitions

Junior worries Olivia might leave him.
Episode 20

Snitches Get Boundaries

Bow tries to teach the twins to drive.
Episode 21

Urban Legend

Junior has to deal with the twins.

"black-ish" Returns for Its Final Season

"The Dre-gency" Is Open for Business

Dre Pretends He Never Quit His Job

Bow Tells Dre He Needs to Set Boundaries with His Mother

Jack's Not Sure He Even Wants to Learn How to Drive

Dre Regrets Not Achieving All of His Childhood Goals

Old Bow vs. Old Dre

Dre and Bow Want More for Junior

Pops Isn't a Fan of Diane's New Crush

Charlie Telphy: Real Estate Agent

Junior Takes After Dre In More Ways Than One

Dre Thinks Bow Is Trying to Control His Life

Junior Tells Olivia He Loves Her

Diane Explains Basic Arbitrage to Bow

Dre's Not Sure He Can Handle a Vegan Son

Charlie Tells Dre He's Becoming Irrelevant

Jack Realizes He Has to Break Up with His Mom

Are Junior and Bow Creepy Close?

The Tightrope Walk of Being a Mother

Dre and Bow Relax With Some Edibles -- Until They Get Caught

Junior Sells Out Olivia to Ruby

Bow and Dre Lose Their Potential Protégés

Bow and Dre Realize Others Need to Help Carry the Load of Breaking Barriers

Dre Schools Bow's White Cousin in All Things Black

Dre's Lessons on How to Be a Better Ally May Have Failed

Bow Wants Community, Dre Wants War

Was Dre Right? (No, He Was Not.)

Bow Might Be a Little Picky When It Comes to Helping Others

Dre Learns the True Meaning of "Home"

Diane Tells Bow and Dre They Treat Her Differently Because She's a Girl

Dre "Handles" a Talk About Teenage Girls and Boys with Diane

Dre Might Actually Like Having Family Around

Pops and Ruby Get Married (Again)

Ruby Explains High School Maturity to Jack and Mason

Times Are Changing for the Twins

Sneak Peek: Dre Discovers His Passion for Protesting

Bow and Dre Try to Navigate the New Normal

Dre Beats Up a Box of Cookies

Dre Scores a Big Win with His Billboard

Junior Wouldn't Break Quarantine ... Would He?

Kadir Nelson's Johnson Family Portrait for "black-ish: A Time-Lapse Video

Dre Gets Campaign Help from Stacey Abrams and Desus & Mero

Dre Hosts "Democracy (in) Jeopardy"

Dre's Big Speech Goes Terribly, Terribly Wrong

Jhene Aiko Sings "Vote"

Rainbow Portrays the Life Cycle of the Voting Rights Act

Juneteenth Virtual Conversation with "black-ish"

Dre Confronts Pops About Dating Ruby

Junior's Grand Gesture Goes Awry

Pops & Ruby?

Dre Ruins Rhonda's Baby Shower

Junior Knows His Strollers

Black Men Don't Cry in Public

Loose Craig and Billy Blade Explain Friendship to Dre

Dre "Pushes the Button" with Rainbow

Dre Discovers the Joy of Giving Back

Working Moms Don't Understand Dre's Plight

Dre and Bow Meet LA Mayor Eric Garcetti

Is Dre Second Fiddle In His Marriage?

Dre Embarrasses Jack in the Robotics Lab

Ruby Inspires Diane After All

Junior and Jack Learn Home Improvement Skills

Dre and Bow Decide to Do a No-Gift Valentine's Day

Ruby Teaches Jack How to Play "The Game"

Bow and Dre Have Lost the Twins

Does Dre Coddle Jack and Diane?

Dre & Bow Are In Vacation Mode

Dre and Junior Bomb a Presentation

Rainbow Gives Jack Some Surprising Advice for 8th Grade

Diane's Hair Journey: The Musical (with Jill Scott)

About this Show


“black-ish” takes a fun yet bold look at one man’s determination to establish a sense of cultural identity for his family with comedic stories that shine a light on current events through the lens of the Johnson family.

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