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Trolls: TrollsTopiaTrolls: TrollsTopia

TVY7FamilyKidsTV Series • 2020

Trolls: TrollsTopia! is the next chapter in the Trolls’ hair-raising adventures. Duri...more

Trolls: TrollsTopia! is the next chapter in the Trolls’ hair-rais...More

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1 season available (13 episodes)

1 season available

(13 episodes)

Episode 1


Eager to befriend the new tribes, Poppy invites ambassadors to visit Trolls Village hoping that they can live in harmony in a brand new TrollsTopia! As the Hard Rock Trolls prove to be a challenge, Poppy must find a way to get everyone on the same page.
Episode 2

The Buddy System / Kick-Off Party

In order to quickly integrate all the Trolls into TrollsTopia, Poppy decides to have every new Troll live with a Pop Troll. / Poppy discovers that Val's idea of a kick-off party is extremely different than her own.
Episode 3

Bring It in / Branch Out of Water

When Poppy discovers that the Classical Trolls don't ever hug, she sets out on a mission to teach them what hugging is all about. / Trolls take over Branch's favorite hot springs and disrupt his morning routine, so he has to go down to Techno Lagoon.
Episode 4

The Ballad of Holly Darlin’ / Across the Fashionverse

When Poppy receives a thank you note from Holly that is actually nicer than Poppy's original gift, she heads to Country Corral to investigate. / Satin and Chenille awaken from a shared dream about a dress and decide to create this masterpiece.
Episode 5

Manager Poppy / The Snug-a-lug Situation

When Val's manager must step down just before her first all-tribe concert, Poppy must learn the ways of the Hard Rock tribe. / Lownote Jones recruits Branch, Val, Gust Tumbleweed and Laguna Tidepool to pet sit his exotic pet snug-a-lug.
Episode 6

Girls’ Night / Cloud Control

After repeated invitations, Val reluctantly agrees to attend Poppy’s girls’ night. / Branch discovers that he’s not the only one in TrollsTopia that Cloud Guy annoys—there’s someone from every tribe except the Hard Rock Trolls!
Episode 7

Classical Rock / Buckin’ Branch

Poppy discovers that Hard Rock Troll Demo has been sneaking to Classical Crest to play Classical Guitar. / The country Trolls see something special in Branch and invite him to try-out for their rodeo.
Episode 8

Rhythm & the Blues / Mouth Guitar

When Rhythm & Blues find themselves feeling homesick and missing their friends back in Vibe Town, Poppy and the Trolls rally around them in support. / A new Rocker Troll, Blaze Powerchord, arrives in TrollsTopia with a talent for playing “mouth guitar”.
Episode 9

Glitter Rush / Laguna Tidepool & the Lost Game Room

When a glitter shortage strikes TrollsTopia, Holly Darlin’ teaches everyone about mining for glitter! / Poppy and a team of Trolls follow Laguna Tidepool to an ancient temple filled with traps and obstacles.
Episode 10

Cheery Glo-mato / Highly Amused

After Val accidentally smashes Holly’s prized Cheery Glo-mato she must work with Poppy to get rid of her guilt by making things right with Holly. / When Dante comes down with a case of composer’s block, he is unable to write any new music.
Episode 11

The Makeunder / Smidge in the Saddle

Guy Diamond’s birthday party is coming up and it’s important to Lownote Jones that Guy get all the attention on his special day. / When Gust Tumbleweed offers his services to TrollsTopia, Smidge decides to tag along, determined to be the perfect partner.
Episode 12

Extra Tootering / The Last Scrapbook

When Tiny Diamond confesses that he has yet to glitter fart, Guy and the others rally around him. / When Poppy and Val discover they’re both fans of the same scrapbook series, they join forces to try and track down the author.
Episode 13

Darlin’ Dos / Bad Hair Day

When Holly Darlin’ gives Poppy a BIG hair style, Poppy doesn’t want to hurt Holly’s feelings by admitting that her hair is just too big. / Val’s best friend arrives in TrollsTopia for the big concert and tries to talk Val into coming back to Rock Hollow.

Trolls: TrollsTopia S1 Trailer

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