1 season available

The Orville

TV14 • Comedy, Science Fiction, Aliens • TV Series • 2017

From Emmy Award-winning executive producer and creator Seth MacFarlane, THE ORVILLE is a live-action, one-hour space adventure series set 400 years in...more

From Emmy Award-winning executive producer and creator Seth MacFarlane, THE ORVILLE is a live-action, one-hour space adventure series set 400 years in...more

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1 season available (12 episodes)

1 season available

(12 episodes)

Episode 1

Old Wounds

A newly-promoted captain of the exploratory spaceship U.S.S. Orville is taken aback when he learns that his ex-wife has been assigned as his First Officer.
Episode 2

Command Performance

Ed and Kelly are deceived by a hologram of a ship in distress and become held prisoner, which forces Alara to assume her first command in a rescue mission to save them; Bortus and Klyden receive pleasant and unexpected news.
Episode 3

About A Girl

Crew members aboard the Orville find themselves split between their respective cultures.
Episode 4

If the Stars Should Appear

Ed and the crew members stumble upon a large vessel that is in danger of running into a nearby star.
Episode 5


Ed finds himself falling for the Orville's newest guest after the crew rescues an attractive captain from her stranded ship.
Episode 6


After the crew defends a new colony from a Krill attack, Ed and Gordon are sent off by the Union on a risky undercover mission.
Episode 7

Majority Rule

Ed gives Kelly command of a team to find two Union anthropologists who disappeared on a planet similar to the Earth in the 21st century.
Episode 8

Into the Fold

Ed and the crew attempt to save Isaac, Dr. Finn and her two sons after their shuttle becomes set on a course into uncharted space.
Episode 9

Cupid's Dagger

The Orville is asked to help strike a peace treaty between two cultures at war, but tensions escalate when Ed and Kelly find a familiar face.
Episode 10


After a crew member dies as the result of a fire that broke out on The Orville, Alara questions her efficacy as the ship's chief of security.
Episode 11

New Dimensions

Kelly discovers that Lt. John Lamarr is smarter than he lets on. So, she pushes Ed to consider him for a key leadership position on the ship.
Episode 12

Mad Idolatry

Ed and Kelly consider the possibility of reforging their relationship, but Kelly soon crash-lands on a planet in another universe with Isaac and Gordon.

Mission: If Stars Should Appear

Mission: Command Performance

The Crew Is Back

New Missions, Epic Adventures

Mission: Old Wounds

The Cast Of THE ORVILLE At Comic-Con 2018

The Orville Panel At Comic-Con 2018

The Orville At Comic-Con 2018: Pedi-Pods Fleet Rides

Comic-Con 2018 Official Trailer: THE ORVILLE

Comic-Con 2018 Official Trailer: THE ORVILLE

Catch Up On Season One

The Best Of Captain Mercer

The Best Of Isaac

The Best Of The Aliens

The Best Of The Humans

Ed & Kelly Receive Orders From Their Admiral

Ed Tells Kelly He Misses Her

Gordon & Kelly Crash on a Mystery Planet

Kelly Blesses a Child

Kelly Heals a Young Girl's Scar

The Moclans Teach Ed How to Play Latchcomb

Ed & The Crew Try To Warn An Alien Ship

Gordon Ask For A Cat For The Bridge

Kelly Ask Ed To Trust Himself

Kelly Ask John To Assist Issac With His Analysis

Kelly Suggest John As The New Chief Engineer

The Crew Finds An Alien

A Clown Attacks Alara

Alara Uses Boxing To Cope With A Lieutenant's Death

The Crews' Deepest Fears Come To Life

The Ship Gets Hit By Plasma Storm

Opening A Jar Of Pickles

Ed Gets Ready To Go On A Date With A New Friend

John Detects Warships Heading Towards THE ORVILLE

Yaphit Professes His Love For Dr. Claire

Alara Receives Unexpected Information About The Archeologist from "Cupid's Dagger"

Ed Tries To Mediate The Peace Treaty from "Cupid's Dagger"

Kelly & Bortus Sing Karaoke from "Cupid's Dagger"

Kelly & Ed Argue About Kelly's Past Lover from "Cupid's Dagger"

Claire & Her Kids Load The Ship From "Into the Fold"

Claire's Kids Throw the Ship Off Course From "Into the Fold"

Isaac Gives Claire Parenting Advice From "Into the Fold"

The Crew Finds Out That Claire Is Missing From "Into the Fold"

John Dry Humps a Statue

Ed Receives A Call From Admiral Tucker from "Into the Fold"

John Meets With His Publicity Officer from "Into the Fold"

The Crew Arrives at a Planet Similar to Earth from "Into the Fold"

The Team Changes Clothes Before They Arrive On Sargus Four from "Into the Fold"

Crafting Aliens With Howard Berger from "Majority Rule"

Science of the Orville: Alien Life

Bortus Eats Wasabi & A Napkin From "Krill"

Ed & Gordon Come Up With Krill Names from "Krill"

Ed & Gordon's Emitters Break from "Krill"

The Crew Approaches A Krill Ship Attacking The Colony

The Krill Suspect Ed & Gordon From "Krill"

Gordon Gets His Leg Amputated

Gordon Puts Mr. Potato Head Pieces On Isaac

Kelly & Alara Explain To Ed Why They Searched The Guest Room

Kelly Ask Alara To Search The Guest Room

Kelly Thinks Ed Is Having A Clouded Judgment

Kelly Wants To Confirm Their Guest Identity

Pria Stops By Ed's Room To Thank Him

The Crew Picks Up A Stranger

The Science Of THE ORVILLE: Quantum Drive from "Pria"

Dr. Claire Talks To Yaphit About His Loneliness

Ed, Isaac, & Dr. Claire Talk About Procreation

Kelly Gets Interrogated By An Evil Commander

Kelly Gets Kidnapped

Star Mapping With John & Gordon

The Crew Explores The New Vessel

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