4 seasons available

The New Detectives

TVPG • Medical, Legal, Drama, Mystery, Science & Technology, Reality, Cops & Detectives, Crime • TV Series • 1996

From the forensics labs at the Smithsonian Institution to the ATF bomb laboratory and the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, The New Detectives prof...more

From the forensics labs at the Smithsonian Institution to the ATF bomb laboratory and the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, The New Detectives prof...more

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4 seasons available (62 episodes)

4 seasons available

(62 episodes)

Episode 1

Murder for Hire

For some killers murder can be a profitable business. When a victim have been targeted for death, homicide investigators must look beyond the obvious to uncover a murder for hire.
Episode 2

Toxic Death

When an untraceable poison is used to commit murder, homicide detectives face a difficult challenge. For help, they turn to forensic toxicologists to follow a killer’s tracks and expose a toxic death.
Episode 3

Material Witness

When there are no witnesses to speak for a victim forensic scientists must transform the smallest clue into a material witness.
Episode 4


When money is at stake some predators will stop at nothing to exploit another’s trust, but even the most complex schemes can’t survive the scrutiny of those determined to find justice for victims who have been fatally betrayed.
Episode 5

Elements of Murder

A well-executed homicide can baffle even the most skilled investigator. But forensic examiners look beyond the obvious to find proof of a killer’s guilt, and expose the Elements of Murder.
Episode 6

Random Targets

When there is no obvious connection between victim and killer, solving a murder can be difficult. But forensic experts can play a vital role in exposing the predator who chooses Random Targets.
Episode 7

Grave Secrets

Time and the elements can destroy evidence. When those remains are finally discovered, the deceased have a chance to speak, and the tales they tell reveal grave secrets.
Episode 8

At Close Range

When killers are bent on revenge nothing will stop them. But forensic examiners can find the hidden messages in the clues they leave behind and bring justice to those killed at close range.
Episode 9

Lethal Encounter

In most homicides, police rely on motive to pursue a murderer, but when the killer is a stranger the crime may go unsolved for years. It takes a full arsenal of forensic techniques to trace a lethal encounter.
Episode 10

Crimes of Passion

When killers are driven by jealousy and desire, they’re desperation is evident in both the crime and their efforts to avoid detection. But forensic science can reveal even the slightest mistake to solve crimes of passion.
Episode 11

Absent Witness

Although investigators routinely rely on evidence to piece together clues, there are times no such clues are apparent. Science acts as eyes, leading law enforcement to answers when forensic science takes the place of an absent witness.
Episode 12

Marked for Death

Often criminals are careful to leave no evidence behind, but the methods of the murder itself can create a lasting impression, especially when the tools of a trade leave an innocent victim marked for death.
Episode 13

Fatal Abductions

Anytime, anywhere people disappear, kidnapped from their daily routines, predators always leave clues behind. But chasing them takes time, hampering investigators’ attempts to solve these Fatal Abductions.
Episode 14

Medical Examiner's Casebook

Some killers choose to hide their victims - And investigators must then rely on forensic examiners to uncover proof of murder – These are just two extraordinary crimes that have made their way into the medical examiner’s casebook.
Episode 15

Trial by Fire

At a crime scene, everything is considered a potential clue. But a fire can destroy everything in its path, challenging forensic investigators at every turn, and making each arson a Trial By Fire.
Episode 16


When criminals go to great lengths to mask their crimes, investigators must step up to the challenge and remain undaunted.
Episode 17

Forsaken Trust

When killers know their victims, they rely on their intimate knowledge to pull off the perfect crime, but even the best-laid plans leave traces of forsaken trust.
Episode 18

Coroner Investigator

Coroner investigators confront death every day, piecing together fragmented clues 24 hours a day seven days a week. The first responders of forensic science are the coroner investigators.


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