2 seasons available

Crime 360

TV14 • Science & Technology, Legal, Crime, Documentaries, Drama • TV Series • 2009

An American reality television show that follows homicide detective units in various cities across the United States.

An American reality television show that follows homicide detective units in various cities across the United States.

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2 seasons available (30 episodes)

2 seasons available

(30 episodes)

Episode 1

Ashes to Ashes

Detectives Nate Sowa and Ray Diaz take on the investigation of a missing person case that may turn out to be a homicide.
Episode 2

Deadly Rendezvous

Detectives Hank Veverka and Kathleen Carlin find the body of a 34 year-old male, shot to death behind an abandoned building. His pockets are turned out, his shoes are off, and his cell phone is missing, all suggesting a robbery. But when detectives learn his identity and discover that he was found nowhere near where he lives, they wonder what brought him to the neighborhood where he was killed. Carlin and Veverka believe they can get to a suspect if they can find out who took his phone, but that proves more difficult than they imagine.
Episode 3

The Shooting Party

At an apartment complex in the Northeast side of Indianapolis, two young men are found dead, and high caliber rifle casings litter the street. When Detectives Tom Lehn and Jeff Wager arrive on scene they find out the two victims were actually brothers, and one of them had been receiving threats from his ex-girlfriend. Could a woman have wielded the high caliber firearm used at this scene? Through an investigation full of twists and turns, Lehn and Wager learn several people could have fired the killing shots, and they have to find out for sure who was responsible.
Episode 4

Mother's Day Murder

Mother's Day morning. A 58 year-old man lies dead in an open field. Detectives Nate Sowa and Ray Diaz inspect the body and discover the victim's cell phone is missing. Later they determine the phone was being used after the victim died, so there's hope for finding the killer. But when Sowa and Diaz confront the girl who received the calls, she denies knowing anything that could help the case. They close in on a pair of suspects, but because both are juveniles the detectives must build an airtight case and prove beyond a doubt who pulled the trigger.
Episode 5


Hours into her first shift, Investigator Cathy Lucci meets partner Dave Salvatore at the scene of her first homicide case. A 49-year-old male has been brutally stabbed and left to die with a blanket covering him. Investigators question anyone who knew the victim. There are a few suspects and many questions. But who was angry enough to stab a man 46 times and concerned enough to cover him with a blanket? With no clear answers, Lucci's first case is a complicated puzzle. Can she and Salvatore put the pieces together?
Episode 6

Vantage Point

A late-night house party turns deadly when gunshots ring out and a nineteen year old man is found dead on the street. An off-duty fireman, who was driving home, witnessed the shooting.
Episode 7

Run & Gun

In Indianapolis, Indiana, a 21-year-old man is gunned down during a violent shootout in a residential neighborhood. Detectives Chuck Benner and Todd Lappin sort through the wreckage left behind: forty shell casings litter the street, a pistol has been left on the ground, and an abandoned car is riddled with bullet holes. Using these clues, the detectives uncover multiple suspects engaged in a deadly vendetta--but were the shots that killed the victim fired in self-defense--or was someone shooting to kill? Benner and Lappin will need every tool in their forensic arsenal to find out the truth.
Episode 8

Killing Spree

In Little Rock, Detective Chuck Ray is called to a scene where one man has been shot in the hand while another man lies dying outside of his apartment with a gunshot wound to the abdomen. Shell casings and clues point to a serial robber that police have been tracking. But the serial robber doesn't usually kill his victims. Could this be the same guy? And is he getting even more dangerous? When a shooting takes the life of another innocent victim weeks later, and the patterns seem to match, Ray knows he and the team must work quickly to get this serial killer off the streets right away.
Episode 9

Blunt Force Killer

In a quiet Indianapolis suburb, two men are found fatally beaten in their bedrooms. Detective Bobby Flack is called to the scene and quickly learns that the victims had been harassed for being gay. Were these murders a hate crime? Could the killer be a neighbor living in this picturesque suburb? Or, is he a master manipulator leading the detectives on a wild goose hunt in order to conceal his true identity? The search for the truth takes Flack on a journey into the mind of a twisted killer and culminates in a dramatic nationwide manhunt for the suspect's arrest.
Episode 10

Nowhere to Run

A 15 year-old boy is shot to death on a neighborhood street. Investigators Tom Cassidy and C.J. Dominic interview a witness who saw two unknown men attack and shoot the boy. Surveillance video from a nearby shop confirms the witness' story but doesn't give a clear picture of the attackers. Investigators are at a dead end--until they learn their witness really may know who the shooter is and was just too frightened to say. Cassidy and Dominic must find the witness and see if she can identify the shooter before someone else gets hurt.
Episode 11

In Broad Daylight

Homicide Detectives Tommy Hudson and Matt Nelson are called to the parking lot of a local car wash, where a young man has been gunned down in broad daylight. Witnesses to the murder can only identify a getaway car. After scouring databases and city streets for the vehicle, detectives find out that one witness may have done more than watch. Hudson and Nelson are about to hit the streets to try and locate the getaway car and killer. Are they on the right road, or about to hit another dead end?
Episode 12


At a Latin club, a man dances the night away with a pretty woman, then watches her take to the floor with a younger guy. A witness claims to observe the older man gun down the younger man then speed away. Detectives Ed Brickley and Randall Cook follow the trail of the suspect based on the witness's description. But as they peel back the layers of the investigation, they realize they've been led astray. With the help of a confidential informant and forensic tools like ballistic analysis the detectives plan a dangerous stakeout to stop the real killer before he strikes again.
Episode 13

At Death's Door

Rochester Investigators David Salvatore and Tom Donovan arrive at the scene of what appears to be a straightforward domestic homicide only to discover that no one who saw the suspect knows his real name or whereabouts.
Episode 14


Shortly before dawn, Investigators Tom Cassidy and CJ Dominic arrive at the scene of a homicide on a quiet, neighborhood street. A van has barreled off the road and crashed in front of a house.
Episode 15

Bad Company

In a suburban neighborhood of Cleveland, gunshots ring out in the middle of the night, and a young male is found dead on the front porch of his own house.
Episode 16


Detectives Tim Entenok and Tom Armelli are called to the scene of a grizzly family shooting. Two adults and three young children have been killed. Detectives work their way through spent bullets, shell casings, and other evidence at the scene.
Episode 17

In Plain Sight

In broad daylight, a young man is shot dead in his own front yard. Investigators Gary Galetta and Glenn Weather question witnesses who saw the murder, but no one can identify a suspect. A store clerk appears to have knowledge of the shooting before it happened--could he be the killer? The team uncovers evidence the victim may have been selling loose cigarettes in the neighborhood, but that does not seem like enough of a motive for a murder. It will take ballistic analysis and a careful review of leads--from cell records to surveillance tape--to lead investigators to the killer.
Episode 18

Midnight Shootout

A quiet Cleveland neighborhood ignites into a war zone as a gun battle breaks out at night. Chaos ensues as neighbors duck for cover from the barrage of bullets flying back and forth. The next morning, veteran detectives Walley Everett and Mike Smith discover a young father of two lying dead inside his bedroom. But no one knows why. To get to the truth and to catch the killer, detectives must rely on forensic science to uncover the secrets that lay hidden in a single bullet.
Episode 19

Full House

Early one January morning, four masked men invade a Cleveland home, robbing the inhabitants at gunpoint. But the burglary doesn't go as planned and one of the intruders is shot to death. When they arrive on scene, Detectives Hank Veverka and Kathleen Carlin already have more than a dozen potential suspects. Did one of the homeowners shoot the victim in self-defense--or did one of his own men pull the trigger? Using ballistics, DNA testing and fingerprint evidence, the detectives race to narrow down their suspect pool and catch the killer.

Aviation Unit

Bullet Trajectory Rods

Human Bone Identification

Little Rock Warrant Sweep

Meet Detective Diaz

Meet Investigator Lucci

Mikrosil Fingerprint Putty

Shot Spotter

Behind The Scenes: Animating The Crime

Behind The Scenes: Fugitive Apprehension

DNA Testing

Drug Reagent Test

Forensic Tools - Electron Microscope

Forensic Tools: 3D Crime Scene

Forensic Tools: Forensic Entomology

Forensic Tools: Superglue

Ground Disturbance Tracking Dog

Making the Opening Sequence

Meet Detective Baynes

Meet Detective Brereton

Meet Detective Everett

Meet Detective Simms

Meet Detective Thompson

Meet Detective Veverka

Meet Detective Williams

The Emergency Call Center

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