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Naked and AfraidNaked and Afraid

TV14Documentaries • RealityScience & Technology • AdventureAnimals & NatureTV Series2013

Strangers find themselves stranded in some of the world’s most remote areas with no w...more

Strangers find themselves stranded in some of the world’s most re...More

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Episode 1

Naked Gets Weird

Surviving 21 days Naked in the wilderness leads to weird and awkward moments. From bizarre pre-challenge prep and mortifying naked intros, to night-time cuddling gone wrong and learning wildlife bathroom routines the hard way, Naked and Afraid gets weird.
Episode 2

Frozen and Afraid

Dropped onto a frozen Alaskan glacier, all-star survivalists Laura Zerra and Steven Hall scramble to stave off frostbite and hypothermia; 7,000 miles south, two new survivalists take on a sun-scorched Brazil island, with anaconda and deadly stingray.
Episode 3

You've Got Another Sting Coming

On a sun-scorched Brazilian island, aggressive anaconda and deadly stingray torment survivalists Whitney and Nathan, pushing both of them to their breaking point; working together they use their hunting and fishing skills to try and make it 21 days.
Episode 4

No Safety in Numbers

Two pairs of survivalists are surprised when they must take on the deadly jungles of Panama side-by-side. But before their 21-day challenge begins, they have to re-think their survival strategies along gender lines. Will they stay together or go it alone?
Episode 5


When a third survivalist crashes the challenge, tensions and jealousy are just as threatening as the piranha and jaguars of the Ecuadorian rainforest; 1,800 miles away, an Alaskan homesteader is punished by the 130-degree heat of the Mexican jungle.
Episode 6

Baked Alaskan

A deadly spider bite puts Gwen, an Alaskan homesteader at risk of tapping but she works with her partner to get her revenge, in the 130-degree heat of the Mexican jungle.
Episode 7

Stomping Grounds

Elite survivalists Matt Wright and Gary Golding are tested by deadly spitting cobras and territorial elephants in an African killing zone. But Matt and Gary aren't alone each must protect a novice survivalist from the threats surrounding them.
Episode 8

Bite Club

A survivor of rattlesnake, shark and bear attacks teams with Brooke, an elite hunter and wife of N&A veteran Matt Wright. Together they take on lions and hyena in a vicious African feeding ground where the environment quickly puts their skills to the test
Episode 9

The Spirits Are Angry

A haunted Colombian rainforest punishes the survivalists with threats from deadly jaguars, 300 species of snakes and relentless biting insects. But their challenge is threatened when they don't heed the curse of the jungle.
Episode 10

Naked and Haunted

Two complete strangers - man and woman- are left naked and stranded on a desert island.
Episode 11

Stalked on All Sides

Pinned down by Africa's most dangerous threats elephants, hippos and lions, survivalists "Mama Kel" and Eric work together to avoid becoming prey and endure relentless storms, but a debilitating injury puts them both at risk.
Episode 12

Swamp Don't Care

All-Star survivalists Jake Nodar and Melissa Miller take on a punishing Florida swamp teeming with poisonous snakes and aggressive alligators. When one of the survivalists becomes disoriented local authorities are called in to conduct an all-out search.
Episode 13

What the Duck?

In Mexico's unforgiving, cenote-covered landscape, two fan survivalists are dropped on an island filled with venomous coral snakes, territorial jaguars, blood-sucking chiquistas and a duck named Henry that they desperately want to eat for dinner.
Episode 14

For Better or A Lot Worse

The first couple to ever take on the 21-day challenge tests themselves and their relationship as they take on the relentless Guyana jungle. They must work together to battle jaguars, anacondas, caiman, and more than two-million species of insects.
Episode 15

Don't Let the Jungle Bugs Bite

Avoiding dangers of a rushing river, two survivalists brave a vast cave system in the Colombian rainforest. Trying to survive 21 days, the jungle tests them with threats like venomous fer-de-lance snakes, piranhas, and biting insects everywhere.
Episode 16

Meltdown on the Mountain

Dropped into a high-altitude jungle in Colombia, Tommy and Leah face territorial Pumas and venomous fer-de-lance snakes, but the biggest threat is the extreme temperature changes, where highs hit nearly 100 degrees and lows plummet into the 40s.
Episode 17

Just Kidding

Naked in the jungle with a complete stranger leads to funny moments. Through blood, sweat, tears, snake bites, third degree burns, and rashes in hard to reach places Naked and Afraid survivalists have to endure, laughter can be the most critical skill.
Episode 18

Honduran Hell

In the mountainous rainforest of Honduras, a survivalist with an unusual past is paired with a hard-headed police detective to try and survive 21 days, but predatorial jaguars, swarms of fire ants and a debilitating injury threaten their challenge.
Episode 19

Stalked on the Savannah Part 1

In a punishing Brazilian savannah, survivalists Wes and Jesse deal with searing heat as well as paralyzing wasps, aggressive bees, and poisonous rattlesnakes. But a territorial jaguar family circling their shelter may cost them the 21-day challenge.
Episode 20

Stalked on the Savannah Part 2

In sun-scorched Brazil, survivalists Wes and Jesse try to complete their 21-day challenge, but a jaguar crossing into their camp puts them on high alert. Starvation forces Jesse to attack a beehive in search of honey and the entire colony retaliates.
Episode 21

Feel the Burn

Dropped into Guyana's scorching savannah, two Naked and Afraid superfans battle the oppressive heat and relentless insect attacks. Scorching temperatures lead to severe dehydration and force a desperate fan to risk illness by drinking unsanitary fluids.

A Duct Tape Bikini and a Firesaw Are the Latest Addition to These Survivalists' Arsenal

On Naked and Afraid, Leave It to the Alpha Woman to Make the Fire

Surviving Naked... with Worms

Everybody Calls Me Duck

Are These Survivalists Hungry Enough to Eat Cactus for Breakfast?

Would You Brave the "Thick Layer of Mucus" to Chow Down on a Raw Snail?

Leave It to This "Badass Chick" to Catch a Snake for Dinner

A Nasty Tick Bite on This Survivalist's Leg Is Badly Infected

Fire Frustration

A Naked Ghost Story

Would You Go This Far to Get a Bite to Eat in the Wild?

It Pays to Have a Commercial Fisherman as Your Partner on Naked and Afraid

It Doesn't Take Much to Become Naked, Afraid, and Injured

These Viscious Army Ants Have Our Survivalists Trapped

Escargot Feast

In the Eye of the Hurricane

Bare and Ballsy

Don't Stifle Me

Light My Fire

Naked and Goofy

Naked Confessions: After Everglades

Naked Confessions: After Guyana

Naked Confessions: After Quintana Roo

Naked Confessions: Comfort With Nudity

New Sensation in India

No Trust With Tools

Rat: Part of a Complete, Nutricious Breakfast

A Tick in the Eye

To Cuddle or Not to Cuddle?

When Nature Calls

Survivalist Hits the Food Jackpot

That's Embarassing

We Must Split Up

Hunger Pains

One Angry Waterfall

Going Bananas

Searching for Honey

No Fire in Croatia

Rainforest Popcorn

Naked and Freezing in Canada

The King of the Forest

Bad, Bad Reaction to Hundreds of Chitra Bites

Coming Out, Building Trust

Mysterious Animal Stalks Camp

Naked Hug in Panama

Not on the Same Page

Grateful for Toasted Grubs

Fight Night

Circling the Camp

Mayan Tea Fail

Let's Get Some Shoes

To Cook or Not to Cook

Getting Nude in Yucatan

I Am So Over You Right Now

A Gentle Growl

About this Show

Naked and Afraid

Strangers find themselves stranded in some of the world’s most remote areas with no water, no tools – and no clothes.

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