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Married at First SightMarried at First Sight

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In the Big City, true love is increasingly hard to achieve. But what if six brave sou...more

In the Big City, true love is increasingly hard to achieve. But w...More

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Matchmaking Special

Married at First Sight returns for a brand-new season, in New Orleans, the Big Easy--but the experts' job is anything but easy.
Episode 1

The Story Begins

Nerves are high as our ten singles prepare to marry a complete stranger. One groom's motives are put to the test when the bachelor party takes a wild turn; and cold feet turn to ice when one bride discovers her husband's identity.
Episode 2

I've Never Met My Fiance

Excitement is in the air and emotions run high as the wedding day begins for eight hopeful singles. Nerves really start to settle in for one bride, as she discovers her groom's identity before she walks down the aisle.
Episode 3

It's Not the First Time

For the first time in Married at First Sight history, one couple already knows each other. Will it be a complete disaster, or a match made in New Orleans? Then ten stranger spouses celebrate saying "I do" and spend their first night together.
Episode 4

What Happened Last Night?

It's time for the couples to spend their first night together as husband and wife. Before setting off for the honeymoons, the couples have to meet individually with their new in-laws--can they survive a brunch interrogation?
Episode 5

The Honeymoon Begins

The couples wake up in paradise and start to learn about the person they just married. Some find the path to love natural while others find it difficult to push past their comfort zones.
Episode 6

I See Red Flags

As the couples enjoy the last few days of their action-packed honeymoon in Mexico, they discover more similarities and differences that will affect their marriages. Meanwhile, one of the couples must navigate their first major fight.
Episode 7

The Honeymoon is Over

Our five couples who were married at first sight return from their honeymoon and move into their new homes together but it doesn't take long for reality to set in. Now the real work begins.
Episode 8

You Can Get Out of This!

Heading into their second week of marriage, five couples adjust to daily life together while also seeking the advice of friends and family they haven't seen since marrying their stranger spouses.
Episode 9

Opening Up is Hard To Do

As our five couples settle into married life, they begin to explore what growing in love means to them. And while one spouse declares their love for their partner, two other spouses make comments that could completely derail their marriages.
Episode 10


As the headaches of domestic life start to dampen the romance of being married at first sight, our couples' question--and, in some cases, test--their relationships. Tempers flare when a husband confides in someone else's wife.
Episode 11

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby

As our five couples find ways to grow more intimate, some of them spice up their physical relationships while others struggle to find answers to difficult questions. And one spouse shares a deal breaker that puts their marriage in jeopardy.
Episode 12

One Month Down and a Quarantine to Go

The four weeks since being married at first sight have been a rollercoaster for everyone. As the couples celebrate their one-month anniversaries, some are progressing by leaps and bounds.
Episode 13

Home Alone

For the first time in Married at First Sight history, production shuts down as the Louisiana stay-at-home order is put into place. And after six weeks of the being on lockdown together, some couples move closer to love while others hit a breaking point.
Episode 14

Stranger Spouse

The stay at home orders have been lifted and the couples venture out for a much-needed getaway in the country. While some renew their bonds, others begin to question if they'll want to stay married on Decision Day.
Episode 15

Pack Your Bags

As Decision Day quickly approaches, our couples meet with trusted friends and family to discuss concerns about their spouses. Meanwhile, new problems arise for some, as they spend what could be their last night together as husband and wife.
Episode 16

We Need to Get a Divorce

After an unprecedented four months together, enduring a pandemic and other world events, our "stranger spouses" have finally reached Decision Day. The couples will decide, once and for all, whether they want to stay married or get a divorce.
Episode 17

The Grand Finale

Ten individuals who were married at first sight reunite to give updates on where this unprecedented experience has taken them.

Married at First Sight Couples Recap Season 10, Episode 2

Married at First Sight Couples Recap Season 10, Episode 3

Honeymoons Gone Wrong

Most Shocking Casting Moments

Beth Is Done Answering Questions

Heartbreaking Decision Day Moments

Decision Day Disappointments and Delights

"I Do?" Married at First Sight Flashback Compilation

Most Shocking Reunion Moments

Amber Discovers Matt Might Be Cheating

Iris Vs. an Uninvited Guest at the Couples Retreat

Elizabeth Explodes in Anger at Jamie

Recommit or Get Out

Jamie Leaves Elizabeth on Their Anniversary

The Couples Reach a Turning Point

Jamie and Elizabeth Blow Up at Each Other

Iris Demands Answers from Keith

A Lost Ring and a Diva Meltdown

Iris' Secret Is Revealed

Elizabeth and Jamie Heat Up Quickly

The Second Two Couples Get Married

The First Two Couples Get Married

The Participants Learn That They Are Engaged

The Couples Make Their Final Decisions

The Couples Spend a Night Apart

AJ Kills the Vibe

Luke, Kate and the Elephant in the Room

Jasmine and Will Disagree About Money

Luke Makes Kate Cry on Their Anniversary

AJ Is Hangry, Steph Is Indecisive

Jasmine and Will Aren’t Physical...Yet

Kristine Sees How Keith Lives

Luke Is Just Not That into Kate

Jasmine Wants Will to Provide

Kristine and Keith Are Married

Luke and Kate Are Married

Keith's Dad is a No Show

Luke Gets Heated at the Reunion

AJ and Stephanie Are Married

Just Married Photo Sessions

Will and Jasmine Are Married

Update with Danielle and Bobby

Update with Dave and Amber

Update with Mia and Tristan

Amber and Dave Make Their Decision

Danielle and Bobby Make Their Decision

Tristan and Mia Make Their Decision

Amber Puts the Question To Dave

Bobby Waits For Three Words From Danielle

Mia Walks Out On Tristan

Tristan Starts A Fight About A Previous Fight

The Couples Have a Field Day

Tristan Kicks Mia Out

Dave And Amber Take A Lesson On Communication

Mia Opens Up About Her Past To Tristan

Amber and Dave Phone Swap...Or Not?

The Couples Attempt to Cook

Bobby's Great Memory

Tristan and Mia Weigh the Pros and Cons of Moving

Amber's Negativity Wears on Dave

Mia's Family Interrogates Tristan

Bobby and Danielle Are In Love

Tristan Resents Mia

Mia and Tristan Try To Put the Past Behind Them

Tristan Has Some Personal Questions

Amber Wants Her Spending to Remain Private

Mia Tells Tristan She Loves Him

Amber and Dave's Religious Views Don't Align

Danielle and Bobby Get Intimate

Amber Dated Dave's Friend

About this Show

Married at First Sight

In the Big City, true love is increasingly hard to achieve. But what if six brave souls, yearning for romance and a loving partnership, agree to a provocative proposal: getting married at first sight?

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