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Lost in Space

TVGActionFamilyClassics • AdventureScience FictionAliens • Space • TV Series1965

Created by legendary producer Irwin Allen ("The Poseidon Adventure") and set in the s...more

Created by legendary producer Irwin Allen ("The Poseidon Adventur...More

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Episode 1

Condemned of Space

Trying to escape from a flaming comet, the Robinsons come upon a spaceship filled with frozen alien criminals. Havoc ensues when the ever-meddlesome Dr. Smith thaws one of the aliens who then frees the others.
Episode 2

Visit to a Hostile Planet

Caught in a “time warp,” the Jupiter 2 crew discover not only that they can now return to Earth, but it’s suddenly 1947! Mistaken for Martians by fearful 1940s Earth-dwellers, The Robinsons realize they must find a way back to their future!
Episode 3

Kidnapped in Space

Another spaceship sends out an SOS because their leader, a computer, needs brain surgery. Smith offers to operate for a fee, then fails, prompting the Robot to take over.
Episode 4

Hunter's Moon

After he and the Robot are attacked by a hairy mutant, John Robinson whips out his laser pistol and destroys the homely beast. Now, accused of trespassing on private property, the Robinsons must prove the value of humans!
Episode 5

The Space Primevals

After trying to seal a menacing volcano so that the Jupiter 2 can take off, Don West and Dr. Smith are captured by cavemen and taken to their leader – an alien computer. Can the two men put aside their personal differences and plan an escape?
Episode 6

The Space Destructors

While exploring a cave with the Robot, Smith hits buttons on a control panel he discovers, thereby activating a cyborg-creating device. When Will tries to stop Dr. Smith, he accidentally gets inside the machine, which gives him a thirst for vengeance.
Episode 7

The Haunted Lighthouse

The Robinsons give refuge aboard the Jupiter 2 to a lost alien boy named J-5 and agree to take him home. However, when J-5 learns that the ship lacks the fuel to do so, he sets out to destroy everyone and everything on the ship!
Episode 8

Flight Into the Future

While in the Space Pod, the bumbling Dr. Smith accidentally launches himself, Will and the Robot to a nearby planet, where they are startled to discover invisible birds, an apparent wreck of the Jupiter 2, and a monument honoring the Robot.
Episode 9

Collision of Planets

A group of space hippies seek to destroy the Robinsons’ planet! To make things stranger, when Dr. Smith discovers and opens a strange metal box, a gas emanates that first knocks him unconscious, then transforms him into a superhuman.
Episode 10

The Space Creature

As if Dr. Smith isn’t odd enough to begin with, an unusual creature takes over his personality. Coincidentally, the Robinsons begin to disappear from the ship one by one.
Episode 11

Deadliest of the Species

In order to make repairs to the Jupiter 2, the Robinsons land on a planet where the Robot discovers a female robot. The Robot falls in love, only to find out that his metallic lady love is a hunter killer.
Episode 12

A Day at the Zoo

Penny is captured and taken to an intergalactic zoo, where she is expected to be part of a show, along with the rest of her family. Meanwhile, Dr. Smith tries to take over the zoo.
Episode 13

Two Weeks in Space

Two clever alien bank robbers transform themselves into Earthlings. When the Robinsons head off on a trip without him, greedy Dr. Smith turns the ship into a hotel and rents it out to the aliens, not knowing how dangerous they are.
Episode 14

Castles in Space

The Robinsons take in a princess who is being sought by a bounty hunter. Then, Will gets captured by the bounty hunter, who now wants to trade Will for the princess. Eventually, it is the Robot who comes up with unusual rescue plan.
Episode 15

The Anti-Matter Man

John Robinson is accidentally transported to an anti-matter world, where he is held captive by an evil replica of Don. Meanwhile, an “evil” John Robinson shows up at the Jupiter 2 and poses as the real John.
Episode 16

Target: Earth

The never-helpful Dr. Smith accidentally launches the Space Pod into space while the lower half of the Robot is on board! Will he and the Robinsons retrieve it and put their beloved helpmate back together again?
Episode 17

Princess of Space

After searching for the long-lost Princess Alpha of Beta-Three, Captain Kraspo believes Penny may actually be the princess. Just before she is crowned, however, it becomes apparent that she is not the real royal.
Episode 18

Time Merchant

The Robinsons accidentally interrupt the voyage of a time traveler, Chronos, and then, as always, Dr. Smith manages to upset him further. Now, Chronos seeks revenge and wants to steal away the remaining time the Robinsons have to live.
Episode 19

The Promised Planet

Once welcomed to do so, the Jupiter 2 arrives on a planet inside the Alpha Centauri solar system. But soon after landing, the Robinsons must rescue Will and Penny, who are taken captive by the planet’s 14-year-old leader.
Episode 20

Fugitives in Space

An alien prison escapee manages to exchange his prison jacket for Dr. Smith’s parka. Mistaken for the criminal, Smith is then arrested, but thinking quickly, he tells the authorities that he is not their man – Don is!
Episode 21

Space Beauty

When Farnum B., Showman of the Cosmos, crash-lands on the Robinson’s current planet, he immediately tries to recruit Judy for his Miss Galaxy Beauty Pageant. After Judy refuses, however, Smith signs her up anyway.
Episode 22

The Flaming Planet

A plant that thinks Dr. Smith is its mother attaches itself to the Jupiter 2. If the plant isn’t removed, everyone inside the ship will die, but as the Jupiter 2 tries an emergency manuever, the ship is attacked by an new enemy!
Episode 23

The Great Vegetable Rebellion

Dr. Smith picks a flower and is immediately accused of murder by a giant talking carrot, who says that he must now die! Naturally, Dr. Smith doesn’t reveal this to the others, enhancing the chaos when plants mysteriously start stalking the crew!
Episode 24

Junkyard in Space

While on a junkyard planet, Dr. Smith realizes the crew’s food supply is dwindling. So the devious Smith offers both the Robot and the Jupiter 2 to a mechanized junkman in order to get food.


About this Show

Lost in Space

Created by legendary producer Irwin Allen ("The Poseidon Adventure") and set in the space age "future" of 1997, this sci-fi series follows an American family, their robot and a stowaway on their space adventures.

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