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The year is 2041; Julia (Kamaia Fairburn), Johnny (Edison Grant), Tabby (Michela Luci...more

The year is 2041; Julia (Kamaia Fairburn), Johnny (Edison Grant),...More

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Season1 2
Episode 1

Still Hunting

The fight to save endlings continues as Julia, Johnny, Tabby and Finn track Hewes to her Infinitum facility. When Hewes cracks open an orb releasing a dangerous creature, our heroes have no choice but to bring the fight to her.
Episode 2

What We May Be

Hewes uses Johnny and Julia’s pasts against them as Ling unwittingly gives Tabby a startling vision of what’s to come, forcing the family to decide whether to fight the future or accept it as fate.
Episode 3

The Other

While Johnny, Tabby and Finn wrestle with their potential futures, Julia can’t leave her past behind. But when an old threat becomes new again, the group realizes that the actions they take today will determine their tomorrows.
Episode 4

I, Me, We

When Julia is forced to face a familiar enemy alone, all of the endlings are caught in the balance. To save their mission and her new family, Julia must finally face her greatest hurt.
Episode 5


Finn accidentally releases an electrifying new endling as Tabby struggles with an impending reunion. Meanwhile a sighting of a recently extinct animal leads Mitra and Lopez back to Hewes.
Episode 6

Lighting in a Bottle

When a playful endling takes control of the farm house, locking Julia, Johnny and Finn inside, it's up to Tabby to save them. But figuring out how to stop this temperamental being, means learning how to win its game.
Episode 7

Found in Translation

As the search for the polar bear intensifies, our heroes accept a new foster endling into their family. Meanwhile, Tabby reconnects with her old life in a way Finn wishes he could.
Episode 8

Unwelcome Home

As Finn searches for home, Johnny, Julia and Tabby try to save an endling who no longer has one. But when Hewes visits someone from Johnny’s past, she puts their entire mission at risk.
Episode 9

Save Yourself

The future crashes into the present as Julia, Johnny, Tabby, and Finn deal with the aftermath of Hewes’s attack. In the fallout, our heroes will have to choose whether to come together or let their pain tear them apart.
Episode 10

Fight or Flight

To prevent the future Tabby saw in her vision the family only has two choices to deal with Hewes: run away or stay and fight. For Johnny that means moving past his own pain to see that Hewes has vulnerabilities of her own.
Episode 11

The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning

The future the family has been trying to prevent has finally arrived as Hewes’ team descends on the farm. As Johnny loses hope, it’s up to Finn, Tabby, and Julia to defend their home.
Episode 12

One World, One Family

When Hewes’ plan succeeds, Julia, Johnny, Tabby, and Finn must let their hopes, not their hurts, shape their future in order to save Ling and their mission.

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About this Show


The year is 2041; Julia (Kamaia Fairburn), Johnny (Edison Grant), Tabby (Michela Luci), and Finn (Cale Thomas Ferrin) continue to help their extraterrestrial friend Ling save fantastical endlings. With the aid of their foster father Mr. Leopold (Neil Crone) and animal activist Dr. Abiona Maina (Oyin Oladejo), the group is getting closer to retrieving the remaining ‘last of its kind’ creatures and completing their mission. But when Ling accidentally shows Tabby a vision of their quest failing, the team learns that Ling’s powers don’t just allow the alien access to their pasts but also their futures. This glimpse of what’s to come reveals Infinitum CEO Tresa Hewes (Lisa Ryder), who has been tracking them for her own illusive reasons, capturing Ling and tearing their foster family apart. Together, the group makes the choice to confront the pain of their pasts in order to change their futures and save Ling. This decision to fight fate, kicks off a season of high-octane adventure where four wounded teens must learn to let their hopes, not their hurts, shape the future.

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