5 seasons available


TV14 • Crime, Legal, Drama • TV Series • 2012

ELEMENTARY stars Jonny Lee Miller as detective Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson in a modern-day drama about a crime-solving duo that cr...more

ELEMENTARY stars Jonny Lee Miller as detective Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson in a modern-day drama about a crime-solving duo that cr...more

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5 seasons available (120 episodes)

5 seasons available

(120 episodes)

Episode 1

Folie a Deux

When a serial bomber becomes active again after being dormant for six years, Watson seeks help from Shinwell Johnson (Nelsan Ellis), a former patient whose life she saved when she was a surgeon.
Episode 2

Worth Several Cities

When the leader of a local street gang abducts Holmes to compel him to find the person responsible for a hit on his men, Holmes and Watson get caught in the middle of an international hunt to recover a centuries old, priceless artifact.
Episode 3

Render, and Then Seize Her

A nudist comes upon a kidnapped woman named Beth Stone, and is then immediately shot to death.
Episode 4

Henny Penny the Sky Is Falling

A quantitative analyst named Russell Cole who uses complex math to analyze companies and make investment recommendations is murdered in his apartment.
Episode 5

To Catch a Predator Predator

A man named Damien Novak is shot to death outside of a seedy motel. Novak had been catfishing sexual predators with an online dating site and shaming them by releasing their confessions to the public.
Episode 6

Ill Tidings

A chef at a chic Manhattan restaurant drops dead of snake venom poison.
Episode 7

Bang Bang Shoot Chute

A base jumper is shot out of the sky, but Sherlock deduces the victim's chute was also sabotaged.
Episode 8

How the Sausage Is Made

Sherlock and Joan investigate the bizarre death of a crunchy, left-leaning activist and discover a plot within the lab-grown meat industry that could mean billions in new revenue.
Episode 9

It Serves You Right to Suffer

Sherlock calls Joan to the scene of a gang killing, where he has found Shinwell’s necklace and a discarded .38. Shinwell admits he’s been active with his old gang (SBK) again he was at the scene of the murder and it’s his .38.
Episode 10

Pick Your Poison

Joan's medical credentials are stolen and her falsified prescriptions end up causing an addict’s overdose. Joan and Sherlock learn that the thief is Dr. Franny Krieg who has stolen three other credentials and is running a pill mill.
Episode 11

Be My Guest

Sherlock has a chance encounter with a sociopath who has been keeping a woman captive for five years. Sherlock confronts him, but has no solid evidence to arrest him.
Episode 12

Crowned Clown, Downtown Brown

A clown is found dead in the woods in Westchester County. He had been creeping around a local town as part of a guerilla marketing campaign for an upcoming horror movie. However, Sherlock discovers that someone was poisoning New York City’s water supply.
Episode 13

Over a Barrel

A man named Jack Brunelle takes 20 hostages in a diner and demands to see Sherlock and Joan. Five years ago, Jack's son was assaulted and later died of an overdose after becoming addicted to pain medication. Over the past couple years, Jack tried to get Sherlock and Joan to find the man who assaulted his son, but he’s resorted to desperate measures and threatens to kill his hostages if Sherlock does not find the culprit before the statute of limitations is up at midnight. Jack makes Joan stay with him while Sherlock and Bell find out that Jack’s son was attacked to keep a warehouse unsupervised for an enormous heist of black market maple syrup. Even though the gang behind the heist has long since retired, Sherlock realizes who they hired to attack Jack’s son, but the deadline has passed. Joan convinces Jack not to resort to violence and he is arrested and the hostages freed. With Everyone’s help, Sherlock uses a loophole involving international travel to extend the statute of limitations and the attacker is arrested.
Episode 14

Rekt in Real Life

A video game vlogger is killed while live streaming and thousands see him murdered.
Episode 15

Wrong Side of the Road

Kitty surprises Sherlock at the funeral of a British lawyer who prosecuted many of the cases Sherlock worked on for Scotland Yard. She believes that the lawyer was murdered, along with two other people involved in the conviction of a man named Eli Kotite.
Episode 16


Sherlock is interrogated by Anson Gephardt, the redheaded killer who works for the Defense Intelligence Agency. He threatens to tie Sherlock to Morland if he doesn’t stop investigating the murders linked to Kotite’s 2014 conviction and then releases him.
Episode 17

The Ballad of Lady Frances

A cutting edge gunshot detection system “hears” a brutal shooting of a shooter interrogating a man about a woman named Frances. The police come running, but there is no evidence a crime occurred.
Episode 18

Dead Man's Tale

Sherlock and Joan question how well they know Shinwell when they investigate the possibility he may have gotten away with the unsolved murder of his friend, a fellow gang member.
Episode 19

High Heat

Two people are killed in the incinerator of a crematorium. Sherlock quickly deduces that one of the victims was a private investigator named Fred Kirby.
Episode 20

The Art of Sleights and Deception

Holmes and Watson get mixed up in murder and magic when they investigate the death of a magician killed while performing a classic stunt.
Episode 21

Fly Into a Rage, Make a Bad Landing

After Bell discovers Chantal, badly beaten, everyone is quick to suspect her criminal ex-husband Roy Booker.
Episode 22

Moving Targets

When a small town police chief is shot dead in New York City while armed only with a paintball gun, Sherlock and Joan discover that she was participating in a reality show based on the game Assassin.
Episode 23


Following Shinwell’s murder, Joan becomes intent on avenging his death by taking down SBK, once and for all.
Episode 24

Hurt Me, Hurt You

While Joan and Sherlock struggle to prove Tyus Wilcox as the leader of SBK, a shooting at an SBK gathering ignites a deadly gang war.


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