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Dance MomsDance Moms

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Set in Pittsburgh's renowned Abby Lee Dance Company, owned and operated by notoriousl...more

Set in Pittsburgh's renowned Abby Lee Dance Company, owned and op...More

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Abby's Dance-a-Thon: The Worst to the Best Dances

Abby Lee Miller is never happy with second best. When the dance moms get in her way, things often go awry; when out of her way, her young dancers bring home the gold.

Abby's Most OMG Moments

In this hour long special, Abby will count down her favorite and most outrageous moments from Dance Moms Season 2.
Episode 1

Everyone's Replaceable

Cathy and Vivi-Anne's departure creates an opportunity for Abby to change the make up of her dance group with a big open audition. Holly's busy schedule forces her to miss Nia's rehearsals and competitions, which Abby sees as a lack of dedication.
Episode 2

Return of the Candy Apples

Abby's dancers go head-to-head against Cathy's Candy Apples, but this time Cathy makes sure her dancers are unbeatable even if it means cheating. Cathy sets a poaching trap for the Dance Moms by inviting them to an anonymous cocktail party.
Episode 3

Brooke's Turning Point

Brooke tries out for cheerleading leaving Abby and the dancers in the lurch the day before a big competition.
Episode 4

No One Likes a Bully

Abby choreographs a bully themed dance that sends Holly over the edge. ALDC is shaken-up when Abby replaces cheerleader Brooke with a new girl and switching girls in and out of dance numbers which sends the Dance Moms into a frenzy.
Episode 5

Brooke's Back

Brooke's return from cheerleading to ALDC leaves no room for Peyton, so Dance Mom Leslie takes her to audition for the Candy Apples. Abby gives Kendall her ALDC jacket and announces that she is officially off probation.
Episode 6

Jill on the Rampage

It's "solo week" and Abby is fed up with the moms complaining about costumes so she makes them design new costumes for their kids ... but Jill has a closet full of costumes that Abby has never seen before. Cathy holds an audition to for her Candy Apples.
Episode 7

Bullets and Ballet

The Dance Moms go ballistic when Abby choreographs a flashy private eye number complete with guns. Christi and Kelly catch Jill chatting up a former Dance Mom and are determined to expose her as a studio hopper. Maddie drops to the bottom of the pyramid.
Episode 8

The Runaway Mom

Jill studio hops to Cathy's Candy Apples. But Abby and her ALDC dance team don't find out until they arrive at the competition where they discover that Kendall is going head to head against Nia, who for the first time made it to the top of the pyramid.
Episode 10

Miami Heat Wave

Abby is determined to turn up the competition heat when the ALDC leaves frigid Pittsburgh for sexy South Beach. After making it back into the coveted Trio, Paige must undergo foot surgery which sends the Dance Moms vying for the open slot.
Episode 11

Melissa Pleads the 5th

Christi and Kelly's persistent meddling in Melissa's private life sends her over the edge. Abby choreographs a gritty group number to bring awareness of the plight of the homeless. Holly takes a leave of absence to focus on Nia's dance career.
Episode 12

Waiting for Joffrey

The entire Abby Lee Dance Company is on edge when they learn a scout from the prestigious Joffrey Ballet will be at the competition. Abby pits the girls against each other by creating two trios. Nia pushes herself too hard sending her to the hospital.
Episode 13


Abby's dancers compete in the Regionals and for a coveted scholarship to The Joffrey Ballet. Abby has the worst day of her life when one of her top dancers freezes and Cathy and her Candy Apples show up at the competition.
Episode 14

The Battle Begins

At their last competition, Abby ran and left the moms and the girls at the show after Maddie froze on stage and they lost the group number to the Candy Apples.
Episode 15

Night of the Living Dancers

Week-long tension between Kelly and Abby comes to a head when Kelly makes a drastic decision seconds before her daughters take the stage. As Maddie struggles with confidence issues, Melissa will stop at nothing to get her daughter back on top.
Episode 16

I Know What You Did Last Competition

The cat-fight continues between Abby and Kelly after her daughters first receive unfair treatment and then are put on probation. When the other moms question Maddie's win last week, Melissa faces a cheating scandal.
Episode 17

Maddie Has a Secret

The 25th anniversary of Star Power is so big there are two competition venues filled with dancers. Abby covertly enters Maddie in both competitions...but to avoid sending the dance moms into a frenzy, Maddie must keep the secret.
Episode 18

How Do You Like Them Apples?

Abby and the girls are out for revenge when they go against Cathy and her Candy Apples for the first time this competition season. Meanwhile, Kelly decides to take matters into her own hands when she secretly re-choreographs Paige's solo.
Episode 19

Worst Birthday Party Ever!

Dance Mom Leslie is back and will stop at nothing until her daughter gets a solo. Kelly's birthday party is a disaster when a big dance moms fight breaks out.
Episode 20

Guess Who's Back?

Everyone is completely shocked when Jill and Kendall come crawling back to the Abby Lee Dance Company. Jealousy rears its ugly head when the moms learn that Maddie lands the coveted acting role on "Drop Dead Diva."
Episode 21

Break a Leg

With Paige out with a broken foot, Jill seizes the opportunity and spins into hyper-Dance-Mom-mode trying to get Kendall to replace Paige in this week's numbers.
Episode 22

Revenge of the Candy Apples

When Cathy learns her Dance Mom Jill and daughter Kendal have gone back to the Abby Lee Dance Company, she plots her revenge at the next competition.
Episode 23

The Recital to End All Recitals

Abby's annual recital for the Abby Lee Dance Company shakes up the studio and the dance moms when she assigns a style of dance they have never done before. Potential disaster then arrives when Cathy and her Candy Apples crash the recital.
Episode 24

New Girl in Town

The arrival of a new dance mom and her daughter create a huge stir amongst the girls and the dance moms. With her broken foot healed, Paige gets the go-ahead from the doctor to dance in this week s important competition.
Episode 25

Solo Fever

With Nationals next week, Abby must decide who will be dancing. To help make her decision, Abby assigns each girl, except Maddie, a solo and warns that she will be watching their performance like a hawk.
Episode 26

Nationals 90210

The Abby Lee Dance Company battling for a National title, this time in glamorous Beverly Hills. Cathy and her Candy Apples follow Abby all the way to the 90210, where the girls will have another shot at beating Justice and Vivi-Anne.
Episode 27

Reunion: Off the Dance Floor, Part 1

After the most tumultuous dance competition season ever, Abby and the Dance Moms reunite on stage to set the record straight.
Episode 28

Reunion: Off the Dance Floor, Part 2

After the most tumultuous dance competition season ever, Abby and the Dance Moms reunite on stage to set the record straight.

The Dances Review Abby as a Coach

Making the ALDC Cut

ALDC Group Dance: "Where Have All the Children Gone?"

Moms' Take: Introducing the Irreplaceables

Bonus: The Minis' Moms Check In with Abby

Full Dance: Kalani's "What Do You See" Solo

Nia's Best Dance Moments

Group Dance: "The Bow" Ballet

Group Dance: "The Thinner the Air, the Harder to Breathe"

Bonus: Kira Picks on Camille

Full Dance: Bond Girl

Full Dance: Kendall's "Scream" Solo

Bonus: Kaya Reassures Nicaya

Full Dance: The Hostage

Group Dance: Boss Ladies

Group Dance: The Atlantic

Full Dance: the Entertainer

Bonus Scene: JoJo's Nebraska Crew

Full Dance: Bully

Full Dance: Run Baby Run

Group Dance: Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Extended Scene: Setting a Bad Example

Full Dance: Pop Princesses

Group Dance: Club 42

Group Dance: Still Dancing (Bowie Tribute)

Moms' Take: Problems With Ashlee

Group Dance: Ease On Down the Boulevard

Dance: the People's Choice

Full Dance: Don't Take My Fire

Group Dance: Well-Oiled Machine

Full Dance: Mystical Beauty

Group Dance: Bollywood Dreams

Bonus Scene: The Fight Continues

Full Dance: The Odd Couple

Group Dance: Better Off Now

Group Dance: The Elite

Full Dance: All Eyes On Me

Group Dance: Straight Outta Pittsburgh

Full Dance: Eat Chips

Group Dance: Hungry Like the Wolves

Group Dance: Plastic Bubble

Nia Performs "Slay"

Ugly Dance-Off

Cathy Dishes On Christie

My Last Text


When Jill Left Candy Apples

Flight Club

Kelly and Abby's Past

Maddie's Crowns

It All Comes Down to This

Who's Gonna Get It?

Paige's Reaction

Dear Abby: Are You Really Ready?

The Moms' Take: Raging Newcomer

Dancer Divas

Abby Lee, Model Extraordinaire!

Dear Abby, the Recital to End All Recitals

Dear Abby, Revenge of the Candy Apples

Down On Your Level

Dear Abby, Break a Leg

Humble Pie

LaQueefa's Return

Dear Abby, Worst Birthday Party Ever!

The Moms' Take: a Day of Infamy

Bringing in the Ringers

Silent Apples

Cathy's Ego Solo

The Cutest Dance

Leslie's Back

About this Show

Dance Moms

Set in Pittsburgh's renowned Abby Lee Dance Company, owned and operated by notoriously demanding and passionate instructor Abby Lee Miller, Dance Moms follows children's early steps on the road to stardom, and their doting mothers who are there for every rehearsal, performance and all under the discerning eye of Miller.

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