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Little Women: AtlantaLittle Women: Atlanta

TV14RealityBlack StoriesTV Series2016

In Little Women: Atlanta, the little ladies turn it up wherever they go out, especial...more

In Little Women: Atlanta, the little ladies turn it up wherever t...More

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Season4 5
Episode 1

Guess Who's Back

After firing their manager, the Twinz are under a deadline to get their career back on track. Juicy meets with Atlanta rap moguls The Street Execs and gets offered a huge opportunity.
Episode 2

Diss Means War

Juicy drops a bomb that makes the Cheeks and Twinz reconsider their shot with Street Execs. The Cheeks uproot their families to Atlanta for a career break, despite the secret Emily is carrying.
Episode 3

Put a Ring On It

Chris shocks Amanda with his plan to propose to Andrea. Emily throws a pregnancy wrench in Juicy's plans for the Cheeks and the Street Execs.
Episode 4

Show up and Show Out

The Cheat Code concert is coming up which will decide who's going to be the opening act on the Street Execs tour. Juicy and the Cheeks worry that Emily's pregnancy will knock the Cheeks out of the running so Juicy's forced to look for back-up.
Episode 5

On the Dotted Line

With proceeds for album sales and the concert tour on the line, Minnie and Juicy hustle to officially sign their artists but Juicy has a trick up her sleeve.
Episode 6

Why You Mad Sis?

Juicy and Minnie are given another challenge to prove their clients have what it takes to land a spot on the Street Execs Tour. Emily's ego threatens to sabotage the Cheek's reputation.
Episode 7

Collaborate, Not Hate

After a disastrous meeting at the Street Execs, Juicy and Minnie have their work cut out for themselves to repair their relationship with the record label and keep Abira and Emily from tanking the compilation LP.
Episode 8

Getting Schooled

Minnie convinces the Twinz to collaborate with an up-and-coming artist who's never worked with little people before; fed up with Emily's bad attitude, Juicy gives the Cheeks a timeout; Abira and Andrea attempt to learn how to manage their anger.
Episode 9

Collabing with the Enemy

After Emily goes behind Bri's back, Bri makes a drastic move and approaches their long-time arch enemies, the Tiny Twinz, in the hopes of a collaboration.
Episode 10

For Better or Worse

As The Twinz continue to plan their double wedding, Andrea runs into issues with Chris which threatens to tear apart their joint wedding plans. Now with Emily gone from Atlanta, Bri decides to try a solo career behind Emily's back.
Episode 11

Maid of Dishonor

The ATL gang descend upon Dallas for Amanda's wedding. Juicy lands the Cheeks an interview with Salute Magazine, and Bri gets mad when Emily takes all of the attention.
Episode 12

Crazy, Stupid Love

Everyone's in Texas for Amanda's wedding... except Chris, who has tried to make amends with Andrea but she's on the fence. All the while, Juicy spills the beans to Emily that Bri has been recording behind her back.
Episode 13

Stealing My Shine

Minnie hustles to get her clients' music exposure, but Abira goes ballistic when she thinks Minnie is doing more for the Twinz than for her.
Episode 14

Jealousy is Not a Good Look

Juicy continues to build her clientele by scoping out new artists and investors. Andrea wants to leave the music biz in order to focus on family
Episode 15

The Final Count

It has all come down to this; the Final Cut performance. Street Execs will make their decision on which artist will get to go on the national tour.
Episode 16

Burying the Hatchet with Ms. Ratchet

Abira's drunken outburst at the Final Cut causes friction between all the Little Women and Minnie must choose between her clients Abira and The Twinz.

Abira Heckles the Tiny Twinz's Performance

The Tiny Twinz and Abira Set It Off

Rockiest Romances Mashup (Part 2)

The Tiny Twinz Make Their First Music Video

Abira Wants Equal Representation from Minnie

Amanda and Jordan Get Married

Andrea Breaks Up with Chris

Cheeks & Twins on the Mic

Ms. Juicy Chews Emily Out

Emily Ends the LP Project

Shut Up, Emily!

Come on Back to Me

The Tiny Twins Leave Ms. Juicy for Minnie

Here Comes Trouble

Will Amanda's Wedding Interfere with the Tiny Twins?

Amanda Revokes Minnie's Maid-of-Honor Status

Emily Fesses Up to Juicy

Juicy and Abira Fire Each Other

Nico Crashes Girls' Night Out

Monie Thinks Juicy's New House Is Too Big

Von Reconsiders Marrying Tanya

Abira Questions Juicy's Management Skills

Andrea's Baby Shower is Full of Surprises

Monie and Morlin Have the Baby Talk

Andrea Regrets Making Minnie a Godmother

Tanya and Von Talk Marriage

Jordan Proposes to Amanda

Minnie and Abira Continue to Argue Over Waders

Caylea's Very Presence Causes Problems in Atlanta

Jordan Brings Minnie Ring Shopping

Minnie Can't Fish Because Abira Took Her Waders

Nico's Apology to Tanya Goes Wrong

Minnie Joins the 85 South Podcast

Sam and Tammie Confront Minnie About Cosmetic Surgery

Tanya's First Night Out Doesn't Go as Planned

Abira Raps for Juicy and Johnnie Cabbell

Minnie and Sam Try to Run a 5K

Andrea Crumbles During a Family Visit

Andrea's Parents Are Conflicted Over Her Pregnancy

Andrea Tells Amanda She's Pregnant

Morlin and Monie Make a Scene at Tanya's Baby Shower

Has Morlin Been Cheating on the Road?

Tanya's Surprise Baby Shower

The Biggest Little Ms. Juicy Moments

Minnie and Juicy Argue at Morlin's Party

About this Show

Little Women: Atlanta

In Little Women: Atlanta, the little ladies turn it up wherever they go out, especially with club promoter Emily leading the charge. There is no shortage of drama within this circle of friends as they face the daily challenges that come with being a little person.

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