2 seasons available

Little Women: Atlanta

TV14 • Black Stories, Reality • TV Series • 2016

In Little Women: Atlanta, the little ladies turn it up wherever they go out, especially with club promoter Emily leading the charge. There is no short...more

In Little Women: Atlanta, the little ladies turn it up wherever they go out, especially with club promoter Emily leading the charge. There is no short...more

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2 seasons available (41 episodes)

2 seasons available

(41 episodes)


A Little Thankful

The ladies get together for a special holiday dinner to talk turkey and spill the tea. They reminisce about moments from the past three seasons and when things get heated, the knives literally come out!
Episode 1

Rumor Has It

After celebrating her wedding in Houston, Monie finally has her happily ever after, but when Juicy reveals some damaging information about Morlin, it threatens to end Monie's marriage.
Episode 2

Caught In The Middle

Monie finds herself caught in the middle after Juicy and Morlin's blowup at Tanya's baby shower. Minnie helps Sam confront her worsening hair loss with the help of a new friend.
Episode 3

Big Little News

Juicy is presented with a new business venture that means stirring the pot with the Tiny Twinz. Monie makes a final plea to her ex Derrick in hopes of getting her son D2 to move to Atlanta.
Episode 4

You're Fired

Despite her mother's skepticism, Minnie trains for her first 5K run with high hopes of hitting the finish line. With the Tiny Twinz on break, Amanda has a showdown with their manager Gayle.
Episode 5

Skinny Minnie

Sam is forced to step in when Minnie decides to try a dangerous weight loss procedure. Amanda lands an apprenticeship at a local nail salon but her first job without her sister isn't what she expected.
Episode 6

Radio Wars

During Monie's surprise birthday party for Morlin, Minnie announces she's landed a new gig in radio, putting Juicy on the defensive. With another baby on the way, Andrea gives Chris an ultimatum.
Episode 7

Juicy's Got Talent

After a heated argument, Nico finally expresses his true feelings for Tanya. Meanwhile Minnie's health takes a dangerous turn. In an effort to be taken seriously as a manager, Juicy organizes a talent showcase.
Episode 8

Road Trippin'

Amanda and Jordan convince the group to go on a fishing trip, but Jordan has ulterior motives. Tanya makes a decision regarding Tahirih, that impacts the whole group. And when Minnie finds out Abira has been invited on the trip, all hell breaks loose.
Episode 9

Road Trippin' Part 2

As the drama between Minnie and Abira heat ups in Tennessee, Minnie worries that she's ruined Jordan's surprise for Amanda. Andrea and Chris fall back into their old ways when Chris' jealousy gets the best of him.
Episode 10

Another Bad Romance

Back in Atlanta, Tanya begins to contemplate her future with Devon. Minnie is forced to deal with her worsening health issues. Andrea's jealousy over not being included in Jordan's surprise has catastrophic consequences for her and Minnie's friendship.
Episode 11

Cover Girls

Juicy lands her first magazine cover shoot but takes a risk by hiring Sam to do her make-up. Minnie debates whether to forgive Andrea and attend her baby shower.
Episode 12

Girl Power

With Monie and Minnie's help, Sam takes steps to overcome her commitment issues. Andrea begins experiencing pregnancy complications, putting her and the baby at risk. When Juicy gets an unexpected health scare, the girls rally around her for support.
Episode 13

Big Little Decisions

Sam helps Devon plan a romantic surprise for Tanya, but when Devon's jealousy over Nico ruins the surprise, Tanya begins to reconsider their future together.
Episode 14

Ex & The City

Tanya plans a trip to New York City with some of the girls, but an unannounced guest throws her plans into turmoil. Sam worries about introducing her new boyfriend to the girls and her parents.

Juicy and Abira Fire Each Other

Nico Crashes Girls' Night Out

Monie Thinks Juicy's New House Is Too Big

Von Reconsiders Marrying Tanya

Abira Questions Juicy's Management Skills

Andrea's Baby Shower is Full of Surprises

Monie and Morlin Have the Baby Talk

Andrea Regrets Making Minnie a Godmother

Tanya and Von Talk Marriage

Jordan Proposes to Amanda

Minnie and Abira Continue to Argue Over Waders

Caylea's Very Presence Causes Problems in Atlanta

Jordan Brings Minnie Ring Shopping

Minnie Can't Fish Because Abira Took Her Waders

Nico's Apology to Tanya Goes Wrong

Minnie Joins the 85 South Podcast

Sam and Tammie Confront Minnie About Cosmetic Surgery

Tanya's First Night Out Doesn't Go as Planned

Abira Raps for Juicy and Johnnie Cabbell

Minnie and Sam Try to Run a 5K

Andrea Crumbles During a Family Visit

Andrea's Parents Are Conflicted Over Her Pregnancy

Andrea Tells Amanda She's Pregnant

Morlin and Monie Make a Scene at Tanya's Baby Shower

Has Morlin Been Cheating on the Road?

Tanya's Surprise Baby Shower

The Biggest Little Ms. Juicy Moments

Postponing Monie's Wedding?

Wedding Location Woes

The Reunion Is Derailed

The Tiny Twins Address Andrea's Choice to Leave

Abira Joins the Reunion

Nico Joins the Reunion

Amanda Questions Andrea's Motivations for Moving

Tanya Kicks Nico Out

Tanya Consoles an Emotional Andrea

The Beginning of the End for the Tiny Twins?

Andrea Is Tearing the Tiny Twins Apart

Minnie and Juicy Can't Get Along

Is Minnie Trying to Be Juicy?

Minnie's Gift for Rickey Smiley

Tanya's Kids Are Both Little

Team Minnie Is Divided Over the Acting Workshop

Juicy and Minnie Are Not On the Same Page

Tanya Is Bisexual Too

Nico and Tanya's Mom Try to Talk

Nico Tells Juicy He's Bisexual

Monie Questions Minnie's Motives

The Tiny Twins Lose Their Cool

Minnie Is Escorted Out of Juicy's Party

The Chicken Wing Incident Won't Die

Minnie and Tanya Ruin Casino Night

A Housewarming Without Nico

Juicy and Minnie Carry Out Operation Morlin

A Heated Custody Conversation

Little Women on Ice

Nico's Effect on Tanya

The Minnie Bar Is Closed

A Scary Little Campfire Story

The Twins Attend Speech Therapy

Juicy's Family Finds Out About Her Sex Talk Show

Monie Loses Her Engagement Ring

Andrea Tells Her Mom Chris Left

Tanya Clears Things Up

Nico's Interrogation

The Girls Meet Nico

Sam and Minnie Apologize

The Masquerade Ball

Minnie and Juicy Argue at Morlin's Party

Minnie Comes Clean

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