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TV14Medical • DramaCrimeMysteryTV Series2005

Inspired by the real-life forensic anthropologist and best-selling novelist Kathy Rei...more

Inspired by the real-life forensic anthropologist and best-sellin...More

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Episode 1

The Secrets in the Proposal

In the Season 9 premiere, the remains of a State Department accountant are found in a hotel's air-conditioning unit, but the investigation takes an unusual turn.
Episode 2

The Cheat in the Retreat

Brennan and Booth go undercover as Roxie and Tony, respectively, at a couples retreat while investigating the death of a management consultant, whose remains were discovered being eaten by bobcats. Meanwhile, Cam's identity is stolen.
Episode 3

El Carnicero en el Coche

A gang member's remains are found in a burned-out car, and Sweets, who's taking time off from the FBI, helps out with the investigation when a boy from the neighborhood center where he's a volunteer turns out to be the son of a gang member.
Episode 4

The Sense in the Sacrifice

A plan to catch Christopher Pelant involves using a human cadaver to stage a murder to match his style and draw him out but he refuses to take the bait and retaliates by killing someone close to Booth. Meanwhile, Sweets returns to the FBI.
Episode 5

The Lady on the List

An investigation of the murder of a high-school principal who had cancer leads to his bucket list after the discovery of a video of him punching UFC champ Chuck Liddell in the face. Meanwhile, Brennan and Booth start to plan the wedding.
Episode 6

The Woman in White

Brennan and Booth's wedding day approaches, but details of a murder probe are kept from the bride so she can stay focused on her big day. Meanwhile, Brennan's father, Max, arouses suspicion when he shows up with a duffel bag full of money.
Episode 7

The Nazi on the Honeymoon

Brennan and Booth's honeymoon in Buenos Aires turns into a businessman's holiday when they help a detective, who's a fan of Brennan's books, investigate the murder of a Nazi war criminal whose remains were found in a mass grave.
Episode 8

The Dude in the Dam

The investigation of a model's murder reveals that his main source of income was sperm donations but the discovery that he falsified records spawns a long list of suspects. Meanwhile, Brennan gets into a feud with a fellow author.
Episode 9

The Fury in the Jury

Brennan serves as a juror on a case involving a soccer player who's charged with murdering his wife but she doesn't think he's guilty until his best friend also winds up dead, and then it becomes a team effort to prove he's the killer.
Episode 10

The Mystery in the Meat

The murder of a scientist is investigated after remains are mixed with cans of stew served in a school cafeteria but when the team discover the deceased's latest invention, it leads to a trail of jealous suspects in a cutthroat industry.
Episode 11

The Spark in the Park

A nationally ranked gymnast is murdered and her remains are hit by lightning and strewn about a public park, and evidence suggests she was leading a double life but Booth is more puzzled by Brennan's empathy for the victim's father.
Episode 12

The Ghost in the Killer

Brennan dreams about Christopher Pelant during the investigation of the death of a girl who was murdered 18 years ago, and one of the suspects turns out to be an ex-boyfriend who was also a friend of Hodgins'.
Episode 13

Big in the Philippines

A country-music singer's remains are found in a shallow grave, and the Jeffersonian's investigation uncovers his record label's mistreatment of him. Meanwhile, Wendell breaks his arm in a hockey game.
Episode 14

The Master in the Slop

Sweets goes undercover in the world of professional chess after a champion's body is discovered in pig slop. Meanwhile, Cam balks at being recognized by a science publication since she feels the honor should go to Brennan.
Episode 15

The Heiress in the Hill

A kidnap victim's remains are identified after being found in a park, and the team wonder if the deceased's strained relationship with her mother might have anything to do with her murder. Hodgins learns a secret about his family.
Episode 16

The Source in the Sludge

When a CIA informant is murdered, Booth and CIA Agent Danny Beck work together to track down a terrorist. Brennan wants to work closely with Booth in the field, and the duo must confront the implications of what that means to their family.
Episode 17

The Repo Man in the Septic Tank

The remains of a repo man are found in a septic tank, but the investigation reveals his dark past and more than a few suspects. Meanwhile, a forensic anthropologist from Cuba becomes a Jeffersonian intern after defecting.
Episode 18

The Carrot in the Kudzu

When a TV show actor is found dead, the Jeffersonian team go behind the scenes to uncover who murdered everyone's favorite character. When they discover the actor was known for his promiscuity, they uncover some unlikely suspects.
Episode 19

The Turn in the Urn

Three people's remains in a single urn confound the Jeffersonian team after a wealthy artifact collector walks into his own funeral. Meanwhile, Finn and Hodgins strike it rich with their hot-sauce venture.
Episode 20

The High in the Low

Remains found in a log in a forest belong to an art-school dropout who had lupus, and the investigation reveals marijuana use to ease her pain, but her work at a dispensary may have had something to do with her death.
Episode 21

The Cold in the Case

Remains found in a swamp belong to a woman who was cryogenically frozen before being discarded, which leads the investigation to a preservation facility. Meanwhile, Cam is nervous about meeting Arastoo's parents.
Episode 22

The Nail in the Coffin

Remains in a national park belong to the daughter of the wealthy McNamara family, and the investigation reveals she may have been murdered by the Ghost Killer and had a connection to a previous victim.
Episode 23

The Drama in the Queen

The remains of a swim coach at a community college are found at the bottom of a well, and the investigation reveals he may have been having an affair. Meanwhile, Booth prepares to testify before a Congressional subcommittee.
Episode 24

The Recluse in the Recliner

A conspiracy blogger's death arouses suspicion when he dies before a scheduled meeting with Booth to discuss a previous case but evidence uncovered during the team's investigation could affect his future with the FBI.

About this Show


Inspired by the real-life forensic anthropologist and best-selling novelist Kathy Reichs, BONES is a darkly amusing investigative drama centered on Dr. Temperance Brennan, a forensic anthropologist who writes novels on the side.

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