4 seasons available


TVPGDocumentariesRealityScience & Technology • FamilyTV Series • 2013

The MythBusters, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, two special effects experts with more...more

The MythBusters, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, two special effec...More

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4 seasons available (29 episodes)

4 seasons available

(29 episodes)

Episode 1

Blow It Out the Water

Adam and Jamie blow up a boat with 1,000 lb of high explosive before building a homemade machine gun from Breaking Bad’s season finale.
Episode 2

Flights of Fantasy

Stow your tray tables because in this aviation extravaganza Adam and Jamie tackle two flights of fantasy that sees a MythBuster launched to the edge of space!
Episode 3

Accidental Ammo

Stand by for some ballistic backyard bedlam and a gruesome glass guillotine in an episode devoted to accidental ammo!
Episode 4

Dangerous Driving

Adam and Jamie crank the controversy to the max as they find out if Hands-Free driving is really the solution to making that all important call at the wheel.
Episode 5

Supernatural Shooters

On this episode of MythBusters Adam and Jamie take aim at Hollywood's infallible hit men and their seemingly supernatural ability to take down a target.
Episode 6

Unfinished Business

Adam and Jamie tackle four fan favourites from video games to grenades, from spy cars to super-fast firearms, the MythBusters are having a blast!
Episode 7

MythBusters vs. Jaws

It’s the MythBusters Shark Special as the guys retackle the explosive finale of the film Jaws. But that’s not all - with two shark repellent myths thrown in for good measure, the guys are going to need a bigger boat!
Episode 8

Star Wars - The Myths Strike Back

The Myths Strike Back when Adam and Jamie once again confront the dark side of science in a workshop not so far, far away...

Explosive Smoothie MiniMyth

Indiana Jones Trailer

Indiana Savage

Simpsons Aftershow

Wrecking Ball High-Speed

The Gentle Art of Tapping

Grand Finale High-Speeds

Duct Tape Trebuchet

Hello Censors

Jaw Dropping Truck Wedge Editor’s Cut

How MythBusters Saved a Woman's Life

MythBusters' Worst Day Ever

Adam Chokes up On a Walk Down Memory Lane

Buster's Supersonic Goodbye

Celebrity Favorite Myths

Grand Finale Trailer


MythBusters Reunion Trailer

Reddit Special Aftershow

Adam's Fart Machine

Building a Poop Rocket

Buster's 1000 Foot Drop

Adam Savage's Reddit AMA

Reddit Special Trailer

Cooking Show from Hell

Rocketmen Not-Quite Outtakes

Gummy Bear Rocket Testing

Rocketmen Trailer

Learning to Drift On Dirt

Single Boom Benchmark Test

Trying Not to Drift On Dirt

Failure Is Not an Option Trailer

Inside the Food Fight


Revisiting Zombie Killing Myths

Volunteer Special Trailer

The Octopus Is Dead

Small-Scale Car Crush

Shrimp Cannon Fail

Cooking Chaos Trailer

The Eggplant Has Issues

Explosive Tomato Test

Tanker Implosion High-Speed

How to Make a Train Tanker Implode

The Largest Prop in Mythbusters History

Adam Vs. Landmine High-Speed

Tapping a Tanker

Tanker Crush Trailer

Adam Savage On Landmines

Adam Savage Crosses a Mine Field Blindfolded

The Biggest Control Explosion in MythBusters History

Explosion Special Outtakes

Inside the New Season

You Can't Show an @$%#)*# On TV

Adam Tears up Reflecting On MythBusters

MythBusters Revealed Trailer

MythBusters Final Season Sneak Peek

Get a Grip: How Long Can a MythBuster Hold a Grenade?

Blow It Out of the Water

Can a Star Wars Blaster Bolt Be Dodged?

The Myth Strikes Back Aftershow

A Mythbusting Lightsaber Duel

A MythBusting Lightsaber Duel

Let's Talk Laser Blasters

Does "Essence of Dead Sharks" Work As Shark Repellent?

MythBusters Get Lightsaber Lessons

MythBusters vs. Jaws Aftershow

Shark Pattern-Making 101

Sharks vs. Humans

Retesting Brody vs. Jaws

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