1 season available

Gold Rush

TVPG • Reality • TV Series • 2010

In the face of an economic meltdown, a group of men will risk everything to strike it rich mining for gold in the wilds of Alaska.

In the face of an economic meltdown, a group of men will risk everything to strike it rich mining for gold in the wilds of Alaska.

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1 season available (30 episodes)

1 season available

(30 episodes)


Toughest Dirtiest Richest

Parker Schnabel goes head to head with rival Todd Hoffman to see who will be King of the Klondike; Klondike legend Tony Beets puts everything on the line.
Episode 1

Miracle on the Mountain

Todd Hoffman takes a gamble and turns his back on guaranteed gold in the Klondike; Tony Beets buys a large second dredge to expand his empire; Parker Schnabel begins the new season without his grandfather.
Episode 2

The Gambler

Todd Hoffman sets out to escape the economic downturn and build a better future in the gold fields of the frozen North.
Episode 3

Eye in the Sky

Todd Hoffman's new Oregon mine fails to deliver; Parker Schnabel's new $600,000 wash plant breaks down on its first start; Tony Beets takes to the sky to check up on his children.
Episode 4

Frankenstein Machinery

Todd returns to the Klondike to collect Monster Red while Parker confronts tough negotiator Tony over royalties and receives a shock offer.
Episode 5


Todd finally finds good gold at his new High Bar mine; Parker gives his foreman Rick his own operation and when Tony and Minnie decide to cut the dredge crew's pay, a key crew member calls it quits.
Episode 6

Misery on the Mountain

Todd battles to get the fifty ounces of gold he needs to keep his High Bar mine open; Tony brings all his children together to get his Paradise Hill claim up and running; Parker is furious at a series of errors which cost him thousands of dollars.
Episode 7

No Crane, No Gain

Todd Hoffman moves his whole operation; Parker Schnabel is flooded out; Tony Beets' ancient dredge hit over a million in gold.
Episode 8

Watery Grave

Tony arrives to find his million-dollar dredge in disaster; while Rick is at his grandpa's funeral, Parker shuts him down by taking his equipment; the Hoffmans discover that their wash-plant doesn't work in their new mine.
Episode 9

Mega Barge & Kid Commando

Todd Hoffman digs deeper than ever in a desperate search for gold; Tony Beets hauls a monster down the Yukon River; Parker Schnabel's $600,000 wash-plant starts to shake itself apart.
Episode 10

Record Gold

Tony Beets breaks records with a big gold haul; Parker Schnabel battles to save his dream washplant; after seven weeks at the Buckland, Todd Hoffman's finally on the gold.
Episode 11

Go Down Fighting

Todd Hoffman hits rock bottom when a key crew member quits; Tony Beets transforms some rusty relics into a monster power barge; a troubled Parker Schnabel misses his own birthday party.
Episode 12

Game Over

With no paycheck for five weeks, Todd Hoffman's close-knit team members turn on each other; Parker's gamble to run his wash plant without protection from rocks proves costly; Tony builds a $10,000 mega-trailer to move his barge.
Episode 13

Monster Machines

The washplants featured on Gold Rush have trapped more than $18 million worth of gold; a look at which monster machines have made and lost the most money.
Episode 14


Todd Hoffman's crew quits, and he desperately tries to keep mining with a skeleton team; Parker Schnabel carelessly breaks his truck's air hoses while transporting his wash plant; Tony Beets finds his dredge blowing gold out of the sluices.
Episode 15


The remnants of the Hoffman crew reach their lowest point, but someone brings Todd good news; Tony Beets fires his barge captain, then runs aground up the mighty Yukon River; Rick Ness finally gets Parker Schnabel's second operation up and running.
Episode 16

Parker vs Rick

Rick outperforms Parker on his new Indian River claim; Tony's dredge suffers a catastrophic failure, threatening his season; Todd Hoffman's skeleton crew finally sees good gold at their new mine in Colorado.
Episode 17

Excavator Down

Todd Hoffman eats humble pie when he begs his old crew to return; Parker Schnabel loses an excavator in a swamp; Tony Beets gives his daughter Monica her own operation.
Episode 18

Double Trouble

The Hoffman crew opens a second mine in Colorado; Parker Schnabel tries out a new mechanic who fails to get approval from Mitch; Tony Beets sets sail in a power-barge up the mighty Yukon river.
Episode 19

Cruelest Cut

Circumstances force Parker Schnabel to call his dad in to help his struggling operation; Todd Hoffman has the best clean-up of the season; Tony Beets' daughter Monica starts bringing home the gold.
Episode 20

Miners vs Beavers

Todd's whole operation is brought to a halt when a beaver dams his water supply; Parker's plant move turns into an excavator nightmare; a massive fix means Tony can finally get his broken dredge up and running.
Episode 21

Dredge vs Washplant

Todd finds monster nuggets on the top of a mountain; Parker and Rick struggle with a conveyor; Tony pits Monica against Kevin to see if the dredge is more efficient than a modern washplant.
Episode 22

Viking Voyage

Todd uses dynamite to blast boulders and get to the gold; Parker has to overcome a flood to get to a record gold count; Tony heads up the freezing Yukon River in his massive power barge.
Episode 23

Final Fury

A fist fight on the Hoffman claim ends in a resignation; Tony's plan to relocate his dredge hits a brick wall; Parker records the biggest gold weigh of his life and teases his next big adventure.
Episode 24


Parker Schnabel and Rick Ness discuss and tease their newest adventure on the Gold Rush Trail and reflect on moments from the past season.
Episode 25

War and Peace

The miners reveal the secrets of the gold mining season: the life and death issues on Parker's claim, how Tony Beets was defeated by a piece of paper and how a fight on the Hoffman claim brought about the end of a seven-year veteran.
Episode 26

Before the Trail

Getting to know Parker Schnabel and three friends, all of whom are about to attempt the Klondike trail of 1897.
Episode 27

Parker's Trail: Footsteps of Legends

Parker Schnabel and his friends pay tribute to the legends before them and attempt the Klondike Trail of 1897.
Episode 28

Parker's Trail: Racing the Freeze

Parker and his crew advance only 50 miles into the daunting 600-mile trek on the Klondike Trail, with water quickly freezing and food sources running low.
Episode 29

Parker's Trail: Hypothermia

Parker falls into freezing water and jeopardizes the entire expedition; the crew relives what happened on the trail and shares untold stories.

An Epic Day

Barge-ing Out

Hell Has Frozen Over at Parker's Claim

Parker's Crew Has Beaver Fever

The Big Gold Rush Fight

Holy Mackerel Gold

A Long Overdue Dredge Repair

Step 1 In Troubleshooting Your Gold Mining Operation: Is Everything Plugged In?

Todd Hoffman Wants to Double Down on Colorado

Will This Cleanout Keep The Hoffman Team's Hopes Alive?

The Beets's Dredge Is Dead In The Water

Tony Beets Is Losing More Gold Every Day Than Most People Find

Parker Takes a Big Risk to Keep Things Moving

Monica Gets a Little Tipsy

Moving Slucifer During a Thunderstorm is a Dangerous Operation

How to Build and Launch a Tugboat

Look at That Chunky Gold In Parker's Sluicebox!

The Beets Family Gets Up And Running In A New Location

A Monster Rattlesnake Takes Over the Claim

Building Tugboats Out of Scrap

Parker Puts Ashley to Work

Monica To The Rescue

Grandpa John Says Goodbye

Excavator Lessons

John Schnabel Tribute

Predictions for Season 7

Parker and Todd Have It Out On 'The Dirt'

Keeping up With Tony Beets

Parker Schnabel Cleans Out 3300 Ounces, Makes Grandpa Proud

The Gold Rush, Then and Now

Who's the Best Shot?

Season Finale Sneak Peek

Million Dollar Pay Pile

Diverting a Stream to Find Paydirt

Dredge Tour With Kevin Beets

Moving Goldzilla

No Regrets for Tony and Minnie Beets

Dredge #4 Tour With Tony Beets

Inside Monster Red

4 Things You Didn't Know About Chris Doumitt

What's So Great About Derek?

Dozer Dave's D11

Is Rick Ness Gone for Good?

Ask Grandpa: Life Lessons from John Schnabel

Double Pay Dirt at Paradise Hill

Life Lessons from Tony Beets

Fan Favorites

Parker’s New Stacker

Ask Grandpa: Making Your Marriage Last

Monica Beets in Charge

Million Dollar Cut

A Miner's Best Friend

The Mini Miners of MicKinnon Creek

Broken Spring in the Final Hour

The Results of Land Reclamation

Tony Beets Dredge Triumph

Beets Knows Best

Biggest Hoffman Gold Cleanup Ever

Come Hell or High Water: Dredge Build Recap

Cracked Dredge

Growing up Schnabel

Parker Schnabel and Tony Beets Talk Land Reclamation

Parker Schnabel On Tony Beets Confrontation

Parker Schnabel Pays Off Tony Beets

Re-tracking an Excavator On the Fly

Resurrecting the Beast

Shocking News for Next Season

The Dogs of Gold Rush

What Was Grandpa Schnabel Like at Parker's Age?

Will Tony Beets' Dredge Sink or Float?

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