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Gold RushGold Rush

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In the face of an economic meltdown, a group of men will risk everything to strike it...more

In the face of an economic meltdown, a group of men will risk eve...More

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Season7 8 10

15 Million Dollar Season

Last year was the biggest haul ever for the miners, despite the extreme hardships and challenges Parker, Tony & Rick faced. Experience all the highs and lows from the epic 2018 season which could be last time all three men mine in the Klondike.

Back to the Future

An extended sneak peek of the all-new season of Gold Rush reveals a crisis in the Klondike forcing the miners in new directions. We go back to the beginning, nine years ago, revealing the pivotal moments that got each man to the crossroads they now face.

Big Aussie Gold

The Parker's Trail crew rave about all the big gold in Australia and reveal behind the scenes stories about all the colorful characters they met. Then, Dave Turin gets real about their rough season, and we uncover the biggest prankster on the Team Turin.

No Guts, No Gold

Nine years ago, a group of men traveled deep into Alaska & the Klondike, risking it all to prospect and strike it rich gold mining. Embed with these crews chasing the American Dream for nearly a decade and see how they got to where they are today.
Episode 1

Crisis in the Klondike

A crisis in the Klondike forces Parker, Rick & Tony to take massive gambles to strike it rich and hunt for gold on new grounds. The setback hits just as the price of gold spikes, sparking a new gold rush to the area.
Episode 2

A New Rush Begins

Parker bets millions on his crew sluicing in record time and is forced to make a hard decision when things don't go as planned. Rick rushes to fire up his washplant and find big nuggets. A showdown on the Indian River sends a Klondike legend scrambling.
Episode 3

The Nugget Hunter

Rick and his dad fly high into Keno mountains on a treasure hunt for massive nuggets. Tony and Monica investigate a gold hot spot the old dredges may have left missed. Parker makes a big decision about his crew that could determine the fate of his season.
Episode 4

Leave No Gold Behind

Parker second guesses the ground he's mining and questions his new foremen. Tony Beets makes a big decision to move the family's entire operation. Rick's mechanic arrives at a critical moment.
Episode 5

We're Gonna Need A Bigger Bucket

Parker throws down a huge engineering challenge to his team. Rick decides to make a major upgrade to his operation. Mike and Monica Beets team up to open more ground.
Episode 6

Monster Red Lives

In search of big nuggets, Rick buys a monster washplant. A flood puts Tony Beets new claim into jeopardy. Parker needs to move Big Red in record time to get back on the gold.
Episode 7

Motherlode Mountain

The Beets discover what could be the motherlode. Rick faces an impossible decision: mine gold or put together his new washplant. Parker tests his new co-foreman with the claims most important machine.
Episode 8

Washplant Wars

Rick races to get Monster Red running after losing his only way to mine gold. A dangerous storm shuts down Parker's operation. The Beets family push to get Monica's potentially gold-rich cut up and running.
Episode 9

No Time For Redemption

Tensions rise when Parker introduces a new crewmember and a radical plan. The Beets Family run an important test on daughter Monica's Hunker Creek claim that could make or break their season. Rick calls on Freddy Dodge to fix Monster Red.
Episode 10

When The Levee Breaks

Rick's season hangs in the balance when an engineering disaster shuts him down. Parker sinks a ton of money into a new claim. Tony gets a third operation running.
Episode 11

Rise of the Machines

Rick tries to outsmart a vital piece of equipment that has a mind of its own. Parker splurges on a brand new toy to get more gold. The Beets bring in a hired gun to turn around the season.
Episode 12

Million-Dollar Pay Day

Parker gambles big and splits his crew in search of a massive score. Rick calls in a mining legend to save his season. The Beets move heaven and earth to get all three kids bringing in gold.
Episode 13

Nuggets or Bust

Rick brings in a secret weapon in his hunt for big nuggets. Tony's confronted with a catastrophic issue at his settling pond. Parker makes a risky decision when he hires a friend with no mining experience to help the crew get ahead.
Episode 14


After pulling the plug on his operation, Rick is thrown a lifeline that will determine the rest of his mining season. Parker & Tony battle frozen paydirt.
Episode 15

And Then There Was One

Tony's back down to one operation running and threatens his entire season. Parker's crew must move washplant Big Red in order to meet his goal of mining his entire ground this season. Rick runs his washplant at maximum speed and has surprising results.
Episode 16

Parker Doubles Down

Parker makes a big move to double his output and bring in more gold. The Beets' face catastrophe when their only remaining operation grinds to a halt. Just as Rick gets Monster Red dialed in, huge rocks threaten to shut him down for good.
Episode 17

Rebellion at Duncan Creek

A machine failure leads to an explosive uprising on Rick's claim. Parker's crew races to build a mountain of pay dirt. Tony decides to run 24/7 to increase his gold total.
Episode 18

Frozen Treasure

Monica races to run newly thawed paydirt that could save the season. Parker constructs a mega pond to keep his operation running. Rick troubleshoots a problem with his wash plant and gears up to end his season strong.
Episode 19

Bring in the Big Guns

Rick confronts his landowners. Tony makes a massive purchase. Parker searches for new ground.
Episode 20

Rally in the Valley

Rick hits a gold layer that may save his season. Parker's crew take big risks in Death Valley. Tony turns a corner.
Episode 21

Last Gold

At the end of his season Parker closes in on a record gold total. Rick rolls the dice on a new piece of ground. Tony turns to Hunker Creek for a final score.
Episode 22

Welcome Stranger

Tempted by the largest nuggets he's ever seen, Parker ventures deep into an underground mine. Tyler tracks down a trommel for the team and a local miner lets the team test a claim that yields more gold per yard than Parker's ever seen in the Yukon.
Episode 23

Tyler's Trial

In the legendary Palmer goldfields, Parker and his team encounter a lucrative family-run mining operation and discover dirt far richer than anything they've ever seen in the Yukon. But convincing the family to lease him virgin ground will come at a price.
Episode 24

Trial by Fire

Parker tests virgin ground on the Fitzgerald claim and makes a big discovery, but he must gain the trust of the family if he wants to strike a deal.
Episode 25

Hell's Crack

In an area known to locals as "Hell's Crack," Parker and his team navigate a treacherous river, battle extreme heat and fight machine breakdowns to prospect ground so rich it could hold 100 million dollars worth of gold.
Episode 26

The Honey Pot

Hunting for a huge payday in Tyler's hometown of Sandstone, the team encounters a dangerous new method for extracting gold and Parker must decide if the risk is worth the reward.
Episode 27

Mine, Moment, Machine

Parker makes a gamble on dry-mining equipment to test the gold-rich ground of Western Australia. A case of gold fever proves costly, and Parker nearly loses a team member.
Episode 28

Hard Rock Risks

Tyler leads Parker to a promising hard rock mine where they detonate high explosives to gauge if the rewards of underground mining justify the risks.
Episode 29

Future Ground

Parker travels deep into Australia's "Super Pit" gold mine, stakes a new claim and makes a big decision that could change his mining career.
Episode 105

The Dirt: Burning Questions

The Dirt is back with three mine bosses on the hot seat to answer your burning questions. What really happened with Tony's water license? What made Rick leave the Klondike for Keno? Then, Parker and Tony get real on their rocky relationship.
Episode 106

The Dirt: The Ness Mess

Rick Ness and crew take us out on the town in Keno to blow off steam. Rick reveals that after Carl's near mutiny they almost came to blows. Then, Parker's co-foremen, Mitch and Brennan, don't hold back when it comes to their boss's attention problems.
Episode 107

The Dirt: Bad Blood

After Christo and The Dakota Boys hash out bad blood, Fred and Dustin reveal what led to their best gold mining season yet. Then, Parker and crew discuss their brutal final push before winter and unveil the most outrageous machine ever on Gold Rush.
Episode 108

The Dirt: The Beets Go On

The one-of-a-kind Beets family explain why their season's been a struggle and the kids rip Tony for his questionable operating skills. Then, Dozer Dave Turin and foreman Jason Sanchez reveal the truth behind the disastrous start to their all-new season.
Episode 108

You Can't Stop The Beets

Tony and his family spend time together looking back through the successes and failures from their year's mining for gold. Tony assesses which of his kids might take over one day.
Episode 109

The Dirt: Lieutenants

With the mine bosses not around, the top brass from all three mine sites do not hold back about how their seasons have gone so far. Gene Cheeseman returns and is candid about his falling out with Parker and the difficult season he's had with Rick.
Gold Rush Finale Night
Episode 110

Gold Rush Finale Night

The mine bosses and their top brass all discuss the epic Gold Rush finale. The miners don’t hold back about their highs and lows of the difficult mining season. Then, the award for the Biggest Screwup is handed out and we reveal plans for next season.
Episode 111

Outback Gold

As the Yukon freezes, Parker Schnabel sets his sights on buying a gold-rich claim in Australia. With the help of third-generation Aussie prospector, Tyler Mahoney, Parker takes his team Down Under in search of ground he can mine year-round.
Episode 113

The Dirt: Fence Gate

Dozer Dave and Team Turin reveal what the full story behind the catastrophic decision that could end their season early. Then, the Parker's Trail crew explain what went down that led to their rescue by Aussie legend and helicopter pilot known as Magoo.
Episode 114

The Dirt: The Gold Whisperer

The Parker's Trail crew reveal untold stories about their grueling road trip in Australia. Then, Team Turin discuss Dozer Dave's big end-of-season decision and gurus Freddy Dodge and Juan Ibarra drop gold knowledge.
Episode 115

Home Edition

Christo virtually catches up with Parker, Tony, Rick, Dave Turin, and other miners during the quarantine. They reveal how they're doing in this unprecedented time and what it means for their upcoming mining season.
Episode 116

Rick's Rally

To save his mining future and rebuild his team, Rick Ness reunites his crew for a new mission: soup up an old UTV and compete in a 500-mile race across a frozen lake. When the guys are together, he learns that one of them won't be going back to the Yukon.
Episode 117

Aussie Gold Strike

As Parker's team takes stock of the gold they've found on their epic eight week expedition across Australia, Parker must decide on his own plans for a future, and how the right ground in the Outback might extend his mining season year-round.
Episode 118

Parker on the Move

Parker shocks with a major update about his mining plans, and the Trail Crew joins with new insights from their journey. Rick and Kruse explain their success ice racing and Mitch and family check in. Later, Bering Sea Gold captains discuss the new season.
Episode 119

The Road to 70 Million

Parker, Todd, Tony and Rick battle the elements, equipment meltdowns and each other to pull in a staggering $70 million in gold.
Episode 120

Where Are They Now?

The mine bosses and a couple mystery guests join The Dirt and reveal new details and insight on the 10 seasons of Gold Rush.
Episode 121

Breaking News

Rick reveals major progress about his mining season and gold room ace Karla gives an exclusive look at her quarantine. Boat captains from Bering Sea Gold and All on The Line discuss their season. Brennan and Mitch offer an update on Parker's operation.
Episode 122

Shutdown, But Not Out

As gold prices hit record highs, Parker, Rick, and Tony are poised to have their biggest gold hauls ever. But a global pandemic may end their seasons before they even begin. With an economy on the brink of collapse, each man must forge a new path.

Barge-ing Out

The Big Gold Rush Fight

An Epic Day

Hell Has Frozen Over at Parker's Claim

Parker's Crew Has Beaver Fever

Holy Mackerel Gold

A Long Overdue Dredge Repair

Step 1 In Troubleshooting Your Gold Mining Operation: Is Everything Plugged In?

Todd Hoffman Wants to Double Down on Colorado

Will This Cleanout Keep The Hoffman Team's Hopes Alive?

The Beets's Dredge Is Dead In The Water

Tony Beets Is Losing More Gold Every Day Than Most People Find

Parker Takes a Big Risk to Keep Things Moving

Monica Gets a Little Tipsy

Moving Slucifer During a Thunderstorm is a Dangerous Operation

How to Build and Launch a Tugboat

Look at That Chunky Gold In Parker's Sluicebox!

The Beets Family Gets Up And Running In A New Location

A Monster Rattlesnake Takes Over the Claim

Building Tugboats Out of Scrap

Parker Puts Ashley to Work

Monica To The Rescue

Grandpa John Says Goodbye

Excavator Lessons

John Schnabel Tribute

Predictions for Season 7

Parker and Todd Have It Out On 'The Dirt'

Keeping up With Tony Beets

The Gold Rush, Then and Now

Parker Schnabel Cleans Out 3300 Ounces, Makes Grandpa Proud

Who's the Best Shot?

Season Finale Sneak Peek

Million Dollar Pay Pile

Diverting a Stream to Find Paydirt

Dredge Tour With Kevin Beets

Moving Goldzilla

No Regrets for Tony and Minnie Beets

Dredge #4 Tour With Tony Beets

Inside Monster Red

4 Things You Didn't Know About Chris Doumitt

What's So Great About Derek?

Dozer Dave's D11

Is Rick Ness Gone for Good?

Ask Grandpa: Life Lessons from John Schnabel

Double Pay Dirt at Paradise Hill

Life Lessons from Tony Beets

Fan Favorites

Parker’s New Stacker

Ask Grandpa: Making Your Marriage Last

Monica Beets in Charge

Million Dollar Cut

A Miner's Best Friend

The Mini Miners of MicKinnon Creek

Broken Spring in the Final Hour

The Results of Land Reclamation

Tony Beets Dredge Triumph

Beets Knows Best

Biggest Hoffman Gold Cleanup Ever

Come Hell or High Water: Dredge Build Recap

Cracked Dredge

The Dogs of Gold Rush

Growing up Schnabel

Parker Schnabel and Tony Beets Talk Land Reclamation

Parker Schnabel On Tony Beets Confrontation

Parker Schnabel Pays Off Tony Beets

Re-tracking an Excavator On the Fly

Resurrecting the Beast

Shocking News for Next Season

What Was Grandpa Schnabel Like at Parker's Age?

Will Tony Beets' Dredge Sink or Float?

About this Show

Gold Rush

In the face of an economic meltdown, a group of men will risk everything to strike it rich mining for gold in the wilds of Alaska.

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