4 seasons available

Forged in Fire

TVPG • Documentaries, Reality, History • TV Series • 2015

Forged in Fire is a competition show pitting master weapon makers against each other. Each week, four of the best blade smiths in the country will com...more

Forged in Fire is a competition show pitting master weapon makers against each other. Each week, four of the best blade smiths in the country will com...more

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4 seasons available (109 episodes)

4 seasons available

(109 episodes)

Episode 1

Long Road to Redemption, Part 1

In this first half of a two-part Road to Redemption competition, seven past competitors who fell short return to the forge for a second chance at glory and redemption.
Episode 2

Long Road to Redemption, Part 2

In the second half of the Road to Redemption competition four former smiths remain, each competing for a second chance to become a Forged in Fire Champion.
Episode 3

Washington's Colichemarde

Four bladesmiths honor some of the greatest Americans of all times--the Presidents. First, competitors pay homage to famed adventurer, President Theodore Roosevelt
Episode 4

The O-Katana

For the special 100th episode of Forged in Fire, four bladesmiths are tasked with forging a chopper and must choose from a mammoth pile of metals and materials from all previous 99 episodes.
Episode 5

The Hussar Saber

Four smiths must think outside the box when tasked with using the dreaded canister method to forge a signature blade. Welding failures and abandoned canisters leave some of the competitors scrambling.
Episode 6

Barbarian Sword

Four bladesmiths plunge into the first round of competition where they must forge a blade using steel harvested from a vintage pinball machine. There's no playing around as the smiths aim to get to the next level before the clock runs out.
Episode 7

The Javanese Kris

The wheels start turning when four bladesmiths must forge friction folders from a rusty pickup truck. The salvaged steel proves temperamental, causing a few of the blades and smiths to crack under the pressure.
Episode 8

General Yamashita's Gunto

Four bladesmiths take a stab at history when they are tasked with recreating an iconic fighting knife from the 20th century: the Fairbairn Sykes. However, replicating the blade is only half the challenge.
Episode 9

The Greek Kopis

Four bladesmiths must forge signature blades from different sizes of spring steel. Competitors toil with the canister Damascus technique with varying degrees of success, and one smith sets a Forged in Fire record.
Episode 10

Branch Battle: Army

In a special five-part competition, top bladesmiths from each branch of the US military - Army, Air Force, Marines and Navy - compete to earn a spot representing their branch in a battle for our biggest prize ever: $50,000.
Episode 11

Branch Battle: Air Force

In Round Two of the Battle of the Branches Tournament, four airmen from the US Air Force must forge a Bolo knife using the San Mai technique to combine high carbon steel with helicopter parts.
Episode 12

Branch Battle: Marines

In the third round of the Battle of the Branches, four Marines are tasked with forging one of the most versatile, and iconic combat knives in history: the KA-BAR.
Episode 13

Branch Battle: Navy

Round Four of the Battle of the Branches sets sail as four Naval officers must forge a multipurpose Naval Mark 3 Dive Knife with metal from a giant anchor chain. It's sink or swim as delaminations and forge weld failures plague some of the bladesmiths.
Episode 14

Branch Battle: Finals

In the final round of the Battle of the Branches the winning Soldier, Airman, Marine and Sailor return to the forge for the ultimate showdown.
Episode 15

The Nagamaki

Four bladesmiths are in for a workout when they are tasked with forging signature blades from gym equipment. The competitors flex their skills, battling forge welding failures and warps.
Episode 16

Attila's Sword of Mars

Four bladesmiths aim for the stars when they are tasked with forging fantasy blades from a meteorite. Forced to use the canister method, the smiths battle difficult forge welds in order to create their one of a kind blades.
Episode 17

The Partizan

Four bladesmiths fight fire with fire when they must dismantle a forge and use that steel to construct a blade. The competition gets heated as the smiths struggle to salvage enough material to create a san mai billet.
Episode 18

The Messer Sword

Four bladesmiths face triple the challenges when they must forge a canister Damascus blade from three different steels using three separate cans.
Episode 19

The Ram Dao

Four bladesmiths are dispatched to the snowy winter tundra to forge a kukri with steel harvested from an old snowmobile. Provided with no power tools, the smiths might fight to forge their blades with just hand tools and the dreaded coal forge.
Episode 20

The Foot Artillery Sword

It's anyone's game when four bladesmiths are tasked with forging blades from old toys using the san mai technique. The smiths realize playtime is over as the pressure of the competition heats up and they experience difficult delaminations.
Episode 21

Astronaut Knife

On the 50th anniversary of the first steps on the moon, four bladesmiths compete to recreate a space-age M-1 NASA Survival Knife out of ball bearings.
Episode 22

The Lochaber Axe

It's a battle royale for four bladesmiths when they are tasked with forging signature blades with an integral knuckle duster from a steel cage and barbed wire.
Episode 23

The Cane Sword

Four bladesmiths are given a special assignment when they are tasked with forging Doug Marcaida's favorite blade: the Karambit. The competitors are in for twice the challenge when they must create a matching pair of the lethal knives.
Episode 24

The Boar Sword

Four bladesmiths must scavenge a construction site to salvage their own knife-making materials. The smiths are then presented with an additional physical challenge when they are required to use a hand-cranked coal forge for the first round.
Episode 25

The Falchion

The odds are stacked against four bladesmiths when they must each forge a chopper in a distinct Damascus pattern. The ladder to success is full of twists as they struggle to achieve the specific look of each pattern.
Episode 26

Napoleon's Saber

Four bladesmiths must start at the bottom when they are tasked with creating ladder pattern damascus knives from a real ladder.
Episode 27

The Bhuj

A quartet of bladesmiths are tasked with making canister damascus using barbershop tools, but before the knife making can begin, they must harvest their cans from an old barber's chair.
Episode 28

Blackbeard's Cutlass

It's anchors aweigh, as four bladesmiths are tasked with forging a Pirate's Boarding Axe from a treasure chest. They must batten down the hatches as they battle wayward welds and forging fiascos that leave two smiths high and dry.
Episode 29

Kung Fu Edition

In this special kung fu competition, four bladesmiths square off in the Forged in Fire dojo where they must make a matching set of three kunai throwing knives.
Episode 30

Genghis Khan's Sword

Four smiths hit the fast track when they are tasked with forging signature blades by salvaging materials from a go-kart. There's no pumping the brakes as the smiths navigate a winding road of welding mishaps, which ultimately send two smiths home.

Ring Hilted Sword Home Follow Tour

Pipe Tomahawks Home Forge Challenge

Bardiche Home Follow Tour

Steel Takedown Bow Home Follow Tour

Tournament Finals Home Follow Tour

Tournament Round 4 Home Forge Challenge

Tournament Round 3 Home Forge Challenge

Tournament Round 2 Home Forge Challenge

Farm Tool Blade Tests

Mortuary Sword Tests

Tournament Round 1 Home Forge Challenge

Landsknecht Sword Home Forge Challenge

The Landsknecht Sword Tests

Damascus Steel Knife Tests

Steel Crossbow Home Forge Challenge

Survival Knife Tests

The Kill Bill Katana Tests

Qinglong Ji Home Forge Challenge

The Qinglong Ji Tests

Whiskey Barrel Knife Tests

Sengese Home Forge Challenge

Serrated Knife Tests

The Sengese Tests

Arming Sword Strength Test

Railroad Spike Knife Tests

San Mai Knife Tests

Sawback Hunting Sword Home Forge Challenge

Kilij Home Forge Challenge

The Dreaded Antler Chop Test

The Kilij Kill Test

Anthropomorphic Sword Home Forge Challenge

Anthropomorphic Sword Kill Tests

Rigorous Friction Folder Tests

Small Sword Tests

Smallsword Home Forge Challenge

Bicycle-Damascus Blades Tested

Ring Blades Tested

Wind and Fire Wheels Home Forge Challenge

Multitool Knife Tests

Pioneer Sword Tests

The Sawback Hunting Sword Tests

The Glaive Guisarme Tests

The KA-BAR Fighting Knife Tests

Bagh Nakh Blade Tests

Bolt Chop Blade Tests

The Kelewang Tests

The San Mai Challenge

Forging Hatchets from Steel Shapes

The Lion Spear Tests

Spring Steel Challenge

Spring Steel Knives Tested

Naval Cutlass Home Forge Challenge

The Bulletproof Blade Tests

Forging Blades with Motorcycle Parts

Motorcycle Blade Tests

The German Halberd Tests

The Scottish Dirk Tests

The Coal Forge Challenge

The Navaja Tests

European Daggers Tested

The Zande Spears Tested

The Ice Block Challenge

The Karabela Tests

Chinese Dao Tests

Trench Knife Tests

Blades from Cannon Scrap Metal

Knives Break in Strength Test

Forging Friction Folders

Jumonji Yari Tests

Choppers Fall Prey to Blade Tests

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