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Forged in FireForged in Fire

TVPGDocumentaries • RealityHistory • TV Series2015

Forged in Fire is a competition show pitting master weapon makers against each other....more

Forged in Fire is a competition show pitting master weapon makers...More

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Episode 1

Sword of Perseus

Four bladesmiths are sent on an Odyssey worthy of the Greek Gods: forge a blade from Greek armor and artifacts using the Go-Mai, or the five-layer technique.
Episode 2

General Patton's Saber

In a Forged in Fire first, four bladesmiths are tasked with forging a parameter specific blade shape in just two hours. To add more fuel to the fire, the smiths are unaware of the weapon they're making and how it will be tested.
Episode 3

The Jian Sword

Four smiths get thrown into the mix when they must Frankenstein a blade from one knife and combine it with a different weapon's handle. The pressure is on as these hybrid knives will have to perform and survive the brutal tests ahead.
Episode 4

The Rock-Throwing Crossbow

Four bladesmiths honor the forge's legendary power hammer Big Blu by ripping it apart and forging competition choppers. But will beating beast's high carbon heart, the piston, provide enough steel for all the smiths?
Episode 5

Halloween Edition

In this frighteningly special Halloween competition, four smiths shiver to the bone as they salvage steel from the corpses of broken, decaying blades, and turn it into a zombie killer.
Episode 6

The Boa-Zande Sword

Four smiths must know the drill when they're tasked with forging a canister damascus blade using different sized drill bits. But when a tough round of fighting forge welds and chasing parameters takes one smith out of the competition - only three are left
Episode 7

The Musketeer Rapier

Four smiths are tasked with transforming bits and pieces of old damascus steel into fossil damascus signature blades. Giving new life to old steel is no easy feat as the smiths labor over two rounds to produce fully functional weapons.
Episode 8

The Tizona of El Cid

Four smiths must face the music when they are tasked with creating San-Mai blades from musical instruments. After battling forge welds and thin billets, three take the stage in the second round.
Episode 9

Military Tribute

In honor of Veteran's Day, four bladesmiths pay tribute in a special military themed competition, forging their blades from the biggest salvage yet--a panzer tank.
Episode 10

Revolutionary War Spontoon

Four smiths spring into action when they are tasked with creating signature blades from different sized springs. The smiths battle through two tough rounds, fighting through canisters and failing forge welds.
Episode 11

The Barbarian Spatha

Four smiths must salvage steel from old weapons and combine them using the Hada technique to forge a Pugio - the dagger said to have murdered Julius Caesar. The competitors battle and fight to the finish.
Episode 12

Family Edition

Two families go head-to-head in an all-out battle not only against another household, but also each other. Loyalties will be put aside as the smiths fight forge welds.
Episode 13

Frankish Throwing Axes

Four smiths get ready for the ultimate showdown when they are tasked with forging a camp knife out of steel harvested from a barbecue. Temperatures run high as they first must figure out what steel is high carbon and what is mild.
Episode 14

A Very Forged Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year in the Forge! Four merry bladesmiths gather 'round the fire to spread holiday cheer. Using gifts of high carbon steel along with some mild steel, the smiths must use the San Mai technique to forge.
Episode 15

The Chinese War Sword

Four smiths get ready for a cage match when they are tasked with not only freeing their tools from a steel grate, but also forging a knife from it.
Episode 16

The Sword in the Stone

Four smiths are on a quest to forge signature blades from various Damascus patterns. A tedious and time-consuming task, only three competitors will be victorious.
Episode 17

Charlemagne's Sword

Four smiths crack open crucibles to reveal surprise metals they'll use to forge signature blades. After a tense, one smith is sent packing while the three remaining competitors are tasked with casting bronze guards.
Episode 18

The Spanish Conquistador Sword

Four smiths are faced with recreating the WWII Special Forces Smatchet knife. A knife famous for its versatility on the battlefield.
Episode 19

The Pira

Four smiths must navigate stormy seas by making Hada blades from materials salvaged from a ship's wheel; just two smiths sail through testing to make it to the final challenge where they must recreate the symbolic and deadly Filipino sword, the Pira.
Episode 20

French Pioneer Sword

Four smiths make Hada blades from material harvested from a ship's wheel; smiths recreate the symbolic and deadly Filipino sword, the Pira; four smiths salvage steel from old farm equipment; smiths forge the iconic Rooster Head French Pioneer Sword.
Episode 21

Darb Sri Gun Chai Battle Sword

In a twist of fate, four smiths must forge a twist and stack damascus blade. After two rounds the last two smiths standing must return home and recreate the Darb Sri Gun Chai, an enormous, double handed Thai battle sword.
Episode 22

Zulu War Axe

Four smiths are tasked with forging Japanese Natas using a traditional Japanese technique. After two intense rounds, the three remaining blades are tested to determine which contestants will head to their home forge.
Episode 23

The Chinese Zhanmadao

Four smiths are tasked with creating signature blades from 1095 steel. As time ticks by, new parameters will be added, keeping the smiths on their toes.
Episode 24

The German Dussage

Four bladesmiths are tasked with making a canister damascus blade from threaded bolts. After a couple of intense rounds and some brutal testing, two smiths return to their home forges to recreate the deadly German Dussage Sword.
Episode 25

First Responders Edition

Four first responder bladesmiths are called into the forge to honor those who run toward danger while others run away. Tasked with forging tactical knives out of rescue tools, the smiths battle both the heat and the clock.
Episode 26

Game of Forge

In a throwback to the Iron Age, four smiths must forge daggers as if they were in 650 B.C., relying solely on coal forges and brute force to get the job done.
Episode 27

The Ikakalaka

Four smiths determine their fate when they have to select a forging technique ranging from easy to difficult. They must choose wisely as their selection will directly impact their next round.
Episode 28

Samurai Showdown

In this Samurai themed competition, four smiths must forge a Japanese tanto dagger. Summoning their inner warriors, the smiths fight to produce blades that are worthy of the samurai.
Episode 29

Baby Boomer vs Gen Z

Baby Boomers and Gen Z-ers face off in an Old vs. New competition. After several intense rounds, two smiths head back to their home forges to recreate ancient China's Sword of Goujian, one of the most intact artifacts ever uncovered by archeologists.
Episode 30

The Nimcha

Four smiths are tasked with forging signature blades from scrap metal shavings. After two intense rounds, the remaining smiths head home to recreate the Nimcha, a sword traditionally made from recycled blades.
Episode 31

Titanium Smackdown

Four smiths must forge handles in round one using a metal never before seen in this competition--titanium. The smiths must learn to navigate this new metal just to make it to round two.
Episode 32

Tomahawk and Bowie

Four smiths are put to the test when they must forge keys to unlock boxes of steel needed to make a knife. After a couple of intense rounds, two competitors are picked to head back to their home forges to recreate two American classics.
Episode 33

Japanese Ono

Four smiths are tasked with forging a blade that must fit perfectly into a puzzle piece cut out. After two puzzling rounds, the final two smiths return home to recreate the ancient samurai pole axe, the Japanese Ono.
Episode 34

Super Champion Edition

Four former champions return to the forge to engage in a competition unlike any other. Although they've mastered the fire their first time around, they'll have to dig deeper in order to overcome a set of new challenges.
Episode 35

The Boateng Saber

In this first ever pay-to-play competition, four smiths learn they must fork over forge funds in order to use the tools needed to make signature blades.
Episode 36

Summer Forging Games, Part 1

In this two-part Forged in Fire special, four smiths enter the forge to compete in four events that will test every aspect of their bladesmithing capabilities.
Episode 37

Summer Forging Games, Part 2

In the second half of the Forged in Fire Summer Games, three smiths remain, eager to win the Damascus metal and $15,000. However, the challenges are far from over as they must forge the Greek Xiphos sword, from start to finish, in one round.

Top 5 Axes

Blackbeard's Cutlass Home Forge Challenge

The Bhuj Home Forge Tours

Falchion Shop Tours


Lochaber Axe Shop Tours

Foot Artillery Sword Shop Tours

The Ram Dao Final Round: Josh vs Ben

The Ram Dao Home Forge Tours

Messer Sword Home Follow Tour

Partizan Shop Tours

Attila's Sword of Mars Shop Tours

THRUST and SLASH With Attila's Sword of Mars

The Nagamaki Final Round: Braxton vs Jacob

Nagamaki Home Follow Tour

Branch Battle Finals Shop Tours

Marines Branch Battle Shop Tours

Washington's Cuttoe Final Round: Gene vs Tyler

Naval Officer's Sword Final Round: Jerad vs Lee

Navy Branch Battle Shop Tours

Greek Kopis Final Round: Mike vs. John

Top 5 Chinese Blades in History

Top 5 Curved Blades

Top 5 Strongest Polearms in History

Barbarian Sword Tests

Pinball Knife Tests

Austro-Hungarian Hussar Saber Tests

Canister Damascus Knife Tests

The O-Katana Tests

Scrap Metal Chopper Tests

George Washington's Colichemarde Tests

Rough Rider Bowie Knife Tests

Arming Sword and Greek Kopis Tests

Jambiya Dagger Tests

Chopper Knife Redemption Tests

Mono Steel Knife Redemption Tests

Air Force Branch Battle Shop Tours

Army Branch Battle Shop Tours

General Yamashita's Gunto Shop Tours

Long Road to Redemption Home Follow Tour

Long Road to Redemption Part 2 Home Follow Tour

Napoleon's Saber Home Forge Tours

Ring Hilted Sword Home Follow Tour

Pipe Tomahawks Home Forge Challenge

Bardiche Home Follow Tour

Steel Takedown Bow Home Follow Tour

Tournament Finals Home Follow Tour

Tournament Round 4 Home Forge Challenge

Tournament Round 2 Home Forge Challenge

Mortuary Sword Tests

Tournament Round 1 Home Forge Challenge

The Landsknecht Sword Tests

Damascus Steel Knife Tests

Steel Crossbow Home Forge Challenge

Qinglong Ji Home Forge Challenge

The Qinglong Ji Tests

The Sengese Tests

Serrated Knife Tests

Arming Sword Strength Test

San Mai Knife Tests

Sawback Hunting Sword Home Forge Challenge

The Dreaded Antler Chop Test

The Kilij Kill Test

Anthropomorphic Sword Kill Tests

Rigorous Friction Folder Tests

Small Sword Tests

Smallsword Home Forge Challenge

Bicycle-Damascus Blades Tested

Ring Blades Tested

Wind and Fire Wheels Home Forge Challenge

About this Show

Forged in Fire

Forged in Fire is a competition show pitting master weapon makers against each other. Each week, four of the best blade smiths in the country will come together to put both their skills and reputations on the line.

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