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TV14DramaTV Series2010

Parenthood is a drama about four adult siblings inspired by the box-office hit of the...more

Parenthood is a drama about four adult siblings inspired by the b...More

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Episode 1

I Hear You, I See You

Kristina tries to teach Haddie how to drive while Adam tries to find a balance between his work and personal life. Joel and Julia must explain the birds and the bees to Sydney. Zeek works with Joel to fix a leaky roof in the guest house.
Episode 2

No Good Deed

Adam and Sarah struggle to find balance between personal and professional life, while Julia deals with the delicate balance of social structure for six-year-olds. Crosby learns about the difficulties of being a father.
Episode 3

I'm Cooler Than You Think

Sarah makes a new friend at work that helps her impress Amber while Julia and Joel consider adding to their family.
Episode 4

Date Night

Adam and Kristina try to spend some time alone, Sarah tries to help Drew's love life, and Crosby learns an important lesson about being a father.
Episode 5

The Booth Job

Kristina and Adam lean on others for support, while Zeek and Camille spice things up. Meanwhile, Crosby and Jasmine enlist Julia's help in getting Jabbar accepted at Sydney's school.
Episode 6

Orange Alert

Zeek once again tries to go overboard with the Halloween celebration and is upset when Haddie, Amber and Drew refuse to join in the fun.
Episode 7

Seven Names

In the midst of a financial crisis, Adam must make an important decision that will alter the company's future. Jasmine and Crosby announce their future plans to Jabbar, who reacts surprisingly to the news.
Episode 8

If the Boat Is a Rockin'

Adam confronts a man in defense of Max. Crosby and Jasmine delve into domestic discussions, beginning with the selling of Crosby's boat.
Episode 9

Put Yourself Out There

Sarah pushes Amber to meet with a friend of Gordon's and discuss college. Kristina is concerned that Max wasn't invited to a classmate's birthday party. Principal Taylor asks Crosby to help Joel with the school play.
Episode 10

Happy Thanksgiving

While preparing Thanksgiving dinner, Camille and Amber bond. Meanwhile, Sarah invites Gordon to dinner, Adam fears his future, and Crosby tries to impress his future mother-in-law.
Episode 11

Damage Control

Crosby has trouble teaching Jabbar to clean his room. Meanwhile, Zeke finds Drew drinking beer with guys from school. Adam and Kristina get to know Alex over dinner with Haddie and Max. Joel and Julia explain death to Sydney.
Episode 12

Meet the New Boss

Concerned about the stability of his job, Adam deals with a new boss. Haddie seeks comfort in Amber when her parents refuse to accept Alex. Meanwhile, Crosby attempts to overcome a few obstacles of his own as director of a kindergarten performance at Jabb
Episode 13

Opening Night

Kristina and Adam forbid Haddie to date Alex. Sarah faces a new challenge when Drew tells her he needs to sell $500 worth of wrapping paper. Meanwhile, Crosby and Jasmine deal with Jabbar's bad case of stage fright right before the school play.
Episode 14

A House Divided

Haddie moves in with her grandparents when Kristina refuses to accept her relationship with Alex. Sarah puts her foot down at work and demands a higher salary to pay for Amber's tuition. Meanwhile, Max makes a camping trip with Zeek extremely difficult.
Episode 15

Just Go Home

Sarah and Adam discuss the situation with Haddie. Meanwhile, Haddie, Amber and Max run into Alex. Crosby and Jasmine start pre-marital counseling. Drew meets his father for breakfast.
Episode 16

Amazing Andy and His Wonderful World of Bugs

Joel and Julia try to make a baby; Crosby finds solace in Gaby's arms; Adam and Kristina throw a birthday party for Max featuring Andy the Bug Man.
Episode 17

Do Not Sleep With Your Autistic Nephew's Therapist

When Gaby quits, Adam and Kristina's world falls apart. Crosby tells Jasmine the truth about Gaby, and his world explodes, too. And Seth cuts out on his kids - again.
Episode 18

Qualities and Difficulties

Adam and Kristina try to explain Asperger's to Max, Sarah finds a new passion and Crosby gets in even more trouble. Jason Ritter guest stars.
Episode 19

Taking the Leap

Julia, Joel and Amber receive terrible news, Sarah finds a champion for her play, and Adam and Kristina decide to mainstream Max.
Episode 20

New Plan

Crosby buys a house to win back Jasmine, Adam stresses over Haddie's prom, and Sarah works on her play while worrying about Amber's future.
Episode 21

Slipping Away

Adam struggles to come to terms with Haddie's sexuality, while Amber loses control of her life's direction.
Episode 22

Hard Times Come Again No More

In a stunning season finale, the Bravermans help Amber come to terms with her accident, and attend the premiere of Sarah's play.

About this Show


Parenthood is a drama about four adult siblings inspired by the box-office hit of the same name. Although each sibling and family has its own share of life to grapple with, perhaps this reunion is the push they need to help each other pick up the pieces and focus on the everyday challenges that families face while raising children and starting over.

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