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Committed to reflecting reality, this series portrays the mature themes of life in th...more

Committed to reflecting reality, this series portrays the mature ...More

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Episode 1


Detective john kelly, a fifteen year veteran of the new york police department, takes on the mob after his partner is shot by a vengeful gangster.
Episode 2

4B or Not 4B

Lieutenant Fancy and Detective Kelly are warned to stop pressuring the mob even as Andy Sipowicz lies in the hospital with numerous gunshot wounds. Back at Kelly’s ex-wife’s apartment building, an angry young man starts carrying a gun for protection.
Episode 3

Brown Appetit

After discovering the hotel where Giardella is being held, Sipowicz gets his revenge with the help of a pet bulldog and the hotel's thankful chef. Meanwhile, Officer Janice Licalsi receives a visit from her guilt-ridden father.
Episode 4

True Confessions

Kelly and sipowicz investigate a double homicide at a liquor store. Mrs. Wagner seeks revenge against her husband. Goldstein ignores Kelly's warnings about confronting criminals.
Episode 5

Emission Accomplished

With Kelly's help, Martinez attempts to catch a fellow officer who caused the death of an elderly man. A detective spends the last of his savings staging elaborate practical jokes at the precinct.
Episode 6

Personal Foul

Kelly is forced to arrest a close friend after a fight on the basketball court leaves another friend dead. Meanwhile, Sipowicz’s suspicions are aroused while investigating a drive-by shooting in which the wife is killed but the husband survives.
Episode 7


When Sipowicz’s estranged son, Andy Jr., shows up and announces his engagement, Andy Sr. decides to look into the bride-to-be’s background. “Lou the Werewolf” shows up at the stationhouse begging to be locked up before the next full moon.
Episode 8

Tempest in a C-Cup

Lieutenant Fancy hires Donna Abandando, a well-endowed civilian employee, to work in the precinct’s “safe street” program. Kelly, Sipowicz and Martinez pick up a man wanted for questioning in the shooting death of a cab driver.
Episode 9

Ice Follies

When Martinez’s brother dies from a drug overdose, their father sets out to kill the drug dealer responsible. Back at the precinct, Donna Abandando invites Detective Medavoy out for an evening of ice skating.
Episode 10

Oscar, Meyer, Wiener

Ignoring Kelly’s advice, Licalsi reveals that she’s being blackmailed by the mob. Kelly and Sipowicz investigate the brutal robbery-murder of a wealthy family and work with a pawn dealer in hopes of retrieving a stolen Oscar statuette.
Episode 11

From Hare to Eternity

As the holiday’s approach, Kelly and Sipowicz get an early gift in the form of a hot tip while investigating the kidnapping of a young girl. Sipowicz secretly comes to Fancy’s aid when the lieutenant is accused of mismanaging the department.
Episode 12

Up On the Roof

While Martinez investigates a series of robberies involving a fake ATM machine, Kelly's current case yields evidence that links Licalsi to the mob. Lt. Fancy tries to extend his custody of a young boy whose mother is in a drug rehabilitation program.
Episode 13

Abandando Abandoned

Detectives investigate the shooting death of a man whose wife recently transferred to the precinct. A woman claims she wants her husband prosectuted for spousal abuse but never follows through on her threat. Medavoy has an affair with Donna.
Episode 14

Jumpin' Jack Fleishman

When a woman who was raped refuses to press charges for fear her husband will say she brought it upon herself, Licalsi acts as a decoy in an attempt to trap the prime suspect. Meanwhile, Kelly, Sipowicz and Medavoy track down a cross-dressing male killer.
Episode 15

Steroid Roy

When Kelly and Sipowicz respond to a suicide call they find the body of a police informant who had come to the precinct earlier that day shouting that she was sleeping with her police contact. Licalsi suspects that her partner is taking drugs.
Episode 16

A Sudden Fish

Sipowicz has to diffuse an explosive situation when a disabled Vietnam vet who was mugged decides to take matters into his own hands. Kelly steps in to help the girlfriend of a terminally ill millionaire pay off an ex-lover who is blackmailing her.
Episode 17

Black Men Can Jump

The detectives investigate the slaying of a young black teenager. Sipowicz suspects a private investigator is taking advantage of a man whose daughter disappeared.
Episode 18

Zeppo Marks Brothers

When a material witness to a drug hit turns up dead, Sipowicz and Kelly’s investigation leads them to two brothers who have also planned a hit on Kelly’s ex-wife, Laura. Sipowicz must perform uniform-detail in a dress uniform way too small.
Episode 19

Serge the Concierge

Detectives searching a landfill for the body of a dead girl find the body of a millionaire instead. While Kelly interviews the wife of the deceased, Sipowicz does some investigating of his own after Andy Jr. is arrested for selling cocaine.
Episode 20

Good Time Charlie

A drunken Andy angrily tells Sylvia to get out of his apartment; Lillian Fancy is hurt by her husband's unhappiness over her pregnancy.
Episode 21

Guns 'n Rosaries

Even as Licalsi confesses to shooting Angelo Marino and his driver, Martinez is forced to shoot an irate man who points a gun at Medavoy. Realizing he needs professional help, Sipowicz finally attends an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.
Episode 22

Rockin' Robin

Sipowicz and Kelly investigate the death of a priest whose body was found in a park frequented by male prostitutes. While purchasing a used car for Andy Jr., Sipowicz uncovers information concerning a young girl who's been missing for over two years.

About this Show


Committed to reflecting reality, this series portrays the mature themes of life in the police department of New York City with an unprecedented combination of real life, real language and real dramas. Whether it's in the squad room or the bedroom, "NYPD Blue" will offer viewers the kind of realism more often associated with theatrical films than with network television.

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