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TVGAnimation • AnimeComedyTV Series2008

In the romantic comedy story, a high school girl named Kotoko finally tells a fellow ...more

In the romantic comedy story, a high school girl named Kotoko fin...More

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Episode 1

(Sub) Fate's Prank

Kotoko, from the lowly F-Class, has a crush on Irie, who is the top-ranked student from A-Class. After many years, she collects her courage and confesses to him, only to be bluntly turned down. Irie even goes so far as to say he hates stupid girls.
Episode 2

(Sub) Living Together Is Dangerous

While walking to school together, Irie tells Kotoko that he doesn't care for her, and when Kotoko is pushed off the train at the wrong station Irie does not help her, saying he hates absent-minded girls even more than stupid ones.
Episode 3

(Sub) Baton Touch of Love

Kotoko falls asleep with a confession letter in her hand. When Irie walks in to tell her it's her turn in the shower, he impulsively decides to read the letter. Later at the school sports festival, Kotoko and Irie end up competing against each other.
Episode 4

(Sub) Throbbing Summer Vacation

Kotoko, Irie and friends visit Waterland. While Irie's getting ice cream, Yuuki ends up sinking in the pool, and Kotoko saves him. Irie overhears about the rescue, rushes back to Yuuki, and is pleased at Kotoko's actions.
Episode 5

(Sub) The Crucial Moment!Class F's Winter Battle

The final exams starts next week, and the results decide whether or not the F-class students make it into college. After having received prior assistance from Naoki with her and her friends' schoolwork, much to Irie's annoyance.
Episode 6

(Sub) Chocolates, Exams, and the Jinx

It's Valentines Day soon, Irie's mother helps Kotoko make homemade chocolate, but Kotoko fails to give them to Irie. Later on, Naoki goes to take the entrance exam to Tokyo University.
Episode 7

(Sub) Spiteful Kiss

Having missed the entrance exams for Tokyo University, Naoki decides to go with the school's escalator system. After the graduation ceremony, the F and A classes bump into each other during their farewell dinners.
Episode 8

(Sub) The Campus Life I've Longed for!?

The first day of college has finally arrived and Kotoko finds it hard to forget her kiss with Irie. Just as she thinks she's finally secured a place in Naoki's heart, an obstacle arises in the form of Yuko Matsumoto- smart, beautiful, and talented.
Episode 9

(Sub) Aim for a Date

Joining the tennis club turns out to be the worst decision of Kotoko's college life. The grueling practice, the painful injuries and the complete feeling of incompetence would be worth it...if only Naoki would show up to practice!!
Episode 10

(Sub) Goodbye Rainy Day

Kotoko's father has decided that him and Kotoko have overstayed their welcome, and so the time has finally come for Kotoko to leave the Irie's! How will Kotoko manage? Has she lost her only advantage to winning Naoki's heart!?
Episode 11

(Sub) Kiss, Kiss, Kiss in a Dream

Naoki begins thinking about what he wants to do with his life and about the future of the family business. For spring break, Kotoko and Sudou goes to Romance Village to be closer to Naoki and Matsumoto.
Episode 12

(Sub) Mismatched Hearts

Irie tells his father he does not wish to take over his company, instead he wants to become a doctor. Irie's dad has a heart attack after he hears this. When the company employees come to see Irie senior in hospital.
Episode 13

(Sub) Love Period

Worried over how to answer Kin, Kotoko talks to her dad about what he thinks about her getting married to Kin. Kotoko's father suggests that they leave Irie's place, Kotoko agrees. Irie brings Chris home to meet his family.
Episode 14

(Sub) Greatest Kiss

Kotoko feels guilty for having led Kinnosuke on. As she walks in the rain, she encounters Irie, who is holding an umbrella. Irie questions Kotoko about her answer to Kin, she gets upset and replies that it's not Irie's business.
Episode 15

(Sub) Honeymoon Panic!

Now married, Kotoko and Naoki head off to Hawaii for their honeymoon. They soon become acquainted with fellow newlyweds Horiuchi Mary (Mari) and Takumi.
Episode 16

(Sub) Chasing After Happiness

Chris is about to return to England, but still harbors strong feelings for Kinnosuke. Feeling sympathetic towards Chris, Kotoko decides to help her in her quest to win Kinnosuke's heart by preparing him a birthday party.
Episode 17

(Sub) Enviable New Face

It's Kotoko's first day of learning how to be a nurse and she meets and becomes friends with 4 new people: Kikyou Motoki (who pretends to be a girl but actually is a boy), Shinagawa Marina, Kamogari Keita (a guy), and the lovable Ogura Tomoko.
Episode 18

(Sub) III Mannered Triangle

Kotoko is still learning the tricks and trades of becoming a nurse. But she faints during a practice autopsy which results in Keita saving her. When he lays Kotoko down on the bed, he suddenly felt the urge to kiss her
Episode 19

(Sub) Crazy for You

Irie starts to ignore Kotoko due to being overly jealous of Keita. During lunch one day, Chris gets burned by oil, and Kinnosuke, refusing to hand her over to anyone else, admits his feelings and devotion and proposes to Chris.
Episode 20

(Sub) The Nightingale Pledge

When Kotoko announces to Irie that during the capping ceremony/graduation, the male students in the medical department are to present flowers to the nurses they like, he tells Kotoko that he won't be able to make it to the ceremony because of a meeting.
Episode 21

(Sub) The Glass Boy

Nobuhiro turns out to be Yuuki's friend Non from back when Yuuki was admitted into hospital. However, he has changed very much due to his loneliness from growing up in the hospital. Kotoko manages to talk to Non and makes him realize how many people care.
Episode 22

(Sub) The Best Gift

It is Kotoko's birthday and Irie takes her out for the night. Irie and Kotoko are very 'lovey dovey' in this episode. Irie and Kotoko pull an all-nighter at the hospital as a lot of emergencies came in.
Episode 23

(Sub) You, Go Around, Me

After visiting the hospital, it is confirmed that Kotoko is indeed pregnant by three months. Oba-san throws a party, Kotoko and Irie's fathers both look up baby names, even Yuuki is excited though he tries not to show it.
Episode 24

(Sub) Happy Love Carnival

Kotoko is messing around with her C-cup breasts. She later on goes to see Kin and finds out that Chris is 3 months pregnant. Kotoko, after coming back home, tells Irie about the news.
Episode 25

(Sub) Hello Again

Kotoko, Naoki and their daughter Kotomi go to Naoki's grandparents home. On the train, Naoki has a flashback to when he and Kotoko visited there after their marriage. Kotoko arrives there feeling excited about spending time with Irie alone.

About this Show


In the romantic comedy story, a high school girl named Kotoko finally tells a fellow senior named Naoki that she has loved him from afar since she saw him on their first day of high school. However, Naoki, a haughty "super-ikemen" (handsome male) with smarts and sports talent, rejects her offhand. Fate intervenes when a mild earthquake ruins Kotoko's family house. While the house gets rebuilt, Kotoko and her dad stay at the home of her dad's childhood friend...whose son is Naoki.

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