5 seasons available


TVPG • Health & Wellness, Lifestyle & Culture, Reality, Home & Garden • TV Series • 2009

Each 60-minute episode of Hoarders is a fascinating look inside the lives of two different people whose inability to part with their belongings is so ...more

Each 60-minute episode of Hoarders is a fascinating look inside the lives of two different people whose inability to part with their belongings is so ...more

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5 seasons available (67 episodes)

5 seasons available

(67 episodes)

Episode 1


Judy's life is a dangerous one of severe contradictions. She is an extreme germaphobe who spends her entire day engaged in sanitization rituals, yet she lives in a severe and extremely filthy hoard overridden with mice whom she considers her friends. The situation is so hazardous to her health the fire department and health department have mandated a clean up.
Episode 2

Roxann & Barbara

Roxann is a former model who has successfully hidden her hoarding until now. Barbara's extreme hoarding has forced her out of her house.
Episode 3

Jackie & Richard

Jackie has filled her 4,000 square foot San Francisco hillside home with $1 million of teddy bears. Will she clean up the ocean of bears or lose her house?
Episode 4

Ruby & Mary

Ruby, aka Big Momma's house, is so hoarded she spends her entire day living in the car, and her grandson has started running the streets of LA. If she doesn't clean up, her daughters will call Adult Protective Services.
Episode 5

Ben and Robin & Kevin

Ailing couple, Ben and Robins's hoarding is so severe that EMT's can no longer access their home for emergencies. Kevin is hiding a hoard of sexual paraphernalia in his home from his family by living in a hotel.
Episode 6

Dorothy and David & Doris

Dorothy and David fell in love with each other over their mutual love of hoarding. Their home is so packed now it has become physically unsafe for Dorothy and doctors have said one more fall in the hoard could paralyze her.
Episode 7

Dick & Karen

Dick has hoarded out his girlfriend Sandy's house to the point that the two of them can no longer live in it. They face financial ruin if they can't shed their current apartment rental and get back into Sandy's home.
Episode 8

Peggy; Ed and Connie

Peggy's hoard of filth and dead animal carcasses has led the city to deem her house uninhabitable. If she does not clean up, city officials will not allow Peggy to return to her beloved home.
Episode 9

Ellen & Gloria

The tragic loss of Ellen's husband in the line of duty triggered hoarding through kleptomania.
Episode 10

Kathy & Elmira

Kathy has hoarded out her triplex and a dance studio and is facing financial ruin if she can't clean up and rent out her spaces.
Episode 11

Where Are They Now?

In this episode of Hoarders we check in with five hoarders from past seasons: Al lost custody of his son due to his hoarding.
Episode 12

Sybil & Ron

Sybil's hoard is so intense that mice have started to live in her tub and her refrigerator. Her home is so jam packed with items and rodents that she has literally been forced outside.
Episode 13

Sandy & Len

Sandy's sister, Nona, owns the family home where Sandy has lived her entire life. Nona hasn't been inside the home in 10 years.
Episode 14

Celia & Nathan

Celia is in danger of losing her hoarded home of shoplifted items and her illegal hoard of dogs if she doesn't get her compulsion under control.
Episode 15

Maggie & Ann

Maggie's home is so packed with her shopping addiction that her granddaughter was forced to sleep on top of piles and shower outside with a garden hose.
Episode 16

Sandi & Vivian

Sandi is known as the town's Mrs. Claus over the holidays. However, she has taken her alter ego to the extreme with her gift hoarding compulsion.

Children of Hoarders

Strangest Hoards of Season 8

Bonus Scene: Sandi Clings to Her Kitchen Supplies

Maddox Knows His Mom is On Drugs

Ann Clashes with Her Son

Bonus Scene: Maggie Won't Let Go

Bonus Scene: Celia Sees How Bad It Is

Raccoon Penis Bone Collection

Recovery Update: Nathan

Renee Loses It

Bonus Scene: Smelling 37-Year-Old Canned Mackerel

Len and Gaynell Need Mediation

Bonus Scene: Sybil Hoards Gallons of Urine

Ron's Sister and Friend Face Off

Bonus Scene: How Al Got His Son Back

Claire and Vance Have a Cave of Books

Bonus Scene: Kathy Opens Up

Sue Ann Threatens Violence

Bonus Scene: Daughters to the Rescue

Ellen Comes Clean About Her Kleptomania

Bonus Scene: Julius Doesn't See Success

Bonus Scene: Kevin's Stash of X-Rated Material

Dead Mice and Dirty Underwear

The Poetry of a Dead Rat

Bonus Scene: Ruby's Childlike Behavior

Bonus Scene: Selecting Bears to Sell

Bonus Scene: Barbara's Jaw-Dropping Basement Assessment

Bonus Scene: Judy's Extensive Mice Infestation


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