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All of Us

TVPGComedySitcomBlack StoriesTV Series2003

Inspired by the domestic lives of celebrities Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith, the ...more

Inspired by the domestic lives of celebrities Jada Pinkett Smith ...More

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Episode 1

The Hair Down There

Robert and Neesee deal with an old letter from Robert apologizing for the argument that led to their divorce. Bobby learns about puberty. Dirk's teenage daughter moves in with him
Episode 2

Trojan Condo

Robert's sister, Carmen (TISHA CAMPBELL-MARTIN), wants to stay in his house, but she doesn't get along with Neesee. Courtney causes trouble after being accepted at Bobby's school.
Episode 3

Police... Open Up

After Robert is arrested in front of his son, Bobby becomes scared of the police, prompting Neesee and Robert to remind him that officers are almost always fair.
Episode 4

Love Do Cost a Thing

In a charity auction, Neesee wins a date with a rich doctor, and a mystery woman bids for Robert. Bobby goes on a "date" with Dirk, since Bobby was the only person who bid on him.
Episode 5

Pretty Woman

After realizing that he knows Robert's girlfriend (CHRYSTEE PHARRIS - "Scrubs"), Dirk confronts Robert. Neesee encourages Bobby to make friends with an unpopular girl in his class.
Episode 6

The Courtship of Robert's Father

Robert and Carmen find out that they aren't really brother and sister. Meanwhile, Neesee helps Courtney get ready for the school dance, much to Dirk's dismay.
Episode 7

Like Father, Like Son... Like Hell!

Dirk and Robert track down Robert's biological father and discover a shocking secret. Neesee realizes that Bobby and Courtney are hiding something from her.
Episode 8

My Two Dads

Robert is stunned that his biological dad is gay, especially when his father and his lover arrive unexpectedly. Neesee offers guidance to Courtney about Thanksgiving and family.
Episode 9

Crime and Maybe Some Punishment

After Robert punishes Bobby by forbidding him to go on a field trip, Neesee undermines Robert. Later, they agree to stand together in the future when disciplining Bobby.
Episode 10

Everyone Loves Rain Man

At an orphanage, Bobby realizes how lucky he really is after befriending a young boy. Meanwhile, Dirk is excited to spend his first Christmas with Courtney.
Episode 11

Let's Go Bobby, Let's Go!

To Robert's horror, Bobby chooses cheerleading over football. Bobby joins the football team to please Robert, but Robert eventually supports Bobby's real preference.
Episode 12

The B-R-E-A-K-U-P

After what she thought was a good evening, Neesee is shocked to find out that her date doesn't want to go out with her again. Dirk helps Bobby practice for a spelling bee.
Episode 13

An All of Us Joint... Custody Episode

As Neesee and Robert finally move apart, Bobby is upset. Dirk gives Courtney a temporary job as his assistant, unprepared for the havoc a teenage girl can wreak on a workplace.
Episode 14

Artificial Intelligence

After cheating on an aptitude test, Bobby is placed in the gifted students' program. Not knowing the truth, Robert and Neesee are thrilled.
Episode 15

Another Episode of All of Us

Bobby tries to steal a pair of sneakers in order to fit in with the cool kids at school. Neesee finds she enjoys taking care of her neighbor's infant.
Episode 16

He's Got Game

Neesee looks forward to her and Robert's college reunion so she can meet a good man, while Robert dreads the event because his old rival will be there.
Episode 17

It Was Fun While It Lasted

Realizing that she wants to have another baby, Neesee visits a fertility clinic to research potential sperm donors. After finding the one she prefers, she decides to meet the guy.
Episode 18

The Boy is Mine

Robert turns to Neesee's boyfriend for friendship, which prompts Neesee to confront Robert about stealing her man. Dirk's boss makes a decision that affects Dirk's career.
Episode 19

Everything Happens for a Reason

Dirk sues Robert and the show for wrongfully firing him. Neesee and her boyfriend decide whether or not to take their relationship to the next level.
Episode 20

Sins of the Father

Courtney is inconsolable about losing her boyfriend, until Neesee and Dirk come up with the perfect way for her to achieve closure. Robert is attracted to a single mother.
Episode 21

She Blinded Me with Science

When Robert finds out that Neesee plans to visit a sperm bank and become pregnant, he questions her reasoning. Neesee makes a decision that could affect the rest of her life.
Episode 22

The Wedding Singers

In the Turks and Caicos Islands, Robert and Neesee are mistaken for pop stars Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Later, Neesee and Robert make a decision about a second baby.

About this Show

All of Us

Inspired by the domestic lives of celebrities Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith, the family comedy "All of Us" reflects a new generation's enlightened attitude towards those who juggle ex-spouses, dating and professional lives. Robert James, an entertainment reporter for a local Los Angeles television station, is handsome, smart and thoroughly modern in his thinking. Recently divorced from the somewhat self-absorbed Neesee, the mother of their endearing 6-year-old son, Robert refuses to buy into the old stereotype that being divorced means you can't get along with the ex.

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