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The Mary Tyler Moore Show

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Mary Tyler Moore stars in THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW, one of the most realistic, well ...more

Mary Tyler Moore stars in THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW, one of the m...More

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Episode 1

The Good-Time News

Both Lou and Ted are unhappy about the upbeat “happy news” format Mary has been assigned to develop for the “Six O’Clock News.”
Episode 2

What is Mary Richards Really Like?

A local newspaper columnist, who Lou is convinced loves to destroy people’s reputations, interviews Mary about being the only woman in the newsroom at WJM.
Episode 3

Who's in Charge Here?

Lou’s promotion to program manager leaves Murray in charge of the newsroom, a task which (it is quickly apparent!) he is totally unqualified to handle.
Episode 4

Enter Rhoda's Parents

Rhoda is shocked when her parents arrive for a visit and her mother reveals that she’s convinced her husband is seeing another woman.
Episode 5

It's Whether You Win or Lose

When Lou is kept from joining his poker pals in Las Vegas, he insists Mary set up a poker game at work—much to the dismay of ex-compulsive gambler Murray.
Episode 6

Rhoda the Beautiful

Even though she’s lost 20 pounds, Rhoda still feels fat and hopeless, but then Hempel’s Department Store invites her to enter a beauty contest.
Episode 7

Just Around the Corner

When Mary’s parents move into a new house just around the corner from her apartment and then start planning her social schedule, Mary turns to Rhoda for advice.
Episode 8

But Seriously, Folks

Mary tries to help out when the station’s “Chuckles the Clown” writer quits his job in order to fulfill his lifelong ambition of performing as a stand-up comedian.
Episode 9

Farmer Ted and the News

Lou realizes he’s made a big mistake after he signs a new contract that allows Ted to earn extra money appearing in TV commercials on several local television stations.
Episode 10

Have I Found a Guy For You

If Mary is crushed when she learns the marriage of her long-time friends is coming to an end, she’s stunned when she realizes the husband wants to start dating her after the divorce.
Episode 11

You've Got a Friend

Mary’s father is having trouble adjusting to his new life in the city because he misses his old buddies, so Mary invites him to lunch with her and Lou Grant.
Episode 12

It Was a Fascination, I Know

Mary suddenly finds herself in the uncomfortable position of being the “other woman” after Phyllis’s daughter’s 15-year old boyfriend develops a crush on her.
Episode 13

Operation: Lou

Mary’s put in charge after Lou goes to have surgery to remove some World War II shrapnel, a move which causes a different kind of war to break out in the newsroom.
Episode 14

Rhoda Morgenstern: Minneapolis to New York

Mary is devastated when Rhoda returns from a vacation in New York and announces she’s accepted a job and will be leaving Minneapolis for the Big Apple.
Episode 15

The Courtship of Mary's Father's Daughter

Mary once again finds herself cast in the role of the “other woman” when an ex-boyfriend invites her to his engagement party—much to the dismay of his new fiancée.
Episode 16

Lou's Place

Lou achieves a lifelong dream when he becomes the owner of his favorite bar, but he quickly realizes he just doesn’t have what it takes to keep the customers coming back for more.
Episode 17

My Brother's Keeper

Phyllis schemes to have her brother fall in love and get married to Mary, but her plans go awry when her brother falls for Rhoda instead.
Episode 18

The Georgette Story

Mary and Rhoda decide it’s time they have a heart-to-heart talk with Georgette, since it appears that Ted is taking his new girlfriend way too much for granted.
Episode 19

Romeo and Mary

Rhoda’s boyfriend finds the perfect guy for Mary, but unfortunately the guy is a bit overzealous in his intent to marry Mary and won’t take no for an answer.
Episode 20

What Do You Do When the Boss Says, "I Love You"?

Lou Grant realizes he's in over his head when the new boss at the Television station turns out to be a woman—who promptly falls in love with him.
Episode 21

Murray Faces Life

Murray sinks into a deep depression and feels life has totally passed him by after he learns that a former writing classmate has won a Pulitzer Prize for journalism.
Episode 22

Rememberance of Things Past

Against her better judgment, Mary gets drawn back into a romantic affair when an ex-boyfriend who broke her heart returns to Minneapolis.
Episode 23

Put on a Happy Face

Once Mary gets nominated for a Teddy Award everything starts going disastrously wrong for her at work—and at the awards dinner.
Episode 24

Mary Richards and the Incredible Plant Lady

Mary and Rhoda’s friendship is strained after Rhoda borrows money to set up her new plant store and then doesn’t pay Mary back.


About this Show

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Mary Tyler Moore stars in THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW, one of the most realistic, well written and enduring situation comedies of all time. The supporting cast is one of the best ever ensembled for a sitcom. THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW is one of the most influential in television history. The show spawned more successful spinoffs (Lou Grant, Rhoda and Phyllis) than any other sitcom in history, and its creative alumni have created such shows as The Simpsons, The Cosby Show and Cheers.

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