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The Mary Tyler Moore Show

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Mary Tyler Moore stars in THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW, one of the most realistic, well ...more

Mary Tyler Moore stars in THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW, one of the m...More

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Episode 1

The Birds...and...um...Bess

When Mary produces a documentary called, "What's Your Sexual I.Q.?," the station gets swamped with calls, and she is asked by her landlady, Phyllis, to teach her daughter, Bess, about the "facts of life."
Episode 2

I Am Curious Cooper

Lou sets up a blind date with Mary and one of his old friends, Mike Cooper, then has second thoughts and decides he'd better go along as a chaperone.
Episode 3

He's No Heavy... He's My Brother

The success of Mary and Rhoda's vacation to Mexico depends on whether they're willing to deliver a mysterious package across the border for an owner of a Mexican restaurant.
Episode 4

Room 223

Mary decides to take a television journalism course at night school and while she doesn't get the best grades, she does end up getting a few dates from her instructor.
Episode 5

A Girl's Best Mother Is Not Her Friend

Rhoda's mother, Ida, comes to visit, and after seeing Phyllis' relationship with Bess, decides to bridge the generation gap by becoming Rhoda's new best friend.
Episode 6

Cover Boy

When Ted's competitive and successful, model brother, Hal, comes to town, Ted tries to impress him by introducing Mary as his girlfriend.
Episode 7

Didn't You Used To Be...Wait...Don't Tell Me

Rhoda comes along to Mary's high school reunion where Mary is not only needled about being single, but also bumps into her least favorite ex-boyfriend, Howard Arnell.
Episode 8

Thoroughly Unmilitant Mary

A newswriters' strike leaves Mary and Lou alone at the WJM station with Mary struggling to write news stories in Murray's place, and Lou stuttering to deliver it on camera.
Episode 9

And Now, Sitting In For Ted Baxter

A terrified Ted finds himself pleading for his job after his temporary vacation replacement, Rod Porter, rockets the station's newscast from last to second place in the ratings.
Episode 10

Don't Break the Chain

As the station prepares for the annual Teddy Awards, Murray is convinced that he will be overlooked yet again.
Episode 11

The Six-and-a-Half Year Itch

Lou takes Mary and Rhoda to a movie while his wife is out of town and ends up bumping into his favorite son-in-law, Bill Phelps, who is also out with another woman.
Episode 12

...Is a Friend in Need

When Rhoda is fired from her job as a window-dresser, Mary tries to help her find new work - just as long as it isn't the job that just became available at WJM.
Episode 13

The Square Shaped Room

When Lou needs help finding an interior decorator, Mary's suggestion that he hire Rhoda results in a hilarious conflict of tastes - and costs.
Episode 14

Ted Over Heels

Mary explains the facts of life and love to Ted when he falls head over heels in love with the daughter of Chuckles the Clown, Betty Bowerchuck, after appearing on Chuckles' show.
Episode 15

The Five Minute Dress

Mary's initial excitement over going out with the governor's executive adviser begins to wane after he repeatedly calls off date after date at the last minute.
Episode 16


Mary feels guilty when her complaint gets a waitress named Randy fired. So when Randy applies for a job at the station, Mary hires her, only to learn firsthand the meaning of true incompetence.
Episode 17

The Slaughter Affair

Murray's plan to surprise his wife, Marie, with an expensive foreign car backfires when the second job he takes to earn extra money makes him too tired to work his day job.
Episode 18


Mary has agreed to babysit her landlady's daughter, Bess, for the weekend, but when her old flame, "Sandy," surprises her with a date, she finds an unlikely substitute in the form of Lou.
Episode 19

More Than Neighbors

When the apartment directly below Mary's becomes available, she happily spreads the word at the television station - until Ted expresses an interest in moving in.
Episode 20

The Care and Feeding of Parents

Mary finds herself in a sticky situation when her landlady, Phyllis Lindstrom, asks for help in getting an essay her daughter Bess wrote for English class published.
Episode 21

Where There's Smoke, There's Rhoda

The fire that destroys Rhoda's apartment almost destroys her friendship with Mary after the two friends attempt to live together while Rhoda's apartment is being repaired.
Episode 22

You Certainly Are a Big Boy

After several dates with a handsome architect, Matt Bryan, Mary is shocked when his 24-year-old son shows up at her office to take her to lunch.
Episode 23

Some of My Best Friends Are Rhoda

Mary questions her new friendship with the polished Joanne Forbes after she discovers the woman doesn't want to invite Rhoda to her country club because Rhoda is Jewish.
Episode 24

His Two Right Arms

Mary helps an incompetent city councilman, Pete Peterson, prepare for his interview on WJM's "Face the People," but it turns out his ignorance perfectly suits the interviewer: Ted.


About this Show

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Mary Tyler Moore stars in THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW, one of the most realistic, well written and enduring situation comedies of all time. The supporting cast is one of the best ever ensembled for a sitcom. THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW is one of the most influential in television history. The show spawned more successful spinoffs (Lou Grant, Rhoda and Phyllis) than any other sitcom in history, and its creative alumni have created such shows as The Simpsons, The Cosby Show and Cheers.

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