3 seasons available

The ChallengeThe Challenge

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Real World and Road Rules alumni face off to win their share in cash and prizes. Each...more

Real World and Road Rules alumni face off to win their share in c...More

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3 seasons available (57 episodes)

3 seasons available

(57 episodes)

Season30 31 32
Episode 1

Final Reckoning: Six Feet Under

Kicking off the final chapter of a three-season saga, the challengers must literally dig up old vendettas and put aside bitter feuds to compete for a million-dollar prize.
Episode 2

Final Reckoning: The Young and the Wreckless

Kam and Kayleigh's fate is revealed after their teammates' fight put their future in jeopardy, and exes Britni and Chuck try to resolve their issues.
Episode 3

Final Reckoning: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Everyone is on edge about the elimination, Kyle gets closer to Faith, Britni has a hard time letting go, and Shane's social media meltdown may come back to haunt him.
Episode 4

Final Reckoning: The Affair

With a chance to re-enter the game on the line, the return of the Double Cross puts the Redemption House on edge, and Paulie has a plan to wreak havoc on a relationship.
Episode 5

Final Reckoning: Breaking Brad

Accusations about Britni and Chuck irk Brad, a fight over a lack of initiative imperils CT and Veronica's partnership, and a purge challenge raises the stakes.
Episode 6

Final Reckoning: A Series of Unfortunate Events

Brad struggles to move past the rumors about Britni and Chuck, CT strategizes, and Kyle screws over Cara Maria -- twice.
Episode 7

Final Reckoning: Big Little Lies

The results of the elimination vote take almost everyone by surprise, the challengers must dig themselves out of a mine shaft, and "Queen" Kam devises an elaborate scheme.
Episode 8

Final Reckoning: Shaneless

Shane sets out to stir up drama in the house and on the field, and Faith has a change of heart about Kyle after learning about his latest hookup.
Episode 9

Final Reckoning: Bro-ing Pains

Ahead of a shocking elimination vote, Marie is consumed by paranoia, Johnny Bananas and Da'Vonne look to disrupt alliances, and CT seeks a new way to motivate his teammate.
Episode 10

Final Reckoning: Redemption House Of Cards

Johnny Bananas's relationship with Angela is questioned, CT tries some "polidicking," and the contestants wolf down a disgusting meal in the Dunking for Dinner challenge.
Episode 11

Final Reckoning: You're The Worst

Tensions boil over between Cara Maria and the Lavender Ladies after a night out, and the players are tasked with repairing a rope bridge 1,000 feet in the air.
Episode 12

Final Reckoning: Unhappy Days

Johnny Bananas and Tony have everyone on edge with their power vote, and the players are tasked with releasing their partners from a cage and then solving a puzzle.
Episode 13

Final Reckoning: The People vs. Johnny Bananas

Amanda's plot to topple Johnny Bananas spins wildly out of control when her partner Zach won't follow suit, and a new set of mercenaries come in to shake things up.
Episode 14

Final Reckoning: Lavender is the New Black

Alliances within the house are put to the test as new feuds begin and a vendetta is squashed, and an elimination decision sends shockwaves through the competition.
Episode 15

Final Reckoning: Wheel of Fortune

Johnny Bananas and Tony struggle with being the odd men out against the Lavender Ladies, and a twist in the Double Cross leads to a surprising redemption.
Episode 16

Final Reckoning: The Leftovers

A night of debauchery ends in an altercation between Cory and Tony, Devin and Johnny Bananas get personal, and the players' trivia skills are put to the test.
Episode 17

Final Reckoning: Scandal

With his back against the wall, Johnny Bananas stirs the pot and turns allies against one another, and the challengers fight for their lives in another purge challenge.
Episode 18

Final Reckoning: It's Always Sunny in South Africa

A season-long grudge is finally settled when two powerhouse teams face off in Armageddon, and the endurance of the remaining challengers is put to the test.
Episode 19

Final Reckoning: The Walking Dead

The players endure a painful round of trivia, Paulie and Cara Maria's flirtation turns physical, and TJ reveals a shocking twist for the Final Challenge.
Episode 20

Final Reckoning: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

The final battle for the $1 million prize is on as the four remaining teams test their endurance (and their patience for one another) in this last series of challenges.
Episode 21

Final Reckoning Reunion, Part 1

The Final Reckoning cast reunites with their vendettas one last time to rehash this season's biggest backstabs, blowups, hookups and more.
Episode 22

Final Reckoning Reunion, Part 2

Host Dolph Ziggler and The Final Reckoning players reflect on Johnny Bananas and Devin's clash, Paulie and Cara Maria's relationship, and Marie's "friendetta" matchup.

Devon confronts Johnny

Tony's Proposal

Cory Reflects On His Decisions

Hunter Forgives Ashley

Ashley's Decision

The Final

Challenge: Painfully Wrong

Elimination Natalie & Paulie VS. Johnny Bananas & Tony

Challenge: Rolling Thunder

Elimination Kam & Kayleigh VS. Brad & Kyle

Challenge: Heads Will Roll

Elimination Sylvia & Joss VS. Tony & Johnny Bananas

Night Out With The Contestants

Brad VS. Nelson & Kayleigh

Challenge: Hit List

Challenge: What Goes Up Must Come Down

Lavender is the New Black Reckoning Vote

Elimination Jozea & Da'Vonne VS. Cory & Devin

The People vs. Johnny Bananas Reckoning Vote

Challenge: Caged In

Elimination: Brad & Kyle VS. Shane & Nelson

Night Out

Elimination: Paulie & Natalie VS. Jozea & Da'Vonne

Bro-ing Pains The Double Cross

Elimination: Da'Vonne VS. Kayleigh

Challenge: Don't Push Me Around

Faith & Angela VS. Ashley & Hunter

Help Your Partner

Challenge: Off The Rails

A Series of Unfortunate Events Reckoning Vote

Challenge: The Purge

First Night Out

The Affair Double Cross

Paulie Gets Upset

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Reckoning Vote

First Elimination

First Challenge

Kailah VS. Kayleigh

Brad's Pizza Fight

Final Challenge

Melissa & Kailah

Finale Recap

Nelson & Kayleigh

Challenge: Memory Smash

Challenge: The Mercenaries

Tony & Kam VS. The Mercenaries

Elimination: Johnny Bananas VS. Devin

Kayleigh's Bed

Baskets of Deplorables Inquisition

Baskets of Deplorables Troika

Elimination Marie VS. Kailah

Challenge: Gasping For Air

A Message For Britni

Notes on a Scandal: Inquisition

Britni Is In Elimination

Elimination Melissa VS. Sylvia

Melissa Picks a Grenade

Pizzagate Night Out

#Banatalie: Inquisition

Elimination Cory VS. Nelson

First Elimination

Challenge: Get Off the Rock

First Challenge

Johnny Bananas Arrives

Aneesa & Veronica

The Winner Is...

3rd Place Winners

Redemption House Drama

Final Challenge

The Finale

About this Show

The Challenge

Real World and Road Rules alumni face off to win their share in cash and prizes. Each season brings new rules, new games, and new drama... let The Challenge begin!

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