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See life from the ground up with Tommy, Chuckie, Susie, Lil, Phil, and the hardly ang...more

See life from the ground up with Tommy, Chuckie, Susie, Lil, Phil...More

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Episode 1

Murmur on the Ornery Express

To celebrate Boris and Minka's anniversary, the whole gang takes a train trip to Little Biendeltown, a theme-park re-creation of the Old Country. The scenic 18-hour journey is a send-up of Agatha Christie-style mysteries.
Episode 2

Back to School / Sweet Dreams

When Didi decides to go "back to school", Angelica explains that soon Tommy will be a baby like Dil again. / Chas and Kira pursue their dream of owning a coffee shop while the Rugrats pursue their own dream - or, rather, Chuckie's dream.
Episode 3

A Step at a Time / Angelica's Assistant

The babies try and make Dil take his first steps so he can play a game with them. The adults - and the babies - reminiscence about each of the Rugrats' first steps. / Charlotte sets a play date for Angelica with bumbling pre-school classmate Harold.
Episode 4

Tale of Two Puppies / Okey Dokey Jones and the Ring of Sunbeans

Chuckie decides to teach a puppy, "Puppy," to be brave so that she'll be adopted into a good home. / Grandpa Lou takes the babies to an exotic pet shop, and the babies go on an Indiana Jones type adventure to rescue Lil's ring from Angelica.
Episode 5

Happy Taffy / Imagine That

The babies are worried that their new babysitter, a teen-angst wanna-be rocker named Taffy, is unhappy because she sings such sad songs./Angelica coerces the Rugrats to take roles in her make-believe game based on her favorite TV show, "The Cynthia Team"
Episode 6

Club Fred

Grandpa Lou convinces the entire gang that they need a vacation. When they arrive, the reservations have been screwed up: The parents are all forced to sleep in one room. The babies set off to find buried treasure and save their parents' vacation.
Episode 7

The Perfect Twins

Betty's English cousins come to visit America, bringing their perfectly mannered twins. Lil, feeling as if she and Phil are not living up to the "perfect twin" billing of her English cousins, tries to persuade Phil to be a perfect twin as well.
Episode 8

Babies in Toyland

The Rugrats discover that Christmas means more than just presents and tradition when they find themselves stranded in the Stu-inspired displays at a Christmas party.
Episode 9

Clown Around / The Baby Rewards

When the babies are taken to the circus, Chuckie fears that he is turning into a clown. / When Angelica watches an award show on television, the babies decide to host their own 'rewards' show.
Episode 10

Diapies and Dragons / Baby Power

The babies find a medieval themed arcade game that leads then into a fantasy to save Taffy from a fierce dragon named Gracko. / The babies try to make Dil stronger, so he can play with them, and after an earthquake strikes, they think he is responsible.
Episode 11

Bugg Off / The Crawl Space

Taffy takes the babies to their first high school basketball game, and they set out to defeat the visiting team's mascot. / Angelica convinces the babies that the Pickles' crawl space is their new play area so that she can have the living room to herself.
Episode 12

Starstruck / Who's Taffy

Action star Mack Granite picks Kimi to audition for a part in his next movie. / When Taffy comes to baby-sit, but is in an artistic funk, and Angelica enters dressed (and acting) like Taffy, the babies think they've swapped identities.
Episode 13

They Came from the Backyard / Lil's Phil of Trash

When the TV signals keep getting switched, the babies think that 'aliums' are coming for them. / When Taffy takes the babies on a picnic in the park, Phil bonds with Dusty, a young "sanitation artist" picking up trash.
Episode 14

Mutt's in a Name / Hurricane Alice

The Finster's puppy is lethargic, and the babies believe it's because she hasn't been properly named yet./Betty's college roommate comes to visit with her daughter Alice, just as weather reports forecast a hurricane, also called Alice.
Episode 15

Bestest of Show / Hold the Pickles

Stu, Chas, Angelica, and Susie enter Spiffy, Puppy, Fluffy, and Herbie the gerbil, respectively, in a pet show, all vying for "Best Pet" honor./Taffy takes the babies to their first fast food restaurant.
Episode 16

A Baby Sale / Steve

When the babies accompany their mothers to Krudnik's annual half-off baby sale, the Rugrats think that they are being sold. / The babies build a snowbaby and name him Steve.
Episode 17

The Braveliest Baby / Gimme an A

Tommy temporarily loses his nerve after slipping on a playground apparatus, and Angelica challenges the babies to tests of valor to see who's the "braveliest". / Didi takes the babies to college to be part of her Child Development experiment.
Episode 18

Fountain of Youth / Kimi Takes the Cake

Stu, Drew, and Chas take their families to Lake Crackaknee, where they spent their childhood vacations./For Kimi's first birthday with the Finsters, her parents have arranged a special party at Happy Castle.

About this Show


See life from the ground up with Tommy, Chuckie, Susie, Lil, Phil, and the hardly angelic, Angelica. Usually led by fearless leader Tommy, the Rugrats turn the ordinary into the extraordinary and every day into the perfect setting for adventure!

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