1 season available


TVY7 • Family, Animation, Adventure, Kids • TV Series • 2014

Oddbods is an award-winning animated series that follows the comedic adventures of seven adorable characters. Each with their own distinct personality...more

Oddbods is an award-winning animated series that follows the comedic adventures of seven adorable characters. Each with their own distinct personality...more

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1 season available (20 episodes)

1 season available

(20 episodes)

Episode 1

A Day in the Life of Fuse / A Day in the Life of Pogo

Meet Fuse: the most hot-tempered, destructive and (according to him) macho Oddbod there is. / Call him mischievous, call him a trouble-maker, call him a pain-in-the-neck. Pogo might be all these things but it's hard to feel down when the fun's around.
Episode 2

A Day in the Life of Newt / A Day in the Life of Jeff

Sweet and adorable, Newt is the baby of the bunch. But get on her bad side and you'll find out just how feisty she can be. Obsessively compulsive and an unabashed perfectionist, Jeff fancies himself quite the sophisticated gentleman.
Episode 3

A Day in the Life of Slick / A Day in the Life of Bubbles

Street-smart and tech-savvy, Slick is coolness personified. You'll almost always see him bouncing about to a beat that's only inside his head! With her eternal optimism, Bubbles is a ray of sunshine and has a peculiar appetite for anything that moves.
Episode 4

A Day in the Life of Zee / Critters and Cuisines

Zee calls himself easy-going and resourceful, others say lazy and disgusting. But his enthusiasm shines for eating and sleeping! The Oddbods have a rather complicated relationship with animals. However, their relationship with food is a lot simpler.
Episode 5

The Good, the Bad and the Insufferably Annoying / Transportation Troubles

Watch Jeff snap that winning photograph, Fuse race like a pro, and Pogo be the obnoxious prankster he normally is. The Oddbods share the many problems they encounter while using public transportation.
Episode 6

Exercise Overload / A Prankster Named Pogo

The Oddbods are getting active! And Newt gets Dr. Pogo to help her out with a bad case of myopia. Pogo is at it again! The mischief just never ends. Meanwhile, it really isn't Fuse's fault for being surrounded by fools.
Episode 7

The Other Side / Ready to Rumble

Jeff learns to loosen up a little, while Newt appreciates that she's always got a friend to help out in times of trouble. Pogo plays doctor, Zee attempts to stay awake at work, and Fuse discovers that birds of a feather really do flock together.
Episode 8

Sick and Quick / Patience Is a Vurtue

In racing, the Oddbods are fueled by the strangest motivations. But despite the competition, they're ready to help each other out in times of sickness. Pogo is as excitable as ever, Fuse as fiery as ever, and Zee as sophisticated and cultured as… never!
Episode 9

Oddbods' Got Talent / Motor Mayhem

It's the Oddbods X-factor and the contestants are ready to go! They've also got a penchant for horror flicks and bad luck! The Oddbods deal with traffic troubles - even when they don't have a car.
Episode 10

Sharing Is Caring / The Fail and the Furious

From falling ill to falling out of the sky, the Oddbods have always been quite diverse with their activities. Zee has never been one for finesse, while Fuse has always been one for misfortune - much to his chagrin.
Episode 11

Fiesty Frustrations / Toilets and Trophies

Fuse figures he can't trust a lot of people, and sometimes not even himself. Newt, on the other hand, demonstrates just how loyal she is to sentiment. Pogo shows a rare display of sportsmanship, while the rest of the Oddbods deal with domestic issues.
Episode 12

Fitness and Finesse / Compromises and Surprises

Newt and Zee could stand to be a bit more athletic, while Jeff's refined sensibilities keep getting bushwacked. Jeff's sensibilities are disregarded once again. Meanwhile, Pogo and Newt learn about the magic of TV.
Episode 13

Housewarming Hassles / Food and Fortunes

The Oddbods enjoy a spot of homemaking, while Pogo struggles with philanthropic obligations. Newt dapples with her fortune, Zee goes to the gym and Fuse discovers secrets about the bottomless trench known as "The Couch".
Episode 14

Free and Easy / No Man Is an Island

Fuse tries to be the responsible one, Jeff lets his hair down when no one's watching, and Zee brings a whole new meaning to "snooze" on the alarm. Fuse may be an angry soul, but he can be a good guy too. We also catch Zee in the rare event of a shower!
Episode 15

Of Failures and Farewells / Hustle and Bustle

Fuse might have to accept the fact that nothing will ever go his way, while Newt deals with the many pains of traveling. Jeff has a go at cooking, Fuse tends to his beloved automobile, and Newt and Pogo attempt an unconventional way to generate income.
Episode 16

When in Doubt, Party It Out / Calculated and Convenient

Newt and Bubbles deal with some bad phone reception, while Fuse has to step up to the plate as the resident firefighter and Pogo has a piñata party all by himself. Jeff takes his methods to the driving range, Fuse has a go at product-assembling.
Episode 17

Valentine's Special

Join the Oddbods on their lifelong search for love and chocolates this romantic Valentine's Day. The birds are singing, the bees are buzzing, and the Oddbods are out hunting down possible love interests.
Episode 18

Halloween Special / Christmas Special

Boo! Follow the Oddbods as they go out and about tricking and treating their way through Halloween. Well... mostly tricking. Ho ho ho! Join the Oddbods in this season of giving as they learn the true meaning of Christmas.
Episode 19

More Than Enough / Clog Down and Bog Down

Jeff and Newt venture into the wild, while Fuse goes home to find a little adventure of his own. Zee's always been one for the environment, and Fuse gets to teach the ladies how real men bowl. Also, what's behind the mystery of the missing Oddbods?
Episode 20

Best Served Cold / Another Day in the Life of the Oddbods

Disappearing hot dogs, mysterious love interests and freak weather? Something unexpected is about to happen in the world of the Oddbods. The Oddbods take pride in their morning grooming, but when nature calls, what will the toilet stall have in store?
TVY7 • Family, Animation • TV Series (2014)

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